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What a Move! || Pragg Takes on The Golden Grandmaster

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Pranav Anand (2502) – Praggnanandhaa (2687)
Asian Continental Championship ( [4] 2022.10.29
E48 Nimzo-Indian, 4.e3 O-O, 5.Bd3 d5

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e3 O-O 5.Bd3 d5 6.cxd5 exd5 7.Ne2 Re8 8.Bd2 Bf8 9.Rc1 a5 10.O-O c6 11.f3 b5 12.Nf4 Na6 13.Nce2 Bd7 14.g4 h6 15.Qe1 Bb4 16.Nc3 Bd6 17.Qf2 c5 18.Bxb5 cxd4 19.exd4 Nb4 20.Be2 Qb6 21.a4 Re7 22.Rcd1 Rae8 23.Bb5 Qb8 24.Bxd7 Nxd7 25.Nh5 Nf8 26.g5 Na2 27.Nxa2 Re2 28.Qh4 Rxh2 29.Qg4 Ng6 30.f4 Ree2 31.gxh6 Qd8 32.Nc3 Qh4 33.Qxe2 Rxe2 34.Nxe2 Qxh5 35.Rf2 Nh4 36.Rdf1 Qxh6 37.Ng3 Qf6 38.Bc3 g5 39.Ne2 gxf4 40.Kh1 f3 41.Ng1 Qh6 42.Bd2 Qh5 43.Nh3 Bg3 44.Rg1 Ng2

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Great game that was suggested to me a Few days ago but I'm only covering it Now there was a lot of stuff happening In the Chess World uh it's a game app Between uh pranav Anand and pregnant now That's a lot of anans in their name uh But uh this game deserves it uh if any Does as of course everyone was pregnant And he's already a well-established Member of the I I dare say Elite of the Chess World he is the the Slayer of World champions uh and here he faces India's newest Grand Master he is India's 76th Grand Master and not only Did he achieve his Norm on the 15th of September this year only a day after he Achieved his Grandmaster title not an Arm sorry uh he became the world under 16 youth Champion so uh quite uh quite a Gentleman we have here and this game Just shows you how how incredibly strong Both of them are and uh you guys will Enjoy it so let's dive straight into it Pranam island has the white pieces and He opens with Pawn to D for the game is From round four of the Asian Continental Championship so let's uh let's enjoy it We have Knight to F6 uh Pawn to C4 uh we Have E6 Knight the C3 and the bishop to B4 we've already seen what proc can do Uh with the names of Indian defense we Have Ponte E3 going for the standard Stuff castles and Bishop to D3 The

Bishop's attack against denims of Indian Defense we have Pawn to D5 C characters E captures and now Knight to E2 so very Very standard stuff Rook to E8 and the Bishop to D2 now so now the Knight is no Longer pinned uh the bishop usually Retreats the D6 here progress for Bishop To f8 again nothing uh really weird Happening here this is all the the Second most popular continuation Rook to C1 and now A5 stopping B4 at some point And also making sure that uh you can Comfortably play Knights the A6 so here We have castles and now uh Knight to A6 Right away and 6 are known moves but Here Pro goes for C6 and it is now as of Move 10 that we have a completely new Game Sorry in the previous video I did not Mention we have a completely new game But I did put it in the timestamps below So hopefully I didn't confuse you guys Too much but yeah now completely new Territory uh and we have F3 uh taking Care of the the four square at some Point you of course are hoping to Execute E4 we have Pawn to B5 by prog And now Knight to F4 a beautiful Square For tonight it's unclear how black will Kick it away from there and now just Knight the A6 if you go for B4 right Away which I know you guys are Interested in and just not A4 and yes The Knight and the rim is demon you know

They do say that but here the Knight is Actually perfectly fine uh controls the B6 and C5 squares for the foreseeable Future and later on if you don't like it There you can play something like B3 Knight the B to move the bishop play the Knight to D3 control E5 C5 uh the Knight Is okay here so okay after Knight F4 we Have knighted the A6 by Prague and now Knight C to E2 uh opening of the the C File for The Rook Bishop D7 product Defensive white Bishop D7 and why not Bishop B7 is uh well uh way way above my Pay grade even the engine says Bishop to B7 is better but Prague has um his own Style of playing he might have some Ideas of pushing C5 and then maybe he Wants the B5 Pawn defended or something Like that and here Anand goes for Pawn To G4 he wants to eliminate the Knight With the G4 or move it away from F6 H6 By Prague and now Queen to E1 now the Queen gains the access to all of these Squares but also you are attacking the A5 pawn and you will grab it with Tempo So here Bishop to B4 and this is where The game really takes uh an exciting Turn because uh there there's only all Already a threat in the position which May or may not be an actual threat now What's the idea behind Bishop to B4 yes You are stopping Bishop captures on A5 But also what about Rook captures and E3 The bishop is no longer capable of

