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Wesley So: “I was trying to flag him but it didn’t work out!”

3-time US Chess Champion Wesley So talks to Tania Sachdev after losing in Armageddon to Anish Giri in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Wesley what a match this was it went Down to the wire Super thrilling to Watch uh how was it for you yeah it was Fun I think Anish played you know his Normal level today I mean Uh I Really badly wanted to win this match But since Duda and Arjun lost I believe I I still finish a second right yeah Yeah 15 seconds so I mean it's it's all Good and fed oh you know all good when What fit done but I'd also like to Congratulate Anish for winning a tough Match it was a very fun match uh think We both played very thirdly in the rapid Format Buying the Blitz the games were very Interesting and also the Armageddon it Was back and forth crazy like of trying To flag him but it didn't work out but It was fun and uh I mean I'm Quite pleased with how the tournament When when all is said and done But uh Um you know I'm glad to I'm glad to play In a melt water Chester event this year Very happy yeah this one was a wild Match today but a big congratulations to You finishing runner-up here in the Final event your first event that you Played in the season uh Wesley after the Weird things started were you expecting That it could finish like this No not really I mean first of all like

To congratulate Magnus for a dominating Performance this year also in the this Tournament uh well as I said the format Here is very interesting it's unheard of Before where you win Prices based on Match wins not on the Standings so it's very interesting and It doesn't really matter how many losses You have as long as you as long as you Bounce back uh and uh you know I was Just giving my best trying to Play well starting to learn from my Games and uh But like Wang played very well in the Second round against me I think that was Only my only bad match in this Um But but yeah now I'm looking forward to My next tournament in in India but I was Really looking forward to this event and I wanted to do my best but at the same Time I didn't have much time to prepare So I just came in and played in you know Tried to sleep well and tried to Practice Yeah Obviously you had a fantastic win in Toronto at cgc and now you finish second Here at the madwater Champions chat star Final you must be really looking forward To and feeling good about the upcoming Uh Speech has tournaments that you've Got yeah for sure uh uh one one Tournament at a time Um my main focus still is classical like

I'm really trying to improve my Classical rating I lost a bunch in the Youth championship and that's main Reason why I'm Playing less online events this year I Really want to focus on overboard Classical but it didn't work out this Year but there will be a next one a next Year and uh yeah speech is going to be Interesting been practicing a lot uh Been testing different mice and my first Round opponent is Won the gold medal in the recent Olympiad and I played them also a couple Years ago played them in Reykjavik as Well so it's it's going to be fun I mean The SEC speeches is kind of like an Annual event I mean it's uh it's fun if You watch the commentary it makes that It's not a big deal but I kind of yeah Absolutely and did you enjoy playing Here in San Francisco yeah certainly I Love it here uh very grateful to the Organizers for treating the players Extremely well and I had a great time Here Thank you so much Wesley and you've Always been amazing and humble and kind And congratulations on your brilliant Performance as well I also want to say a Shout out to one of my favorite Commentators Peter lekka keep up the Good job Awesome thanks thanks


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