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Youngest Ever Player To Defeat Magnus Carlsen!

Previous Record here! Pragg vs Carlsen

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Gukesh D (2606) – Carlsen, Magnus (2902)
Aimchess Rapid | Prelims ( [9] 2022.10.16
C11 French, Steinitz, Boleslavsky variation

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7 5.f4 c5 6.Nf3 Nc6 7.Be3 a6 8.Qd2 b5 9.dxc5 Bxc5 10.Bxc5 Nxc5 11.Bd3 Qb6 12.Qf2 b4 13.Ne2 a5 14.O-O Ba6 15.f5 exf5 16.Nf4 Ne7 17.e6 f6 18.Rac1 O-O 19.c3 Qd6 20.Bxa6 Rxa6 21.cxb4 Ne4 22.Qe3 axb4 23.Nd4 Rxa2 24.Nb5 Qe5 25.Rc7 Re8 26.Qb6 Ng5 27.Rxe7 Rea8 28.Qc7 Qe3+ 29.Kh1

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The Aimchess Rapid is the 8th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from October 14-21. The 16-player field will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days.

The players have 15 minutes for all their moves, plus a 10-second increment starting from move 1. In the Prelims there are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. If a tiebreak is required the players will play two 5+3 games and then, if needed, a single Armageddon game, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw counts as a win for Black. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:

Hello everyone and welcome to another Truly spectacular game from the aim Chess preliminaries we are in day three And it is gookish versus Magnus Carlsen As you can see with their two ratings The bookish is rated some 300 rating Points lower than Magnus Carlsen uh Which is uh quite a lot but uh if you Know their classical ratings you know That gookish is some 2730 in Magnus is 28 like 50 2860 so it’s not uh as great But that the difference in classical is Even greater than this one appears here The the the the the difference in Classical I mean it is just incredible That Magnus is so much higher rated Which makes this incredible Victory even That more satisfying so not just by Beating Magnus Carlsen but also by Becoming the youngest player ever to Defeat Magnus Carlsen since Magnus Became world champion uh prior to this The record was held by pregnant and Another Indian Grandmaster who defeated Magnus Carlsen on February 20th at the Age of 16 years six months in 10 days And Google cashier is a 16 years 4 Months and 20 days old now all that’s Left is for us to enjoy the game so Let’s dive straight into it and it’s Quite a theoretical struggle first 18 Moves are pure Theory uh so prepare for That as well gookish has the white Pieces and he opens with Ponte E4 we

Have Ponte E6 Magnus goes for the French Defense Ponta D4 we have Pawn to D5 and Knight to C3 so the very standard stuff Knight to F6 this is the classical Variation E5 Knight F the D7 and now Ponta F4 the shine its variation we have Pawn to C5 and now Knight to F3 so Fighting for the D4 Square we have Knights the C6 Bishop to E3 and now Pawn To A6 Uh we have Queen to D2 by gookish uh Pawn to B5 and now D captures and C5 we Have Bishop characters Bishop captures Knight captures and now Bishop to D3 uh It’s okay to give up the bishop here as It’s all standard Theory we have Queen To B6 by Magnus and now Queen to F2 not Allowing the knights to move as the Queen would hang and even if you play Knight captures on D3 which check it’s Not a problem C captures on D3 and now If Queen captures King captures uh White Is very very happy with this end game so Instead Magnus goes for B4 as one always Should Knight the E2 and now we have Pawn to A5 just um further expanding on The queen side adding more support to The B5 pawn and at some point preparing Bishop to A6 so here gookish Castle’s Magnus goes for the dash of the A6 move Right away and now Pawn to F5 again Nothing new here all been played before E captures on F5 and now as you freed up The F4 Square for your Knight Knight the

