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Why is this a blunder?? | SuperBlitz Arena #42

This is a 57-minute tournament I late-joined on This Hourly SuperBlitz Arena chess tournament was recorded on November 7th, 2022. Time controls are 3 minutes per player. The featured endgame position in the thumbnail is an instructive one that I didn’t have time to fully appreciate while playing. Do you know why Kg2 is a blunder?

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀


Hi everyone it's Jerry I am going to Late join an hourly super Blitz Arena I ran a stream earlier today Without my mic I had some issues but I Sorted them out So this is a bit of a Check Mic check one two Okay we have a Dutch Allow me to get in this E5 move I think I should jump this opportunity And maybe even go further Yeah hold off I think I may be pushing it a bit too far it'll Be Challenged with D6 so I like my position It's healthy group of three pawns and I'm gonna still stick with this Maintaining the tension on e4 Bishop G5 will almost certainly be Questioned right away Let me just sit Or No let me go ahead and provoke a Weakness Maybe Yeah I'll do it like this because now Maybe one of these two jumps G6 is a bit soft Where's this Knight going okay It's not quite ready to jump here All right let's go with this Rook uh I'll go with this one I don't know I

Have some concern over this maybe Possibly The Rook getting stuck there On the other hand if you go with this Then you're more secure enough too so It's a little bit of a tough call But in this situation not a tough call I Have a nice double attack Okay I could go ahead and take on G6 because I am on this Knight in the end Um Yeah let's do that This Knight is a little jumpy okay go to F4 And what will I play Okay Just giving me a night here It's going after a fork but I get two Minor pieces Yeah All right So let's pick off this guy All right And let's even go for this first Probably getting mated if you tried it Save the night now Check here there's too many pieces So considering something else this Hey this I didn't expect It should just be up the exchange Shortly Or I'm sorry not the exchange I should Just be up now a full peace Go ahead and collect this Knight

Clean can't go too far That's more than that it's the Knight And two pawns but now Just adding to the material advantage Just want to be a trading machine Okay We continue I'll go here Many ways to do it Go after the weak link Yeah let's just Keep it Ultra simple I guess they're just playing for time Here but 20 seconds is a lot No stalemate issues Might get the pawn Mate they still have a pawn move Let's see who we get next all right 250 are in there Someone is 13 now okay Round number two Michelangelo From Peru All right Sicilian land Hmm No I got D6 Thinking keto all right I've been Messing around a bit with This H pawn move Holding off I'm bringing the Knight There Support it Okay Let's put this guy here first I like

Keeping the tension This diagonals opened up Um Probably is a little bit awkward to Play Rook to B1 I I imagine I want to develop this guy here Expecting the bishop to Oh he's not going there straight away Let's get this one in This is a little bit loose let's get This defended first develop Bishop there I'm ready to exchange and Maybe play Queen here Maybe bother The Rook a bit more I'm also stopping This break Uh maybe I'm not such a fan of having This Knight here all right let's capture Is my queen gonna be scared if F takes Let's see if I put my queen here she Really can't be challenged By this guy so fast Um Maybe thinking about this move or Maybe this one Hmm Okay How to make a move I don't like that Queen on F6 anymore Uh yeah maybe this guy should have been Deployed E7 and G6 All right let's let's undo a move I Don't think it's the end of the world Where's my king gonna go I'm not sure

Maybe he's just gonna camp out On his on home base for a bit Let's keep it a little closed I am Underdeveloped I'm gonna go for a break you know what Let's let's stop this break I have a now That they've kind of defined The structure sum Let's be a maneuver Uh uh let's let's let's cancel out any Knight F5 for right now Just want to hop in Need to take that night as soon as he Arrives there Cannot tolerate this guy in my house On D5 F6 There's no night sacrifice on F5 Covering it twice So I'll have a strong Knight here A5 A4 Let me just keep my queen right where She's at maybe they're Eyeing up a trick right here possibly That could be a thing You know what what's what's keeping me From maybe playing this Let's go with this one I'll have to babysit this soon We need to be careful where she goes I wonder if I have to play this you know I like to have my king on G7 Where'd she go the calculating Knight Takes here getting two pawns or Something

For the night That can never be enough What other move to consider only these Two right Okay back home she goes Uh let's sneak over Yeah Get my king on G7 I'm I'm feeling pretty Good Maybe this was the idea that I want to Be defended that's why White opted for Queen E1 rather than E3 Oh I just realized I'm way down on the Clock Let's get out of the f file The pin considered G5 Um Who all gotta make a move I'm ready for the opening up of this Position I want my knight right here And it will get there actually Five of the time Trade everything Superior minor piece Catching up on the clock now All right gotta fly That's a safe one to get in there Um I don't know if that's really the Correct break to go with You know I'm gonna I'm gonna do I'm Going to promote this Pawn somewhat I have a sneaky idea That's the sneaky idea Huh fancy night

