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Wesley So: “I can’t explain why I’m winning so much!”

3-time US Champion Wesley So talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Jan-Krzysztof Duda for a 4th match win in a row in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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See you won today's match against who Was in second place having a great event Uh wrapping it up in three games take us Through the day Yeah it's very nice I mean the first Game With black I was trying to equalize but It went my way got a slight bare Position out of the opening And He probably could hold by much to Outplay him and the second game was a Very complicated grunfels were Objectively and should have won Because It was very complicated I sacrificed on Out opening but got very good Compensation but in the critical Position with my knight on G6 very close Whisking I shouldn't have taken the Rope It turns out like uh I I should just Take the center pawn and play this menu Over Rook A3 which I totally missed and Turns out white is just also winning and Ah you know he She for object to Bishop won the game But then he got really low in the time And he just started blundering one move After another And And as usual if you win whoever wins the First game here it's a big Advantage Psychologically in the third game you Know was uh he just blundered the

Opening so I think you mentioned that There's a big psychological advantage After winning the first game what we Also notice is that in the third game in A must-win situation it's super Difficult for the player on the defense And we often see the match ending in 3-0 Because of desperation yeah for sure Also against my match against Arjun like He was only down one point but he felt The pressure and he thought he had to Play quickly and made a blender uh the Problem is the match is so short it's Almost it's super difficult to come back If you lose one game a special two games It's almost then it's impossible And yeah players are so evenly matched Here you know it's not so not so easy to Get an advantage out of the opening I Mean you can You one thing you can't force the issue Every single game like you you can't Just say oh I want to win this game and Then you win because you're probably Gonna lose So you just gotta take it objectively Play some good moves you know if your Opponent makes a mistake if it gets low On time then you take advantage of such Stuff if they give you a gift then you Take it but if you can't win like my First two games against Prague where Played Super solid if you can't win then You just gotta keep it going because as

Long as you don't lose a game then You're you still have a lot of chances I Mean if you go to the beach it's fine Anything can happen if you go to Armageddon anything can happen as well So uh That's nice I mean I learned a lot from My second match lost against like one Because I lost a white game and that's Just a very unreasonable so I have to Say Rusty the second game last seems so Far away because you won four matches Back to back you Right now going into the final game Yeah I'm I'm very pleased for sure also Anish was a lot of games I mean the I don't know I look at some Spanish Games I just can't explain why he's Losing so much I mean such a great Player and you know you see the number Two and something But I also can explain why I'm winning So much but it's it's a great feeling Certainly because this is my fourth Tournament in a row like playing Five Tournament in in less than two months Uh uh the first two didn't go well U.S championships and official random Reykjavik So I didn't really have time to prepare Seriously I mean I was trying to do some Chess work in between tournaments but There's a lot of traveling involved and I'm also quite tired at this moment like

It's not so easy to sleep 11 hours a night Um but uh yeah I've been doing a lot of Practice I played some warm-up games This morning against a certain of Somebody I think and uh just trying to Play my best chess Uh when things are clicking in this Tournament like I won after match like One I won eight games without losing Anything so it's just so amazing And hopefully I can I can maintain it Sometimes I play well sometimes I don't Can't really explain it oh we're really Enjoying seeing you inform and playing Well you've got a game coming up a match Coming up tomorrow we hope you finish uh Well all the best yeah I'm very excited For that thank you Wesley


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