F4 for preparing this very nasty Ponte E6 and Magnus welcomes it as also the D5 Pawn is hanging so Knight to E7 guarding The D5 pawn and now Pawn to E6 and you Don’t really want to react to this Because for example F captures on E6 Runs into Knight captures on E6 and this Is uh very annoying now because if Queen Captures then Queen captures on C5 and Also if Knight captures you’ve just Blundered your queen on B6 that’s Another reason why Queen to F2 is such a Nice move so instead Magnus plays F6 This is how you should play this again This is all Theory and you know the General understanding is that black Should be a little bit better here and Now usually in the games that have Reached this position Rook to a rook a To D1 and Rook F to D1 are the moves uh Rook F31 and Rook a31 but here bookish Plays Rook a to C1 and it is now as of Move 18 that we have a completely new Game And okay Magnus Castle’s King side uh of Course you can’t have your king in the Center of the board for the rest of the Game Pawn the C3 now as The Rook is now Supporting the pawn uh Queen to D6 Putting pressure on the Knight on F4 we Have Bishop captures and A6 by Lucas Rook captures and now C captures and uh Sorry C characters on B4 uh and now Knight to E4 uh putting pressure on the

Queen on F2 so Queen to E3 and now a Captures on B4 we have Knight to D4 by Gukash uh and now Magnus grabs the pawn On A2 with Rook captures on A2 and this Is perfectly fine if you count material Magnus is up to pawn so he’s very happy With that and gukesh has some very Unpleasant pressure he has the knights In the center of the board the pawn on E6 is quite beautiful and if he can uh Make use of the queen and the Rooks uh That attack the black king somehow Should be perfectly fine we have Knight The B5 now attacking the queen and the Magnus goes Queen to E5 now with some Ideas of Queen captures on B2 in the Future then you can put pressure on the G2 Pawn so white has to be very careful Lucas plays Rook to C7 and this is such A complicated position that it’s hard to Really make out what’s what here uh the The objective evaluation of the position Is that Magnus is just winning but it’s Hard for you to even pick a move here None of the moves here you see are uh uh Are are all that great for example you Might uh you might think okay let’s play D4 we attack the queen and the Knight But you can just play Queen capture Sundee for and if Queen captures on B5 Now there’s Rook captures on E7 and I Mean it’s it it’s not much the only way To actually play this after Rook to C7 Is for Magnus to find the Knight the G6

And the point is now after Knight to D3 Attacking the queen now you do have D4 And now after Knight captures an E5 D Captures on E3 let’s say Knight captures On g6h cam chapters and E7 or something You can block and the black is now just Winning here the past E Pawn is here you Can capture on B2 you have the pass B Pawn so uh all in all it would be Winning but uh this is rapid chess and Knight the G6 is not a move that just Comes to mind so here Magnus played Rook The E8 and he allowed gookish such a Brilliant move that uh well once you see It and of course I will allow you to Pause the video and find it you will in The do pause the video and find it you Will feel very happy with yourself once You find this one you will want to share It with everyone immediately As it’s just not something you would see Every day so feel free to pause the Video and try to find this move that Defeated Magnus calls and end allowed Gookish to become youngest player ever To defeat Magnus Carlsen since he became A world champion uh have at it So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on spotting that the Queen on E5 is actually trapped and for Those of you who just want to enjoy the Show it is Queen to B6 look at this I’m Gonna do it in slow motion from uh the First time it’s such a good move so

Congratulations to everyone who founded This and now the idea behind Queen to B6 For those of you who haven’t seen this Game although I imagine uh most of you Have is to defend the E6 pawn and now The threat of Knight to D3 is just too Great The Queen will get attacked and Also the Knight will be defending the B2 Pawn so the black queen will not have Any squares but it’s such a it’s such a Rich position surely there must be Something Magnus can do here uh nope There isn’t point is that if you try Nice the G6 now which is a valid idea I Mean now okay the rook and the queen are Attacking E6 so if the Knight attacks The queen you can just capture the E6 Pawn well now just Queen B7 that’s the The other idea behind the queen to B6 There’s no stopping Rook captures on G7 And you’re just getting destroyed here So Knights the G6 collapses instantly so What else is there for Magnus can he try Something like Queen captures on B2 Maybe he can save the queen this way Well turns out nope but just Rook Captures on E7 that’s what the gookish Found uh and now there there’s no you’re Just down material and there’s no good Way to continue this game the Knight is Guarding the G2 Pawn so there’s no Uh actually uh capturing on G2 if you Capture The Rook here then just Queen to D8 check Rook 8 and queen characters is