Fancy night maneuver there in the end Okay Uh that one was weird I guess if I'm gonna run with the H Pawn Like that and Develop my knight to H6 that's That's what I get A weird game if you play weird moves All right let's go with the H Pawn again Yeah let's try it This will be a theme Tournament Actually play with the H Pawn as much as Possible So this is a little bit soft and now the G5 Square So is G4 Let's carry on developing normally as if These guys are back home H2 H7 squares Prepping B5 Not enough support for it yet I guess C6 Is nearby If I try to stop it then there's this Idea Knight jumping into a weakened B4 Square Not quite All right let's feed keto let's stop a Night jump here Prepping E5 There we go Queen side castles Nah Feel like it's Too easy to open up the position on the

Queen side All right let's start with this guy here Um I'm going with the queen Rook because If if this then you know I still have Ideas too To get in a break with F3 Although I'm expecting that's going to Be a bit tricky to get in Because E3 is going to have some Pressure maybe I bring the bishop back Home let's try this I really don't this may feel appealing But there's that give and take I open up My Bishop size but I open up a great Square for this night So I'm going to say no thanks to that One well let's break with this F4 or F3 Let's be consistent with my last move Now how to recapture Is a question for sure Hmm Initially I was thinking with the bishop I probably should do that Um Wow was not expecting that one Okay so We're gonna chop away I guess All right let's chop away they're giving Me the bishop pair I'm gonna have no it's more than that I'm gonna get a skewer in the end Hmm so they missed that this bishop In the end arrives on F3 I'll take with the queen

First And these fancy moves aren't anything I Could take one of the Rooks So they just must have missed this one In the end And probably one of the Rooks has to go Back to E8 Cash out I think so Save that pawn I have a clock Edge Maybe more than an edge Okay that's a good move That Knight's gonna be really powerful Right here let's let's see if I can get This Pawn working or Oh All right well this is All right let's go with this I think typically when you're down the Exchange You'll want to keep Well your Dominator you want to keep More pieces on board but also Um Am I trying to say Yeah The Rook you kind of need that Rook To coordinate well with these Miners So where to go with my king All right let's let's start with this One Still welcome a trade that was my day With Bringing my Bishop back to just have it

Defended This tournament's flying by Um Night's so scary It's ready to land a fork I want to control them a little bit Now we can improve the king I don't know if I could really make a Great break Yeah I've done a good job to not give Myself a A great way to make a break That night is ready to land a fork All right I have to have to go for it Now Oh I thought the night was going to be a Pest Jumping to C2 and taking A3 The knight's a bit offside now So to get a break in over here then Okay my king has improved quite a bit So let's go hunting for The Rook Pond The one that's going to be hardest to Track down Oh hang on Tricky nights man tricky nights I didn't calculate this I guess we're both cleaning Why not give a check Let's do it now It's a bit lazy there Very Yeah again that was really lazy in the End

Um hmm that was really tricky I I won The exchange but the structure was Static and difficult to open up Should have uh the the technique there When I was up the exchange was not not The best All right we still have 30 minutes left I got eight Okay I've been playing around with Queen's game but accepted lately And I've been getting some decent Positions Okay So this is a this is the first square That jumps to mind When I see A4 in there Um All right I guess what we're gonna take And immediately make use of that Gap And castle Okay let's get on the long diagonal Isolated Pawn I want to have that under control for Sure So there's no pin so I mean I was keeping some options open With my knight If the bishop decided to go there I was Going to connect them Uh Now I'm thinking a bit more about this One I don't I don't have to fear D5 push Anymore there isn't support And also

I have another maneuver I could shoot For with this guy Could pivot What's that move about I have enough support for that one right Okay I'll keep it and keep it Dynamic I guess Oh I guess they just completely Miscalculated there No they had a blind spot I guess Thinking that there was still a bishop On C4 or something I'm up a piece Centralized Nothing sophisticated let's keep put the Knights on Perfect squares Going after this guy It's a little irritating but I Could afford to make these under Developing moves Paint off the piece let's get back to An active Square component's moving fast All right let's point it there King I'm Looking to lock down the the ABC files Definitely a fan of exchanges Stabilize the bishop don't be concerned About double death Pawns Up the piece Put my king in a dark Square Trade trade trade That's where we're at Can't really go anywhere else with the Rook I have entry points covered

Opponents in the tank Improve the king I like that idea Get off of a light Square okay now we Could hop to a weakness Can control the file now based on that Weakness Okay We'll throw a check in there see where The king wants to go All right chance to undouble Maybe Okay got a Pac-Man Rook Which one do I want I'll go with this one It might be something like this I'm Undermining of this configuration I Wanna Rule out any of that King here guards everything Bishop here guards everything and just Go hunting with this guy It's the cleanest way I see forward here Offer trades Push the passers Oh I could have got the The Rooks off a little bit sooner Time is not an issue here No stalemates happening Okay One of these All right 24 is in first okay they Resigned All right 19th 12 the fire first is 24.

