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Weakened king exploited | Dariusz Swiercz vs Samuel Sevian | US Championships 2022

IM Robert Ris examines the game Dariusz Swiercz vs Samuel Sevian from the US Championships 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Welcome back to the power play chess Channel covering the 11th round of the US championships with four decisive Games in this round so plenty of stuff To choose from unfortunately the Tournament leader Fabiano Carolina had An uneventful draw with Jeffrey Sean Also the player trailing him by half a Point Ray Robson couldn’t really impress With the white pieces had a very uh Solid role against Evander Liang so I Decided to have a look at a game between Darius spherech and Samuel Savion which Featured a highly topical line of the Open Rio Lopez so let’s have a look the First 20 25 moves or so where still Pretty much all well-known Theory so Let’s go through that we have the main Line of the Spanish And now Knight takes E4 to open Variation D4 B5 Bishop B3 D5 de5 Bishop E6 Knight bd2 Bishop E7 C3 and now Knight C5 Dropping out of the center with a knight Bishop C2 and now Black’s idea is to Follow up here with the move d4 Knight to B free And D3 this is a very important line in Which white can still build out here With the move Knight takes C5 after d Takes C2 Queen takes the eight Rook Takes everything gets swapped we get to See an queenless middle game in which

The pawn on C2 will soon be wrapped up By The Rook uh but it should be said That black is going to put a rook on D5 Win the pawn on E5 himself and it’s a Very equal type of end game we will get To see so the principled move nowadays Here is the move Bishop to B1 And now after Knight takes B3 a takes B3 We get a very sharp fight in which the The big question is whether the poll on D3 is a weakness or an um or an asset Right now the the pawn is well supported By Black’s pieces but we will get to see That there are some counter ideas for White as well Like white plate here remove Rook E1 Castling kingside and now H3 looks like A little slow move but we have a clear Idea after Queen D7 B4 Rook fd8 We see that black is reinforcing uh the Control over the pawn on D3 And white will try to play around it uh Keep developing the pieces Bishop to F4 Active spot for the bishop And Um Black Goes A5 So the point is that if you would trade Off these spawns then black is intending To to connect Uh the the backward C pole so that it Will be protected possible and that Would be very bad news for white

So white has to act very fast here place The move G for kicking the bishop away And uh the bishop drops back to to G6 Maintaining control over the pawn on D3 B takes A5 Rook takes A5 and now Rooks Could be swapped on A5 but the Principled move here is Bishop A2 and Now we understand why the move G4 had Been inserted earlier uh because we are Activating the bishop and are planning To play E6 very soon with some potential Threats against the black king As I said this is a highly topical uh Line was even seen in a recent game Played at the European Club tournament I Played in myself as well game between Fiscione and Shakira mamarov Shakir Being the big expert on the on the black Side of of this line he likes the Dynamics uh the the chances for for both Sides and he came up with a stunning Novelty Rook takes A2 but uh it’s an Exchange sacrifice but not too great he Tried to catch his opponent by a Surprise but After trying to stir things up the cold Blooded moved 92 was very nice and we Have these ideas to put a queen on F3 or Even the queen on on B3 It turned out that black didn’t have Sufficient compensation uh for the Exchange and white went on to win very Nice game so for this occasion Savion Decided to return to the main line here

With the move Rook f8 how bizarre it Look looks that move but it’s all well Known Theory Um And soon the idea will be refilled white Plays B4 trying to force the Rook to go To an inconvenience square if it would Go to A3 or A6 unprotected squares there Would be Bishop takes F7 so Rook A4 is The main move And now white has to play E6 very Principled move of course trying to open Up the position with the idea that after Fe6 Bishop takes E6 white is winning the Queen obviously So it’s important to know that white Should play this move if you go Queen D2 Which was once played by Fabiano carvana Against giri in the Norway chess Tournament 2015 there is the move 98 and The Knight is on its way to E6 probably A move like C5 can be played and well it Turns out that the Deepon for black is way stronger than That pawn on on E5 so back to the game E6 is the principled move And black is not going to take but play It here to move Queen d8 right decision E takes F7 and now okay it’s possible to Uh to take with the bishop on F7 but Also the move King h8 is actually quite Quite interesting the king would like to Go to the corner anyway and uh it it Doesn’t