Checkmate and if you try something like Um after this Rook captures uh an E7 Maybe you play well there’s really not All that much you can play it’s uh I Mean real characters I mean it will be Made in one the pawn is uh covering the F7 Square so that that obviously doesn’t Work so what else is there you could try Rook back to A8 this is also one fine Attempt but this just allows the main Idea which is nice the D3 trapping the Queen and now look at this because of The sorry because of the Pawn on E6 uh Let’s say Rook 8 to B8 it goes after the Queen and B6 and now you just play Queen Captures on B8 Rook captures on V8 Knight captures on E5 F captures an E5 And now Rook capture Sun E7 that’s the Beauty of it and uh Magnus will be very Happy if he could capture on B5 and try And play out this end game being down The exchange the problem is if you do This Rook that E8 is once again Checkmate as There’s just no no playing this uh Uh I mean you’re getting checkmated so After this queen to B6 move it would Seem that the best move for Magnus is Just to resign the game and he was I Believe he was considering it I was Watching his uh facial expressions when He was calculating this and he was he Was so disgusted with himself it was it Was beautiful to watch uh I mean such

Pain is very rarely seen in uh in in a Live stream uh but uh yeah okay he Didn’t resign he played Knight to G5 Here he tried uh the the the defend with Some tactics okay the Knight now covers H7 so maybe you don’t get checkmated Gookish immediately played Rook Characters on E7 as this is the way to Go again Rook captures runs into Queen To d8 with the check and the Checkmate Will follow but now after this capture Magnus retreated The Rook to A8 so Rook E to A8 and now we have Queen the C7 Says I don’t really care uh I’m a Material I’m offering a queen trade also I’m threatening Rook captures on G7 so Between the E3 Check nagukas Place King To H1 and it was in this position on Move 29 that Magnus Carlsen resigned the Game and gookers became the youngest Player ever to defeat Magnus Carlsen Since becoming world champion uh it Seems like maybe you have something here But uh no you really don’t for example If Queen F2 hoping for Rook captures an A1 Checkmate Rook day one Checkmate There’s the very nasty Rook captures on G7 even this I mean everything works Here for Lucas that Quinta B6 simply Opened up Pandora’s Box for King h8 and Now even Rook captures on H7 doesn’t Even matter that Magnus played this Knight to G5 because after Knight Captures Knight the G6 check only move

King to G8 and now Queen to F7 is Checkmate again complements of the E6 Pawn so once uh once we go back to this Position and you have this like uh let’s Say this position and the pawn is an E6 And objectively black is much better but You can see how many how much trouble Blacks in and how many problems black Has to solve due to this Pawn being on E6 and especially after this Rook d8 Move was played I mean the spectacular Queen to B6 we can check it out once Again just Queen to B6 uh pre I mean Such a beautiful move Uh so yeah that’s the game I hope you Guys enjoyed it the glucose really did a Number and Magnus in this one I mean Truly truly outstanding 29 moves to take Down uh the the world champion Absolutely brilliant stuff by gookish so Yeah that’s the game I hope you guys Enjoyed it we’ll see who will overtake Gookish as the youngest player to ever Beat uh Magnus uh or will some other Records be there to to be broken we’ll See what the future holds uh so yeah Once again hope you guys enjoyed it I Would like to thank Duncan wine called Women life Freedom Lord of Chess Anderson Vera and Antonio Hernandez Espin for a contribution to my channel Thank you a lot I really appreciate it As usual you can check to my previous Videos here thank you for watching and I

Will see you soon continuing to check up On your wonderful suggestions and Whatever else happens in the Chess World So thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day



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