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World Blitz Champions Fight With SECONDS On Clock

With FOUR World Blitz Championships between them, Vasyl Ivanchuk and Alexander Grischuk are two of the world’s best ever speed chess players! Join @DanielNaroditskyGM for another blitz commentary, with this game being played at the World Blitz Championship in 2012, the year Grischuk won his second title!

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This is Grandmaster Daniel nerdinski we Are watching Grandmaster vasil ivanchuk Taking on Grandmaster Alexander grishek At the 2012 fide worlds Blitz Championship these are two legends of Blitz chess and of course of classical Chess as well it's going to be an Interesting game and we start out with a Sort of King's Indian benoni type of Structure grishek with the early C5 and Ivanchuk deciding to keep his Pawn on D4 And there's that trades he takes D4 Knight takes D4 and now we've transposed Into something resembling kind of an English structure with that white Pawn On C4 clamping down on the D5 Square so In these types of positions black often Tries to play D5 in one Fell Swoop and That is exactly what Alexander grishock Does now there is a well-known Repetition in this position that starts With C takes D5 Knight takes D5 and then White's D4 Knight jumps out to B5 but Something tells me ivankuk is going to Try to find a way to keep this game Going but he's already taking a signif Significant chunk of time 30 seconds Down on the clock against grishek you Don't hear that every day now C takes D5 Seems very natural and a little Hesitation there uh from vasil as he Grabs his head in his hands and Continues to ponder his next move he's Now 45 seconds down I don't really see

Any viable alternatives to taking on D5 And he finally does take on D5 perhaps He was thinking about the next move and Instead of Knight B5 he drops the Knight Back to B3 a more modest continuation Now the Knight on D5 is hanging where is It going to retreat you can also defend The Knight with move Pawn to E6 but that Would lock the light squared Bishop in On C8 and that's not to grishook's Liking as he drops his Knight to the Corresponding Square on B6 Knight C3 Knight C6 and now the position is fully Symmetrical but that does not mean that This game is going to end in a quick Drop the center is wide open there's the Possibility of a queen trade there is a Lot of tension and Ivanka confidently Develops his dark squid Bishop to F4 he Has completed his minor peace Development and Alexander gristress says I like that idea he does exactly the Same thing now the big question is going To be who is actually going to initiate The queen trade how long are we going to See the Queens staring at each other the Reason I don't think white is going to Do it is because taking on d8 gives Black control over the D file so both Sides want the other side to actually be The one to trade but no Evancho does Trade queens and I think that surprised Grishek a little bit as he is trying to Figure out which piece to recapture with

My guess is that ivanchuk wants to Position his B3 Knight on C5 and put Tremendous pressure on that B7 Pawn that Is precisely what he does a very Ingenious idea by ivankik as he does Give up control over the D file but puts Significant pressure on grishook's Queen Side necessitating the light Square Bishop to move back to C8 in order to Defend B7 and now ivankik says give me That D file back as he moves his A1 Rook Over to D1 and it does seem to me that White has managed to achieve a rather Significant edge here in the With a cheeky night maneuver there to See four the position remains very much Symmetrical and now it's ivonchuk's B2 Pawn which is under Fire and is he going To have to bring his Bishop back to C1 As well no Knight C3 hesitation there as He moves his Knight back he's gonna have To move that Knight and he does indeed Move it to A4 a little bit of an awkward Square for the Knight but that Knight Does defend the B-2 Pawn Grisha could Take that pawn anyway because he's got Two attackers on it but he instead Decides to centralize his other Knights And maybe this is what caused Evancho to Hesitate now grishock's Knights look Rather imposing indeed and ivanchok Continuing to fall behind on the clock He's now down a full minute with his E-2 Pawn hanging and not only is it hanging

It's hanging with check he cannot give That pawn away or can he he does but Instead he takes the pawn on B7 but that Seems to be an admission that something Has gone wrong here for white now Grisha Could grab that pawn on YouTube with Check and then he can eliminate White's Dark scored Bishop simultaneously Ruining permanently ruining White's King-site Pawn structures and now I'm Thinking that black is the one pulling For an advantage especially given the Situation on the clock but krishek is Not rushing he's probably trying to Decide on the order of operations There's a lot of pieces that he could Take and he does indeed take the pawn And then the bishop now will he take the Other Bishop on B7 and perhaps move the D8 Rook over to B8 and focus his efforts On eliminating the B2 Pawn or is he Going to try to keep his Bishop air Intact with a move like Bishop C8 to F5 A lot of choices to be made here for Sasha grishek he could also take the Pawn on B2 straight away if he wants to And I think that will leave him a Healthy Pawn up first he takes the Rook On D1 now he takes the bishop and Finally he does take the pawn on B2 so Now he is up a healthy Pawn but the one Good the one positive for vasili vanchuk Is that Rook which has moved into D7 Attacking grishok's Pawn on E7 and the