Um enable white to capture on F7 with Jack followed by Rook takes A4 So up to here pretty well-known stuff And obviously looking at the time Management of sphere in this game he Couldn’t recall his uh Exact analysis as the the principal move Here is Bishop D2 getting out of the f File and later on we will see that the Bishop would have been much better Placed on this Square s on F4 it’s a Potential Target of The Rook on on the f File so sphere plate Bishop E6 Rook takes A1 Queen takes A1 and now we have left the Theory like probably the players were Familiar with the ideas but Um I think black is absolutely fine in In this case he takes the pawn on F7 Anyway And after Bishop takes F7 Rook takes F7 Well you can see there are some issues On the file with the unprotected pieces Uh with the bishop on F4 requiring uh Defense support from the The Rook on E1 So Rook E4 would be the main move Queen D5 and now for instance a move like like Queen E1 or or even Knight D2 looks as If white is still able to uh to fight Here but I believe Black is Black is Very comfortable However instead of training of the Bishops uh why decided to play the move Queen A2

Also very understandable anticipating The possible trade of the light squared Bishops but in that case uh well the White Queen would be very active Obviously if you would take on F4 you Can take on C6 the queen defending Um the Knight on on F3 but most Importantly the pawn on D3 is going to Lack support and can soon be wrapped up With moves like like Rook D1 and black Also need to think of potential back Back rank problems in this case So black is not going to cooperate it’s Not going to take on E6 and instead a Much better move was was played Bishop To G6 I like that move the bishop is Back uh on on this diagonal supporting Uh the pawn on D3 and of course we have A huge threat against Um the move against the bishop on F4 so That means that uh also Rook E4 is no Longer possible as the bishop covers That square With Queen D2 is um is the move Protecting the bishop and now big Question is how is black going to Untangle because white pieces they look Quite impressive the Bishops are Controlling quite a number of squares in The center and well if you would play Bishop D6 I guess the the problem here Is that Bishop G5 could follow and uh That’s that’s kind of an unpleasant move If you move the queen to E8 uh to

Protect the the Knight on C6 there is Bishop D5 And why it is consolidating the position And After attacking both the queen and the Knight black has to go Queen D7 but then After Bishop E6 at least white has a Draw and I don’t think uh that is what Black had on his mind so instead of Bishop D6 he played here clever move H6 Very very useful move as It prepares to Move Bishop D6 uh while the G5 Square Remains under control Should be pointed out that Bishop takes H6 spectacular sacrifice with the idea To get the queen involved is simply not Possible because of Rook takes F3 so White is looking at the way is trying to Exploit the the weekend King side Um played here to move King G2 Protecting the Knight on um on F3 and Enabling the the bishop to to move Bishop D6 And now white is for a big Choice what Should he do with the bishop if you Would go Bishop E3 there’s Bishop E4 and Things terribly go wrong now with this Pin on the Knight And if you would play Bishop takes H6 Spectacular idea and I’m pretty sure That sphere had been calculating all of This he didn’t go for this move uh Obviously he was hoping probably for G Takes and then after Queen takes H6

Bishop H7 only moved Knight G5 Threatening mate uh with the queen on H7 Queen E7 and now Bishop F5 is the the Main move attacking the queen of course You cannot take on E1 because because of Checkmate and if you go Queen to G7 we Have betrayed of Queens picking up the Bishop on H7 and white is at least two Pawns up with a winning end game but Look at this point guys I think the Reason why Spirits didn’t go for this Line is Savion had a fantastic counter Blow here he doesn’t take the bishop but After uh Bishop takes H6 Instead eliminates the main defender of The king Rook takes F3 big move with Idea that if you would take on F3 There’s this fantastic move Queen A8 and The queen Um reaches the long diagonal with Massive threat of a discovered check by The Knight like if you just are playing Carelessly Bishop G5 we put a knight on D4 double check Bishop on G3 covers a Lot of uh squares as well if you go King E3 there is Queen to E4 with uh with Checkmate Any other move let’s say Um You play here uh King to E3 then we have 95 with the threat of Queen to E4 if you Go Queen D1 to create some space for the King the queen comes anyway Knight of Freak comes with check the King has to

