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Who Won Magnus Academy Challenge 2022?

Pranav Venkatesh vs Miaoyi Lu
Magnus Academy Challenge 2022 (blitz), INT, rd 13, Oct-09
Sicilian Defense: Nezhmetdinov-Rossolimo Attack (B30) · 1-0
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 e5 4. O-O Bd6 5. c3 a6 6. Bc6 dc6 7. d4 ed4 8. cd4 Bg4 9. dc5 Bc5 10. Qb3 Qb6 11. Qc3 Nf6 12. Bg5 O-O-O 13. Nbd2 Bb4 14. Qc2 h6 15. Nc4 Qc5 16. Be3 Qh5 17. Nfe5 Be2 18. Rfc1 Ng4 19. Ng4 Bg4 20. Qb3 Bd6 21. Nd6 Rd6 22. Bf4 Rf6 23. Bg3 Rd8 24. Qb6 Rd7 25. h3 Be2 26. a4 Qg5 27. b4 Re7 28. b5 ab5 29. ab5 Bb5 30. Ra8 Kd7 31. Rd8 Ke6 32. Rd6#

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between pranava venkates and me Lou this Is again from the Magnus Academy Challenge 2022 when Cartesian white pieces and he Started with E4 rule played C5 the Sicilian Defense Knight to F3 the standard move Knight to C6 Bishop to B5 negative rosalimo attack And now E5 preventing D4 by white Mercatus casts at King's side let's take It back what's wrong with winning the Pawn on A5 Your Bishop takes on C6 then D takes on C6 and if Knight takes on E5 Queen to D4 This is what also happens in the Spanish Game back to our game That is why Ben krattas Castle King said Bishop to D6 defending the pawn C 3 intending D4 asking a question Bishop takes Knight D takes on C6 D4 he Takes on D4 C takes on D4 Bishop to G4 Pinning the Knight D takes on C5 Bishop takes on C5 Queen to B3 attacking The pawn on B7 Queen to B6 defending and offering to Trade Queens Queen to C3 not Trading Knight to F6 Bishop to G5 And Lucas that come inside Winning the pawn is not a good idea Because of Queen takes on j7

Back to our game look cast at Queen's Side From B to D2 Bishop to B4 Queen to C2 H six Knight to C for attacking the queen Queen to C5 but now Bishop to E3 attack In the queen again Queen to H5 threattening to take the Knight on F3 and to double the Pawns That's from F to E5 removing the target Bishop to E2 Group from F to C1 black to move this Happens to be the critical position of The game Knight G4 was played Perhaps Bishop takes on C4 should have Been considered and when Knight takes on C4 then Knight to G4 A bishop to F4 Then Bishop to C5 Back to our game Knight to G4 Knight takes Knight Bishop Takes Knight Queen to B3 after this move White takes the initiative Bishop to D6 Knight takes Bishop check Rook takes Knight Bishop to F4 black is weak on the dark Squares on the Queen's side And white king is much safer than the Black king Rook to F6 Bishop to G3 Rook To d8 Queen to B6 threatening check mate Rook to D7 asking a question Bishop to

E2 A4 Going through G5 B for intending B5 Maybe Rook to E7 threatening to win the pawn But play with the white pieces was not Worried he played B5 he was not worried About losing a pawn Why a takes on B5 a takes on B5 who Cares about the pawn on B5 because the File for The Rook is open now Bishop Takes some B5 Rook To A8 check Ing to D7 Rook to d8 check Into E6 white to move and to check Meeting one and the movies Rook to D6 check mate nice finish Congratulations to Van Carter's own Winning Manuel's Academy challenge 2022 what do you think of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you would like me to your Tests then bye for now


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