Capturing you would lose the queen so What is is best for white to do here Well interestingly there are many ways To continue the game for white here and One of them is to even allow Rook Captures on E3 interestingly it was not Played in the game but I will just show It for example H4 you allow Rook Captures on E3 and now you play A3 you Kick away the bishop if the bishop moves Then you can capture The Rook so black Will probably trade here captures Captures The Rook moves and now yeah and Can continue the attack with all of his Pieces attacking prox King so this would Be one way to do it he decides to bring Back the Knight Knight to C3 and now we Have Bishop back to D6 by proc uh we Have Queen to F2 uh the thread is now of Course just Bishop captures and f4d the E Pawn cannot move so Queen to F2 you Don't want your queen staring at that Rook honey 8 and now Prague plays Pawn To C5 uh giving up the B5 Pawn so here We have a very interesting approach to The game where pranav Anand could have Sacrificed the pawn to start an attack He didn't want to do it and now Prague Does not flinch he just gives up Opponent says all right now it's my turn To attack Bishop captures on B5 uh Anand Grabs the pawn C captures on D4 e Captures on D4 and now Knight to B4 now The bishop might be overloaded here uh

Putting pressure on the bishop also you Might just lose the bishop here and then You lose control over the D3 Square Which would be a shame so Bishop back to E2 you have to keep an eye on the D3 Square and now Queen to B6 by Prague we Have Pawn to A4 now again trying to win That B5 square and Rook the E7 prog now Prepares the double up on the E file Rook C to D1 uh and now Rook 8 to E8 we Have Bishop to B5 so the the bishop is No longer um sort of a Target here and Now comes Queen to B8 which is a very Elegant solution you could also consider Just trading everything you've played Bishop captures the Knight captures then You could play Bishop captures here Bishop captures and then win the E2 Square for your Rook but uh Prague has a More elegant solution he plays Queen B8 Now just threatens the pick up the Knight and what do you do here Bishop Captures on D7 it's a nice in between Move Bishop captures Knight captures and D7 and now Knight to H5 getting the Knight out of Harm's Way and proc plays Knight to f8 and here again pranav has To be very very careful he should Continue with something like Queen G2 or F4 uh just uh continuing the attack Against Um the black king and as long as the Knight is on C3 you don't have to worry About Rook to E2 and it doesn't seem

Like there's a way for proc to eliminate The knight from C3 is there but you guys Know there is because you've probably Seen the thumbnail so here we have Pawned the G5 advancing that point Preparing the capture open up the G file Maybe King H1 can be played maybe you Can put Rooks on the G file and now proc Plays the only move that sort of allows Him to not gain Advantage but to Continue playing this game in an equal Fashion and that is Knight to A2 and Look at this this is such a beautiful Move I mean a pure peace sacrifice just To win the E2 square and it does look Like there should be something here so What can you play here it's an Incredibly complicated position I will Tell you in the game Knight captures on 80 was played which is not the precise Way to to play this uh the best way to Counter an attack on the queen side most Often is to just focus on your own Attack on the king side because uh here Okay the king the white king is not on The queen side black is not attacking The white king black is just trying to Win the E2 square and here best would Would be to just play G captures on H6 And after Knight captures in C 3B Captures yes he would win the two square But now you play Queen H4 And interestingly although it looks Disgusting you don't really care about

Rook captures and H2 because now once You've captured this you have for Example Rook H2 Queen G5 or queen G4 You're already threatening Checkmate and If Bishop captures you just move the King incredible but but it works yeah so Here best for black would be something Like Rook 8 the E6 going for this check Here H characters on G7 Rook the G6 Check and now you have to block Knight To G3 and now Rook captures and G7 at Checkmate is being threatened and the Game continues something like Rook F2 And white defended well however in the Game Knight captures and 80 was played Right away pranav Anand accepts prague's Sacrifice and now Prague goes for it Rook to E2 Queen to H4 and now Rook Characters on H2 but now it's a bit Different now yes you do have um this Queen to G4 move and before I I take the Game further instead of this Rook Captures an HD move I will just show Knights the G6 was a winning for Prague Right on the spot because now Queen G4 There's Queen characters on B2 and now You don't really have a good move the Bishop cannot move and even if you play G captures on H6 white is always down uh Tempo Rook captures on the two Rook Captures Queen captures and now Everything is saying in this hanging With check the Knight is saying on A2 There is no checkmating attack for white

So this is dead lost but in the game as I mean this is incredibly complicated Rook captures on H2 was played and now Queen to G4 but now uh it's a difference From the line that we've shown on Queen G4 doesn't come with the mate threat G Captures an H6 was not played so here we Have Knight the G6 by Pro now Queen Captures on B2 isn't all that great if Queen captures now you allow G captures On H6 and now it's black who's defending So after Queen G4 Knights the G6 you Have to play this um not only will the Knight be used later on for attacking Purposes but also it stops any Checkmating ideas from White so here Pawn to F4 uh this is in fact the best Move we have Rook e to E2 doubling up on The second Rank and now comes G captures An H6 now here with one final attempt For white to try and save the game with Knight to C3 Uh you you have to force uh Queen trade Here a queen for two Rooks because You're already up a piece and after this Check is given characters captures and Captures yes okay age captures on G5 uh Looks looks very scary but let's say Knight B5 and white is perfectly fine The engine in fact says this is 0.00 but The engine often says it's 0.00 if you Played this you you wouldn't know what To do with this position so let's say Bishop captures on F4 Knight captures

