Monday, October 2, 2023
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Wesley So: “As Fischer said, patzer sees queen…”

3-time US Chess Champion Wesley So talks to Tania Sachdev after narrowly losing to World Champion Magnus Carlsen on Day 1 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Wesley is so close to making a comeback In this game what happened Okay well he blundered that I mean in The opening he equalized very well I Preparation and then I got absolutely Nothing of doping he's got Bishop there So it was completely equal and Then you know Magnus was just playing so Well in this match that even when he Blundered with Queen G6 he still saved It okay it's also my fault I mean After Queen G6 Of course I shouldn't let this flip but I should just play Queen takes C6 like Check quintix C6 Queen Go for the queen after I just thought I Win the queen so I played it without Thinking and I just completely forgot That black as a fortress But I think I've learned fccfx Queen C6 I mean I don't see how black can defend So it's probably just totally lost I Mean he's gonna lose one Pawn at least His King's very weak maybe he'll lose Two points But in the queen end game a guy was very Stupid to getting my king stuck on H2 After that it was over uh when he played Rook A2 I mean I'm not sure if I have any Winning chances here But I Have to make a run for it with King F4

Rook A3 Win F1 It was already pretty tough it was all Thought though yeah if I go King F4 Yeah you're you're right about Queen C6 Being the best option there What's the evaluation it was uh very Close to winning that after Queen C6 Because he can't fight with Rook G3 but I want to ask you with both the white Pieces you have uh you know you created Your chances what are the positives According to you in this match even Though it didn't go your way I mean I think I'm playing relatively Okay I mean Not Probably enough to go Toronto but not Not that bad not us Championship level Not uh Not not play where Christopher you will Beat you but I mean manga is just very Tough he sees everything he just gives No chances uh And uh hopefully I can play better Tomorrow but the third game was also Critical like I look briefly on Chef bum What's happening I got too ambitious in The opening with G5 H5 and my king got Too vulnerable so uh Yeah my space like a computer sometimes Long tournament today


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