Go to C1 there is D2 check hitting the The Rook as well but after Bishop takes D2 We have opened up the diagonal for The bishop and queen is going to be Checkmate what a fantastic line and you See how powerful Black’s pieces are in The in the center So That means that we cannot take on H6 Making a long story short why decided to Take on D6 Queen takes D6 and of course The exchange of dark spread Bishops Gives uh black some some new squares to Uh to work with Critical moment in the game because I Think around this point white started to To drift if you would play Queen E3 to Support the bishop there’s Rook E8 and That’s that’s that would be a very Unpleasant bin I think the key move here four wide Would be to play Bishop B3 intending Rook E6 with a double attack Um now that sacrifice with Rook takes F3 No longer works after King takes F3 Knight E5 at least white can uh take on E5 but much stronger here is the Surprising move King to G3 stepping into A potential discover check but after Knight to C4 we have the move Queen F4 So we avoid the loss of the queen after D2 We have Rook D1 everything is under Control and this looks to be winning Like if

Um if you would have dropped back with The bishop to A2 instead of B3 then Bishop C2 ideas would have been pretty Annoying But that’s why Bishop B3 is a good move Black has to deal with the threat should Go Queen F6 for instance and uh now if You go Rook E3 to protect the Knight we Have Bishop E4 which is highly Unpleasant you cannot take the bishop as The Knight would be hanging That’s why after Queen F6 Bishop D5 back Is the move which initiates a repetition Of of moves Spirits went here for the move Knight H4 Instead hitting uh the bishop and now After Bishop to H7 he played here to Move Knight F5 which turns out to be a Mistake critical moment After Bishop takes Um F5 Probably G takes F5 has to be played but I think this is not a nice position to Play 95 will come uh Rook d8 is one of The ideas let’s say if you go Rook E4 we Go Rook d8 And I think the Deep one is very Unpleasant Force to uh to reckon with Note that F4 is never really a Possibility because of Queen C6 so you Should keep the pawn on on F2 or put it On F3 to at least secure The um uh The Rook on e4 but this kind Of position even if you would play

Knight C4 forcing the trade-off uh minor Pieces then the Deep Pawn is still Really unpleasant Queen F6 is a good Move dealing with the threat of uh of Rook D4 and I think only black can be Better in this end game thanks to Postpone thanks to the the exposed King There are some clear chances here for uh For black So instead Bishop takes F5 was played And now interesting moment because Black didn’t profit from this mistake he Could have gone here for the move Knight E7 which is a big move there’s no time To take the pawn on D3 after Queen takes D3 we have Knight X F5 eliminating the Defender of the queen if you take on F5 There’s Queen takes D3 if you take on D6 We have Knight takes D6 and this game Over If you would take with the bishop Instead then we have Knight G6 and now Knight F4 is a huge threat you cannot Take the Knight because the bishop is Pinned if you go Rook E3 we give a Knight check anyway after the King goes Away we have rook d8 and next move we Are going to take the bishop with our Knight and black wins a piece Also after other moves let’s say if you Would play uh Bishop E4 we have the key Move Knight to D5 and that’s uh that’s a Big move again no time to take on D3 Because of uh the night Fork on on F4

Well if you take on D5 then well white Skin is too vulnerable and The Rook can Simply enter with Rook F3 the pawn is Well supported the queen is a very bad Blockading piece and with ideas like H5 We are trying to further open up the The king side and try to hit the pawn on H3 with uh with the queen Was not played in the game Big Moment Instead 95 was played Also a very tempting move hoping to Enter with the Knight on F3 at some Point but white played here the the best Move F4 kicking the the Knight and well Obviously if you move the Knight there’s Queen takes D3 and uh well white is Holding on here it’s not not so clear at All And if you would go Knight G6 then even King G3 is quite okay for white as the Pawn on G3 is uh as well uh well I mean The pawn on F4 is well covered by the by The King on G3 but look what happens Rook takes F5 guys this is a big move And I assume that in time travel now uh Sphere just um gave away probably a Holdable position It should be clear that if you take the Rook with G takes F5 there is Queen D5 And there’s no good Square for the king To go to if King H2 there’s Knight F3 And the same of course for King to G1 There is Knight F3 with a knight Fork Picking up the queen so these options

