Friday, September 29, 2023
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Who Will Win The Giant Bullet Chess World Championship?

It’s time for a GIANT chess rematch as @Daniel Rensch takes on grandmaster and reigning champ Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in a battle for their historic Giant Bullet Chess World Championship in St. Louis!

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Last time Mike Klein was here Maxine Tackled him as he was losing so badly he Lost control over his body like can you Can you promise not to lose control over Your body this time so you said you want To fight for who’s white or who’s black No I said Flip Flip okay fine so call it In the air What I don’t know how to flip I don’t Know how to flip right now Uh I have enough on my phone’s white one is Two black okay one All right okay that was very that was Very fair thanks for leaving me hanging Appreciate that all right here you ready To start the plug you’ll do that every Time okay ready go Opening probably the worst Uh nope uh yep uh nope yeah So fast you’re the slow one GoPro Okay Oh my God it’s such a weak move over There Am I gonna do that Yeah It’s getting really bad We forgot how hard this was What are they doing I could have done Much better You’re not checking anything Okay uh What is going on here

Problems This is not going well I didn’t tune enough to run so far The way here Henrik Carlson when I told him I was Doing this said who’s gonna help you and I was like I don’t need help He was right okay okay fine Game one There’s a reason there’s a five game Match we might need to start adding some More elements to this like push-ups or Burpees or anything that adds a little Bit more physicality we could later on Okay I mean at some point you’ve got the Edge on the clock for like two seconds Yeah at some point I did I had the edge Of the clock I don’t know what happened There okay I don’t have time to Self-reflect on this So ready let’s set go Oh [Music] My God [Music] All right fine fine [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] I speak French too [Music]

I didn’t realize that happened No [Music] Don’t think I saw that coming I love the Fish repair oh crap Oh crap [Music] I’m getting exhausted Oh My God [Music] Foreign [Music] This is not a game of endgame technique Next name Oh I taught you this [Music] Okay okay One one baby one one Okay okay Do you want to take like a half time or Anything I’m good okay You know someday they’re gonna deeply Analyze these games with an engine And like Paul morphy they’ll criticize Us we’ll just say that we were ahead of Our time we’re gonna have to be about The thing where I said I’ve ever gotta keep my brand clean Let’s make sure we do that okay let’s go Let’s go Thank you Oh my God you’re doing that thing you’re

Doing that stupid thing when you don’t Make any good moves [Music] Look at me trying to be nice [Music] Doesn’t matter Maxine tempos don’t Matter in this game bro [Music] Excuse me [Music] Go knock over the coast yet doing the Camera is being awesome about it [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] How does that such a demolishing there’s Now Oh my gosh that doesn’t feel good Okay this time you can’t just like drop Your Pawns in the path of my Play wait If you’re in my walkway he was the one To do that first anyway physical space I see you’re already ready Because you don’t trust me [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Okay don’t blow to your d41 Um Okay Okay

Uh wait a second Am I wondering Oh man I haven’t done that Should not have done that What are you doing Oh no drink you Foreign [Music] Not a real Attack Oh no it’s not [Music] No What is going on here No it’s like a nightmare This is This is not white I will not try that’s Your words I’m losing Uh are you I couldn’t have Thanks for his heads up all right Another title won by the Frenchman Bringing it real close for the GoPro Okay Okay the champion the champion again big Surprise you had to beat me in front of My kids I mean I barely had this right Yeah [Music]


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