Okay 24 to go SK Hmm I remember that game let's try another Queens Gambit accepted C5 right now I've been playing it with this Knight Here first and then C5 but that might be Off the order because of E4 I don't think A3 is the The most testing I guess A3 is designed To secure the Knight Black is already comfortable maybe even Starts thinking about being better at This point We'll go here It's unprotected but I don't think it's Exploitable I'm ready to recapture this guy Releases the tension I like the Knight Improvement second rank Knight comes a Fourth ranked Knight And I think my queen likes this Square Best King Rook is ready to play Let's hop here Okay Queen there or upon there Queen is Looking to go somewhere let's Go hunting for a bishop I think gonna be successful Getting the dark Square Bishop The same time I don't think I should be

Too quick to capture The bishop maybe maybe not Let's take here first I could get the other Bishop if the Bishop captures Okay so maybe get the tempo against the Queen first Seems sensible And then and then we capture the dark Square Bishop And then say mission accomplished with The queen on B6 let's See if we could Provoke a weakness Also maintaining control over the only Open file Not quite sure how to approach this Maybe Maybe bishop here makes sense I'm guessing they're going to be able to Exchange a light Square Bishop the light Square Bishops and I wouldn't really mind that let's go With this one Here I don't think I mind that so Because this guy's in a spot well my Bishop would be coordinated With um Now let's do it like this Oh no let's go like that Yeah my my Bishop is coordinated well With my structure Okay On the night

These guys are offsetting one another But I feel like I have the The better play Let's just stop any H5 idea Um actually why didn't I take the Knight I just said I was on the night Oh Okay That was pretty bad Okay let's let's go for this I'm on The Rook So if Queen there take a rook Oh man a free night I pointed out the threat And then didn't do anything You get myself into trouble there some Check and then a pin You know what maybe I just repeat here Yeah I don't think I had anything I missed my Chance at a free piece Okay I like the opening there I think it was a success But again not 100 sure about playing in Night D7 Um B4 C5 Thanks I think I think C5 is the correct One All right Let's go with this break The Knight is put here and you don't get This break in he could end up being kind

Of silly Let's take with the bishop Knight F3 Bishop D3 the pieces fall on Wonderful squares there might be some Sacrifices soon On H7 that's a very slow move All right The H Pawn Wait isn't there a famous game or if There's castles for me or king move for Me Night here is it I have not calculated any of this I'm Eyeing up Queen H5 Um I don't know is this even working Let's just make a flashy looking move I am threatening me now Night jump Queen takes H7 These pieces are starting to overwhelm Black Did not see that one Okay Okay that's sneaky oh okay hang on for a Second thought I can move my knight I was almost ready not to move my knight This is the way Maintain my queen post Threaten the bishop threaten the rope With my Bishop And I'm threatening Mateen too So even if this I have a main two how do You stop me and two

This one Feels like it's gonna be me Even if this Knight is captured then you Have to deal with the Rook so it's like One of these two are always going to be In the game Exerting pressure get rid of this guy This one Springs to life What to do Not easy Fifth ranked Knights These guys are spectators Take a pawn I'm not sure what to suggest here I guess Bishop takes Knight Bishop takes Knight it is Yeah let's take here first And just take the Rook first why am I Not taking the Rook first Let's take the Rook first Oh my goodness I have a really good Continuation It's going to be mate Pawn takes Bishop Will be met by check And then Pawn takes Bishop for me Is there still something fancy like that Nearby Not quite That would have been a nice finish Nice defensive move Do I just have to abandon One for me I guess I'm 31 seconds now

Can't Castle queenside Okay Of the exchange Down a whole lot on the clock You may have to be prepared to sack my Bishop G6 They're in the tank Okay let's just take this guy out Swatch for any coordination on G2 There it is that was a main thread Prove the King end game control the Knight Control the Knight with the bishop I keep the structure as is Could have also grabbed the poem I'm on the night don't forget it this Time All right we got that one As close to a nice finish there I think H4 was unnecessary The bishop went to E7 I think hop into E5 straight away And then look to get that Queen out Okay We got two more games in That's 16. Michelangelo again let's try an E4 game All right That one Let's not be too quick to move this Knight maybe F4 but when this guy's here No thanks Simple development I'm gonna stop the PIN

