Monday, October 2, 2023
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We Asked Strangers About Chess

Danny Rensch hit the streets of New York City to ask some strangers questions about chess!

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We're here to give them what they want Which is someone to ask them random Questions about a topic that they least Expected we'll see who we get you guys Play chess you want to talk about it Where do you play chess at you know in Your dorm do you use any of like the Chess websites or yeah Yeah no okay when I say chess the first Word that pops into your mind Protect my queen time time yes let's Elaborate on that after time what comes Next decisions Strategy tactics tactics that's genius Okay Ivory Ivory yeah like Ivory pieces That's a first I love that black black Love it like the the pieces black pieces Yeah yeah okay Toby Maguire oh my God You saw Pawn sacrifice yeah I did that Was the worst chess movie ever no it is It's all right Shelby you've really Screwed up that that was the worst right How'd you get into chess him and him my Dad made me say chess lessons when I was Like a young kid and then then you got Your friends into chess here I got my Friends in chess because we bought a Little chess just a little chess set for The dorm Jess you play chess good chalk Anyway chess no okay do you play chess Would you like to answer any questions About it I feel like maybe I'm looking Unapproachable if you're on Tinder and You're scrolling and someone has a chess

Player on their profile is that swipe Left or swipe right It's like bright is good right yeah then Yeah I'll swiping right yeah you swiping Right you feel that do I look like I'm On theater tinder's for everyone Everyone Neutral I'm just gonna have to say it Depends on the pictures sorry I'm sorry Uh right right yeah so you'd be into That swiping right on that instant swipe Right okay super into that right I'm Into it you're ready okay I have a Girlfriend but I'm sweating right yeah She's she's watching this so now she Knows very good this is all very Hypothetical but probably whatever the Swipe is I don't not interested you're Not interested in chess players I'm not Interested chess players are on Tinder Oh I get that I in fact that checks out Um I think any person who takes time out To learn something in depth is a cool Person yeah that was deep if I ask you To name one chess player in the world Can you name a chess player Yeah no not gonna absolutely not Absolutely not no chest part no chest Okay Gary yeah okay he's a Russian guy Yeah the Russian guy who's far off Kaspora Anish giri yeah wow this guy's name Another one for me

Um Larson Magnus Carlson Carlson Um I saw a movie uh-huh this woman yeah This girl she played against the Russians yeah red hair keep going red Hair come on Anna Taylor Joy okay there You go checks out Beth Harmon for the Win capablanca wow name another one oh Casper of Casper if you name five other World champions in the next 15 seconds I'm Gonna Give You fifty dollars Ski Holgar Carlson and On holy Dude hey dude that was awesome that guy Took my fifty dollars we played that Match versus the the Deep green like a The Deep green computer you remember That oh yeah vaguely yes yes yes uh blue Something Blue Monster it was Blue Monster IBM Blue Monster yeah Hans Neiman not even like that American who Played the Russians in the 70s oh oh That thing all over Tick Tock with the Guy with the with the butt you know Let's talk about Chess baby let's talk About you and me I'm trying to look Approachable I'm not I don't bite I'm Not intimidating sorry about hey chess Chess no okay cool okay if you can play Chess against one person family member Or famous who would it be Lady Gaga just

So I can have a conversation with her There you go that's what we need is Lady Gaga if you're out there chess chess With Lady Gaga you got a famous person You want to play with uh not famous but I think just my grandpa just your Grandpa he learned me uh to chest I Think I would probably play against Floyd Mayweather because he I don't Think he would win yeah well he actually Plays chess yes do you have the Night Moves You don't okay do you know how any chess Pieces move yes okay can you show me how One piece moves the one on the front There go one yeah one you know what that Piece is called okay it's it's called a Pond do you know how any of the pieces Move Yes Yes okay I think I could remember how They all move yeah The Rook okay moves Uh horizontally and vertically the horse It moves in L's okay yeah yeah where are You from originally uh Los Angeles Los Angeles so all the way across the Country yeah yeah it's pretty far some Would say you actually moved like a Bishop to get here right someone say That yeah okay anyone here know how the Night moves can you show me how the Night moves the night the night okay I Know it it's a complicated piece show us Show us do it

Yeah one okay nice what about the bishop Bishop yeah oh the bishop is diagonal Right yeah this has been amazing you Guys have been the best chess crowd we Could have ever asked for so thank you Thank you for your time okay thanks man Thank you so much Deborah for your time That's a lovely name thank you that's Awesome thank you so much cool man it's Been awesome thank you thank you good to Meet you enjoy New York Those are the kind of fans we wanted Let's move let's all move like a knight As we get out of here okay ready one two Over one two four one two four there you Go we did it [Music]


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