Can just be eliminated also in case of King F1 we have green H1 check King F2 Queen H2 you got to keep the queen Defended and then there’s Knight C4 Picking up the queen Then there’s also King G3 still but then We have Queen every check if you go King H4 now there’s Knight C4 we are in Exchange down but trying to deflect the Queen from keeping the the pawn on F4 Defended like if you would go Queen H2 There’s D2 and the d-pawn is Unstoppable You can give one check but that’s it the Queen is out of play and D1 Queen will Will come next If you move the queen let’s say queen D1 We have Queen takes F4 check you cannot Go to H5 because of checkmate And if you go Queen G4 we have this nice Check on F2 hitting the Rook Queen G3 and now look we can simply Trade off queens and we have this Promotion trick with the move D2 in case Of Rook D1 there is Knight E3 Rook takes D2 and Knight F1 with a beautiful night Fork we eventually pick up the Rook if You try to be clever with Rook E8 trying To control the pawn from behind then we Can simply interfere with the Knight on D6 and the pawn is Unstoppable anyway Then we still have to move King to F2 And after Queen F3 there is King to G1 Queen G3 obviously you cannot play Queen G2 because the Rook is hanging but also

Knight F3 would lead to a Checkmate very Soon so that’s not possible if you go King H1 we have Queen takes H3 If King G1 there’s Knight F3 obviously And if you go Queen H2 we can trade of The Queens And put a knight on F3 once again So king of one only move and now here Again we have Knight C4 Big Move uh After which it’s uh it’s game over Because if the Queens are getting Swapped on G2 then we have the same Trick with Knight e3 coming next that’s Game over and if you uh play um Rookie a check for instance we have King H7 Queen E1 Queen takes H3 King F2 we pick up a Number of Pawns and uh well the king is In trouble if King F1 92 wins the game Nice move as the knights protected by The queen if King F3 just one moment of Alertness please because if you would Play the move D2 thinking that you would Queen uh the the d-pawn there is rook h8 And that would allow a very nasty Repetition of moves with a Perpetual so You gotta play Queen H5 first Let’s say if you go King to G3 then here Again don’t play the move D2 because There is the move Queen E6 and there’s No good check white is threatening Checkmate himself if you take on EA Trying to eliminate the attacker there Is uh this sequence where you end up

With an extra night but the repetition Is simply inevitable That’s why after King G3 Knight E6 would Be the the big move everything is well Protected Knight can take on F5 and the Attack is still going on the d-pawn is Pretty strong so this should be decisive Let’s get back to the position after Rook takes F5 why didn’t take with the With the g-pawn on F5 He should have taken with the Rook on uh On E5 now you can trade off the Rooks With such a queen end game is uh is very Very drawish everything is well Protected instead of training of the Rooks probably black should continue With Rook f8 keeping major pieces on the Board His King is safer than whites there’s a Bus depot there are still practical Chances but probably this is holdable Instead white decided to take with the F Pawn on E5 but that is is not not so Great because after Queen D5 whatever White does let’s say you go King G3 we Have Rook F3 and we have a mating attack If King H4 there’s G5 King H5 and this Will lead to checkmate And if you um if you would play King H2 We have a lot of possibilities here but It turns out that white is actually in a Sort of there are no good moves even a Move like King H7 is is very nice the Queen cannot leave it’s blockading a job

Um and if you push the e-pawn then we Have Queen D6 that’s a very important Resource obviously as now the the queen Manages to uh to enter so here we see The Rook will come to F3 that’s actually What happened in the game as well They’re followed King G1 and now rather Than taking on E5 which is not so great There is Rook 2 F3 uh and it’s all of a Sudden it’s game over because if you Push the pawn we have Rook G free Now if you go King F2 it would lead to Checkmate and if you uh go King H2 There’s Queen F3 and Um now if you push the pawn Rook takes H3 King G1 Rook H1 with checkmate So if I decided here to play the move Queen G2 to protect the H3 pawn and Cover the check on G3 but then the D-pawn will deflect The Defenders Rook D1 is forced and now Queen D3 very nice Move if you would take on D2 with the Queen Rook G3 is winning but also Rook F1 deflecting Um The Rook From protecting the queen and it’s it’s Game over so that’s just one idea Um Rook text D2 was played and now the Queen is on the front we first give a Check if you go King to H1 we have Rook Takes H3 with Checkmate if you do king H2 we go Queen F4 and uh in case of King H1 we have Rook F1 and white is forced To give up the queen if you do go King

G1 we have Rook to G3 and uh after Rook E2 Queen F3 we even don’t take the queen Yet we play Queen F3 is even better both Are winning so it was time to resign Fantastic sharp win by Savion in the 11th round of the U.S championships and that means they Are I mean not they uh Samuel Savion is Approaching together with Dominguez uh The leader tournament leader Fabiano Cargoana only by one point with two Rounds to go probably anything can can Still happen


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