Knight from B7 could step back to C5 or A5 attacking grishook's Pawn on A7 and Sasha grishak with only the rook and the Bishop left will these pieces be able to Defend all of the pawn weaknesses or Will Ivan should be able to restore Material equality and imperceptibly over The last few moves it is now white who Is up on time and now Grisha probably Feeling a little bit more comfortable he Is now down 10 seconds as both players As clocks are creeping toward one minute And what a move by ivanchuk Knight d8 Locking down the Rook on f8 the Knight Is preparing to jump backward toward C6 When the pawn on A7 will be attacked From two different sources as well as The pawn on E7 so Grisha P preemptively Pushes that pawn out of sight out of Mind but ivanchuk says that pawn is Still mine for the taking Knight C6 with A double attack on A5 and E7 now which Pawn is Grisha going to defend he Defends neither instead he focuses on Activating his Rook that is an excellent Move because if ivankuk takes the pawn On E7 after the trade of minor pieces Grishock will infiltrate to C2 and it Will be ivanchuk's Corner Pawn which Will be under significant fire but he Decides to do so anyway I think Ivanka Can play A3 no register goes Rook C4 I Was expecting Rook C2 but instead he Wants to position the Rook on A4 and

Bring Ivonne Chuck's Rook back down to E2 where it will be fully passive but Ivankuk says I'm not going gentle into That good night he plays F5 he gives Away a pawn but in turn he ruins Now Grishooks kingside Pawn structure black Is of course only the the only one who Can win this game he's upon up The Rook From C4 is moving into A4 on the next Move and ivanchuk has to decide whether He's going to defend the a pawn at all And he says yes I will he plays rookie 3 And A3 for the time being his Rook on E3 Is actually pretty well positioned it is Cutting off Black's King Black's King is Going to have a very hard time crossing The e-file and ultimately its goal would Be to approach that a pawn because Without winning the a pawn it is going To be very hard for black to win this Game but Grisha continues to put Pressure as he pushes his Pawn up to H5 Grabbing space on the king side he's Making these moves that improve his Position but how is he actually going to Make progress he plays King G5 trying to Infiltrate through the king side Ivanchik says no no no King F3 and now Back to G2 Chris shook offers a rook Trade obviously white cannot accept that Trade Rook to C3 the good thing for Ivancic is that he's got a lot of Squares on the third rank that his Rook Can move to but grishok's made some

Progress his King is now on F4 and it's Ready to move into E4 and it's ready to Continue infiltrating closer and closer To that a pawn but the one positive here For Ivonne trick is that Chris shook's Pawns on the king side are still Incredibly weak and Sasha grishek Instead deciding to play H4 repeating Moves with rookie 4 Rook C3 we've seen That before Rook to D4 Grisha continue Try to do something here back he goes to A4 and for whatever reason he's Hesitating but finally he does after More hesitation play King E4 and he Continues to try to inch closer and Closer to that Apon but Ivan took Rook To F3 is his response and now King D4 Would actually lose a rook to the skewer On the fourth Rank and so greshok has to Step back with his King this is Phenomenal defense by the Ukrainian Grandmaster here Rook to C3 keeping 20 Seconds on his clock back he goes to E3 And the problem for grishook is that Even if his King gets to C4 there is no Way that it will actually be able to Infiltrate the third rank it cannot get To B3 and apply more pressure on that A3 Pawn and this is exactly what we are Seeing here as he can as he has made his Way to the queen side but he still can't Actually apply pressure on that A3 pawn And that is why he vacates the A4 square A great move there for grishook but

Ivanka Cuts him off now along the B file Back to F3 he goes and once again the Big problem here for Sasha grishok how Is he going to get his King to the third Rank is he going to play Rook to D3 and Sack a bunch of his kingside pawns I Don't think that's the recipe for Success glancing over at the clock Gresha getting a little bit nervous here I don't think he sees a way to make Progress and he finally does play Rook T3 he sacks the pawn on F4 he sacks the Pawn on F6 but he is going to capture Finally he's going to win that pawn on A3 and his pass Pawn is going to be a Lot further advanced than ivonchuk's Pawn on H3 and more hesitation there From vasil as he gives a check on B8 but Grisha blocks it on B3 and I think Grishook is going to promote his pawn And he is keeping White's King cut off On the atrial you can see those facial Expressions from ivankuk as he realizes That this basically looks hopeless Last-ditch attempt here rookie eight He's going to give a series of lateral Checks to greshok's King this ain't over A3 is met with rookie to check white Truck has been a hero all game long Rook To C3 though an amazing move by grisho Keep repairs to cut over Rook B8 check I Forgot about that check King has to move Into C2 surprise there from Evancho with Three seconds on the clock he pushes his

Pawn H5 grishek's Pawn is very close to Promoting but he still has to contain Ivonchick's H5 Pawn is he going to play Rook C5 and try to go after white spawn I think Rook C5 wins the game and he Plays it and now ivanchuk cannot Simultaneously defend his H1 and and Contain Black's a pawn and he loses on Time what a game that was and if you Enjoyed that video make sure to click The link of the playlist for more of These videos thank you so much for Watching Thank you


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