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Two Chess Greats Battle In Blitz: Carlsen vs. Polgar!

Legends battle over the chess board in this blitz commentary with @Daniel Naroditsky talking us through this game between the highest-rated men’s player ever, Magnus Carlsen, and the greatest women’s chess player in history, Judit Polgar, at the 2014 World Blitz Championship!

Check out the game!

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This is GM Daniel nerdinski we are Watching Magnus Carlson taking on Judith Poger at the 2014 fide world Championship and the game starts off With a king’s Indian defense by Judith As it’s very clear that she is playing For a win of the black piece’s Magnus Response with the samish variation one Of the most reputable and dangerous ways To fight the king’s Indian as we see the Photographer there snapping pictures the Game’s still in its opening stages Carlson puts his Bishop on E3 his Knight On E2 as is so typical in the same Mission Judith Pogo responds with an old Variation I believe this is called the Byron variation or the burn variation She puts the pawns on A6 and C6 and the Idea is to prepare an early Pawn Breakthrough on the queen side black Wants to play B7 B5 and initiate a Furious Queen side adult to counteract What will certainly be a king-site Attack from White you could see that Death there that Judith gave Magnus as He was contemplating which variation to Play a2a4 is his choice that of course Stops B5 but what it does is create a Big weakness on the B4 square that is What Judah tries to exploit by pushing The A6 Pawn once more to A5 establishing A stronghold on B4 and it’s quite easy For black to get a knight there if she Is so inclined Knight A6 night before

Would ensconce the Knight on a very Strong Outpost and that is exactly what Polgar does As we see here Carlson bringing his own Knight to G3 in order to make space for The development of his light squared Bishop and what’s interesting is that Carlson has adopted a more positional Approach than a lot of samish players Generally do he’s kind of refrains from Pushing the Jeep on instead he’s Prioritized rapid development and he Might even Castle kingside especially Given the fact that he has played the Move A4 and that is exactly what he does Kingside castles from Carlson Polgar Responds by striking in the center with E5 Carlson closes the center pushes D5 And Polgar still chilling on A6 she’s Not hurrying to put that Knight on B4 Black can do that whenever she wants H7 H5 yet another typical idea in such Positions even though black has castled Kingside it is important to dislodge the G3 knight from its active post and Polgar does just that the Knight Dropping back to H1 and Knight F6 to H5 I like the way Polgar is handling the Opening that knight from H5 can jump Into F4 even at the cost of a pawn Because if white takes on F4 the king’s Indian Bishop on G7 has would never ever Be more happier than after the E5 Pawn Disappears and let’s see if Polgar goes

For that pawn sacrifice or goes for a Slightly more tame idea Knight A6 to B4 Would also be pretty normal here Black’s Light squared Bishop isn’t developed so Both sides have their share of problems In this position and white is Tremendously solid no targets anywhere On the board for white there is a weak Square on B4 but that’s basically it and Carlson has a relatively simple Follow-up of of moving his Rook from F1 To D1 and once he does that he’ll have The D6 Pawn in his Crosshair so Polgar Has no time to waste and waste time she Does not F7 F5 the typical King’s Indian Pawn Advance on the king side now black Threatens F4 which would trap White’s Bishop on E3 so Carlson has to respond To that And he can do that in one of several Ways Bishop E3 to G5 would put the Bishop above and beyond the reach of Black’s Pawn so that would be one move Bishop H6 is also possible if Carlson Wants to trade the dark squared Bishops But I don’t think he’s gonna do that Right now his Bishop is better than its Counterpart on G7 he he chooses instead A third option Knight F2 to D3 Centralizing the Knight contesting the B4 square and vacating the F2 Square for His Bishop now Polgar could push her Pawn to F4 and follow up with H4 H3 that Does seem like a pretty scary King side

Attack even though black is castled on The king side it doesn’t matter but Instead polar goes Knight G3 what a move What a move putting the Knight on pre But if Carlson takes it with his Pawn Then Pogo recaptures with her Jeep on And the bishop on F2 is going to be Trapped and not only that with the H File opened up blackheads swing her Queen from E7 to H4 and potentially Deliver Checkmate to the white king so I Don’t think Carlson is going to take That Knight and he doesn’t he moves The Rook away to D1 letting that Knight sit On G three the big question how is poker Going to follow up on the king side Instead she goes C5 first she locks up The position and now Carlson does take The Knight and he decides to sack the Bishop back on G3 Queen G5 that is his Idea and that is a brilliant concept by White because he is inevitably going to Take the pawn on G3 and that is Black’s Man attacker Polgar has no choice but to Slide her Queen to F7 first Carlson Entrenches his own Knight on his own Outpost on B5 notice that Black’s Knight Still hasn’t left A6 now he takes back On G3 Carlson currently up a pawn but With Bishop H6 Polgar shows who is in Control of the dark squares it is black Bishop E3 check is a very nasty threat That would drive whites King to F1 so Carlson hesitating there as he moves his

King up to F2 parrying the threat of Bishop E3 and also preparing to shift His Rook to H1 I feel like the H file is Going to be a very important center of The battle a couple of moves down the Line and there he goes Rook H1 by Carlson ignoring the annoying night on B4 4 which white can capture at any Moment Polgar can also decide to trade The Knight on D3 and then maybe perhaps Move the Bishop from H6 to F4 that Almost traps White’s Queen fortunately The queen does have an escape Square on H4 now Polgar taking a sizable thing Here as her clock drops down to a minute King G7 is her choice defending the Bishop on H6 and with Queen H4 Carlson Makes her an offer that black cannot Refuse a queen trade is on the blue Queens are off the board and white is Still up upon that Knight on B5 is now More annoying than ever the pawn on D6 Is hanging and poker is going to have to Defend it Carlson with Rook H2 prepares The double Rooks on the H violin all of A sudden with the Queen’s off the board The attack against White’s King has Evaporated and White’s pressure only Grows the pawn on D6 is hanging the Rooks are about to double on the H file And Carlson is going to infiltrate the Seventh ranked Bishop E3 check a lovely Tactical idea by Polgar to mix things up And she takes the Rook on A1 but the

Problem is that after King C3 the Knight On A1 one is completely stranded how is Polgar getting that night out she isn’t Rook H1 picks up the 991 Carlson is Gonna have two pieces and a pawn for The Rook he should be winning here Rook Takes a one and Polgar grabs the Knight On B5 finally but it’s a day late and a Dollar short which way is Carlson gonna Recapture a takes B5 opens up the a file But he takes with the c pawn and I think He’s gonna go B3 and try to get that Knight over from B2 to C4 and once the Knight lands on C4 the pawn on D6 is a Sitting Duck polka grabs control of the H file but with the Queen’s off the Board and the white king already on the Queen side that is more meaningless than It has been Rook H2 A desperate attempt To generate counter play which Magnus Calmly parries with Rook G1 there goes That Knight swinging swinging it from B2 And Bishop B5 what a move the Rook on B6 Is trapped Knight C4 is coming in and Pogo will lose the Rook she resigns the Game and if you enjoyed this video make Sure to click the link of the playlist For more of these videos thank you for Watching Thank you


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