Castle Okay Right there I'm going to drop the bishop Back Okay Um Let's make this move right now actually I'm looking for this break I'll have to Resolve the tension first Oh that's an interesting move All right I don't want to allow the Knight to take out my Bishop so Now let's take now And I'm gonna forget about the F4 breaking Try and shoot for the D4 break Jumping back and forth here with ideas Knight is tactically vulnerable Queen takes H5 Some Knight could jump to F4 I always Have to be watching out for these Night sacrifices So Put the Knight on a healthy Square F3 Hard to argue with that one Next up let's challenge the one that's In my house straight away this guy's out Of play I'm up a pond I wanna Eliminate all these And any pieces that are Maybe even Hinting at some attack

Some coordinated effort with the queen And night I am guarding G5 though Okay let's I'll take and then Step Up Expecting Queen F6 I may have missed play this now Queen F6 There's a There's a knight takes H3 idea Okay H4 Let's call it H4 Undermine If this then I have to worry about the Queen Entering the scene and I can now start Thinking about these weaknesses or even G3 but I I like hopping to this weakness Straight away So watch out for one little check Okay let's get here straight away The queen was ready to go here and That should be avoided Now maybe I'm ready to scare the night Away Yeah let's scare the night away H3 and then G4 Looks a little scary but I think the Knight is out of play And yeah let's let's stay a little bit More Central and now maybe go for this Break Yeah this Knight should be A piece I could work around Pretty easily

Okay my knight is defended So I could take here So I have to watch out for the queen Getting on this diagonal And go here because on the capture I'm Targeting this Uh another thing I'm I'm forgetting is That my queen and Knight are coordinated On this Square So let's just babysit this for a second Play a bit faster Let's go with this That move It might be there Okay let's go with this And this Be defending the night I'm also on F6 Okay they resigned I'll see yeah I was On F6 I was on a lot of stuff there it's Ready to take the Knight if I would Remember it the night was hanging after I took the pawn on G4 All right one more game will count for The tournament Okay Who's in first Lopez chess man is great Okay how about E4 E5 game Scotch And he takes Knight Bishop is hanging there Castles and

Take towards the center They're going to give me the a file No a file let's play in the center And also threatening a fork I like my position Okay Is white asking for some trouble might Be F4 Necessary But then there's these ideas D4 and then Anchoring a knight in there I think I'm gonna go for that Step One Stop castling I guess Queen on H4 G3 Sure how I feel about that I could just play this one though Still and Drop back with my knight to H6 when Questioned Hmm Yeah I want to keep this here I don't Know what I like about him giving up That E4 Square I'm going to play with This Look to break up this E5 Pawn I'm not thrilled about my night post but All right Here we are If Queen side Castle Maybe this guy is going to be a nuisance Someday Let me already start with some Some play here that's looking to

Question the night although they're not Reacting to that All right let's start with the let's Start with the capture right now And then give this Knight a shove So where to go going back home we're Going to E2 this was this could fall I don't know if I even want to take the Pawn on H on A2 Yeah I think I want to preserve my B4 Pawn I think the king is going to be Comfortable there let's hang on to this Center Maybe even think about C4 although right Now it's not quite there because the Battery this bishop takes C4 need to Move this guy first Okay I don't know if that's really I think that's that's helping me oh I'm Missing that there's that move Okay Well I guess now we're we're taking here Or I could have gone for a skewer Missing a lot of stuff Should still be better King B1 there's B3 Threatening a skewer here Maybe double the Rooks Okay so I have a second chance let's not Miss the second chance at the skewer and It should be a full Rook actually

Because there isn't a way to connect the Rooks Even on the clock Okay Grab the material Grab the material Pin the night Um So I usually go here stop and night jump This last couple Actually what am I doing This was not the best play My Rook was ready to get trapped Not good All right Have that Nifty move defending Everything As we just push Break their King here everything should Be fine Night checking takes Pawn No mates Another Not a skewer but a fork this time around Got a main threat Soon Don't watch out for stalemates Have too much material here Would have would have liked a little Less material okay I guess we're not Even gonna get gonna get that final Pairing That's gonna do it As the clock winds down a minute left

All right how many games we got in there Eight games He's always fly by About a 50 minute tournament for me All right Good game's all I'll just wait it out These final seconds see who Ends up in first Second and third This guy had a nice result 13 games Top three Yeah Oh that came finished oh it's up to 45 Now 447 in there Confetti Not for me Finished in 19th Okay there's your top three Top ten let's look at the top 50. Who else was playing in this event Top 40. Top 50. all right I'm gonna call it There again just a quick video another Blitz tournament the mic is Working just fine it seems so Anyhow Feel Free as usual to leave any Feedback in the comment section below Hope you enjoyed it and maybe took a Thing or two away that's all for now Take care bye


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