And G captures and okay Knight and queen And this uh pawn and F3 versus two Rooks The bishop in the knight uh if played Well you will be able to defend however After Rook e to E2 G captures and H6 was Played uh I mean it looks like a movie Wanna play but now uh the position is Completely winning for Prague if he Plays the correct move and the correct Move is Queen capture Sun B2 again but Prague doesn't play it he plays Queen to D8 which is which is a spectacular idea And usually when a spectacular idea is Involved uh it's possible to defend Against it now progress idea is Queen to H4 and then white just resigns because If Queen captures then Rook eat the G2 Will be Checkmate the queen no longer Covers the G2 square but there is one Move that saves the game for white and It's an incredible one so feel free to Pause the video and try to find the only Move that allows white to survive this Game while I give you a couple of Seconds So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on finding your way Out of the deep dark forest and for Those of you who just want to enjoy the Show it is Bishop to E1 not a move you Would consider every day but it does Prevent Queen to H4 and without Queen Th4 there is no better move for pregnant To just continue with Rook to G2 check

And once this is uh accomplished let's Say Rook captures Rook captures King Captures and now it's still very tricky It's Prague who has the defend now he Has to find Queen to C8 he wants to play Queen to C to check and pick up the Rook Here although even that would be Questionable because even if you allow It you can block with Bishop to F2 then The Rooks guard each other but still you Not only gain access to the C2 Square You also gain access to the G4 square And now after Knight the C3 you will Play Queen to G4 check Knight the G3 and Now Bishop captures on F4 and this is The way for product uh continue the game Uh but it would be it would be equal However after Queen to d8 Bishop to E1 Was not found in the game night the C3 Was played it's a move that works in all The lines except this one now forcing Um uh sort of Rook to G2 check but now Uh that that was not played here Queen To H4 this is the move the in between Move that that works now because the Queen is hanging on G4 and again if Queen captures just rookie the G2 will Be Checkmate so the point is you have to Play something else and there isn't a Move you can play Queen captures and E2 Was played uh Rook captures an E2 Knight Captures an E2 and now Queen captures an H5 so in all the lines that we've seen The Knight would survive but not in this

One Rook to F2 and now we have Knight The H4 by proc trying to gain access to That F3 Square so Rook D to F1 and now Queen captures an H6 Knight the G3 and Now we have Queen to F6 putting pressure On D4 pawn bishop to C3 also now that The bishop is on C3 is basically a pawn And it no longer serves well as a Defender to the white king and now Pawn To G5 just blasting through trying to Open up the G file for the black queen So Knights the E2 defending on F4 and Now G captures on F4 we have King H1 Trying to use the G file for the Rooks Now Pawn to F3 by proc we have Knight to G1 Queen to H6 of a threatening some Very nasty discoveries here Bishop to D2 Attacks the black queen queen H5 still Threatening nasty discover is now Knight To H3 And uh you want to play Knight to G2 but Here it would be a mistake because Rook Captures an F3 now defends the Knight so Prague needs to find a different way Through and he does Bishop to G3 Beautifully played attacking The Rook Now The Rook must move from the f file And then there is nothing more to be Done or Rook to G1 that was played in The game this now sort of uh skewers the Bishop the bishop now cannot move but Now Prague finds the elegant Knight to G2 and he was in this position on move 44 that plan of Anand resigned the game

As there is nothing more to be done here Now everything is being threatened Queen Captures on H3 is a threat there is no Way to defend this the the only way Basically would be to play root captures On G2 Queen captures and H3 King G1 and Now you give up The Rook captures and Rook captures but still it's Um uh it's a queen and Bishop versus Rook and Bishop of course completely Unplayable and even okay just King you Move the king you no longer care about The pin here and that's it uh so yeah After night the G2 pranavanan resigns And a brilliant brilliant victory for Pragnananda but as you've seen uh pranav Anand is truly a master attacker and uh You know uh he he he said to to Accomplish much he as soon as he became A grand master he also became the under 16 world champion and uh well uh that That is spectacular but Prague just Doesn't care he just you know crushes The world's champion doesn't matter what Or you know if a world champion of this Or that or that Prague will just Crush You and here yeah he does it again but a Spectacular game and it could have gone Either way uh in this particular game Prague was the better player uh so yeah That's the game I hope you guys enjoyed It big congratulations on this Spectacular feat to both Prague and India's newest Grandmaster I would like

To thank Jack Obi the con Carlo marovo Marking your paparic sofas versus Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing to check up on your Wonderful suggestions such as this one And whatever else happens in the Chess World so thank you all I will see you Soon and have an excellent rest of your Day


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