Monday, October 2, 2023
HomeVidit: "It's actually my 1st time to reach the quarterfinals!"

Vidit: “It’s actually my 1st time to reach the quarterfinals!”

Indian Chess Grandmaster Vidit talks to Kaja Snare after qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Need it ready for quarterfinals Congratulations Thank you thank you thank you it’s Actually my first time to reach the Quarterfinals after playing so much it’s Good to know how it feels like A dramatic way to to do it winning on Most uh win situation in the last round And also Anish uh losing how do you feel Yeah I mean I’m thrilled that I’m in Quarter finals and actually I it was Completely unexpected in fact I had Already made some plans for tomorrow Which was not related to chess so I was Not expecting it so thanks to Arjun you Know give me this chance I was wondering Because I know you guys have a great Team spirit in the Indian team if you Guys had been chatting before that final Round if you were hoping that he would Uh give the help that you needed No no we did not chat but of course I Was hoping that he would uh you know I Mean it was not in my control so I was Just Um thinking about my game mostly and it Was a bonus that um I got to you know Make it into topics so uh yeah I was Just focusing on my own game because it Was not easy to win on demand as well Definitely that must be some of the Hardest you can do in chess to win on The mat and also in the 14th round it Was a quick draw you played with the

Black pieces against Richard report and You seemed very surprised as well Because obviously you did not hope for a Draw in that game what happened Yeah I mean I knew that I’m lacking Behind in points and I need to but I did Not know the exact details I did not Know that Richie had won the previous Game probably and draw is good enough For him Um so I was not expecting and Richie is The last player you would expect to Force a draw so yeah it was a kind of a Shocker because it made my chances even Less uh but in the end it worked out but At that moment I was completely shocked Maybe in hindsight I could have chose a Better opening Well no matter what happened you are Ready for the quarterfinals to play Young Christoph Duda who finishes on top Of the table you had a good winning Streak in the end here winning three out Of the four last games how do you feel Before the court finals Um it’s a new feeling because I only Always played the prelims and this Quarterfinals I like more because you Have to prepare against only one Opponent not four people so that’s a Welcome change and against Duda in the Tournament I had a good position which I Ruined uh so I’m hoping uh tomorrow I Can you know play better even in the

Last moments and convert my chances We wish you the best of luck very happy For you to make it to the court funds With it Thank you thank you very much


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