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Top 6 NEW Chess Openings

Over the last 5 years we’ve seen a growth in some new chess openings. We will cover each of these openings in this video. We also have an in depth video on each of these openings if you’d like to learn more about something specific.

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – #6 Lucchini Gambit
1:26 – #5 Orthoschnapp Gambit
2:22 – #4 Hyper Accelerated Dragon
3:16 – #3 Triple Muzio Gambit
5:13 – #2 Nakhmanson Gambit
6:58 – #1 Stafford Gambit

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Hey everyone this is kevin from and today we’re Going to be going over the top six new Chess openings now my definition for new It’s gonna be openings that over the Last five years have exploded in Popularity prior to five years you just Didn’t see them played or talked about All that often but in the last five Years these are the videos that people Are watching these are the requests that Come in and the growth in the number of Games people are actually playing have Exploded so i thought it’d be good to go Through the top six new chess openings Coming in at number six is the leukemia Gambit starts out from the italian game One of the more popular openings in all Chess e4 e5 And then f3 knight c6 bishop c4 and After bishop c5 and pawn d3 Black plays the leukemia game it with Pawn f5 and then chaos ensues typically White’s going to play knight g5 and Black responds pawn f4 i did a video on This with liukinigamit every move is a Trap because literally every single move In this Is going to be a landmine for white to Walk into it is an extremely fun opening For black so if you haven’t tried this One out definitely check out the Leukemia gambit Coming in at number five is the ortho

Schnapp gambit and this is my favorite Way to attack the french defense i Typically play pawn to e4 to start and When i see e6 i just have this internal Feeling of do i really have to play Against the french defense but after i Found the orthonor stop gambit I just have the sense of relief of okay It’s go time now if you want to play the French defense i am going to attack you It starts out with e4 And then c4 so if they play their normal D5 you can exchange in the center of the Board now queen b3 being extremely Aggressive and then after they take Bishop to c4 so if you’re like me And you want to be pretty aggressive Against the french defense you don’t Know how to blow things up in the center And continue your aggression Definitely try out the ortho schnapp Gambit Coming in at number four is the hyper Accelerated dragon and really this could Just be the dragon variations in the Sicilian as a whole because i feel like That entire Genre of variations has been extremely Popular over the last five years but After e4 C5 the sicilian knight to f3 the most Popular that i’ve seen recently is the Hyper accelerated dragon and then as to Play pawn g6 on just the second move in

The sicilian defense preparing for Bishop g7 gives you flexibility for what You’re doing with your central pawns you Can obviously get your knight involved To c6 at some point but just the Flexibility it gives you while still Being very aggressive from black side With a sicilian has made this one the More popular defenses for black recently Coming in at number three if you watch My videos you know i had to do something On the king’s gambit and the most Popular variation i’ve seen recently is The triple museo gambit because it’s the Most aggressive if you’re playing the King’s gambit you’re already being Pretty aggressive with f4 and after they Take here the triple museo says we are Just going absolutely all in we’re Sacrificing any amount of material we Can For a really really strong attack so Knight to f3 Pawn g5 say let’s just develop material Bishop to c4 attacking the pawn on f7 Which is extremely weak early in the Game since the king is the only piece Defending it pawn to g4 we don’t really Care too much about the night on f3 We’re gonna castle on the king side After the pawn takes we’re gonna Get that pawn back with our queen really Just to develop our queen don’t really Care too much about the material that’s

Not our game plan and after queen to f6 We’re going to play pawn e5 let’s give Up more material after they take with Our queen let’s give up even more Material sacrifice our bishop on f7 but Now their king is completely exposed After pawn d4 because why not let’s just Give up one extra pawn and material then We play bishop e3 This opening proves the concept of it Doesn’t matter how much material you Have in the game it matters how much Material you have involved in the attack This is a great way to attack your Opponent their king is exposed they Don’t have a lot of their material Involved into the game and so if you Really understand this one this pawn is Being pinned down from this queen and This rook we’re attacking their queen it Is very difficult for black to continue And defend correctly so i definitely Recommend checking out the triple muzo Gamut if you haven’t already in the King’s gambit Coming in at number two we have the Nakmansen gamut and this is one that Before this came out i didn’t know much About it and then i started to play it Myself i felt like the entire chess Community did as well and realized this Is an extremely fun gambit so hopefully You have played it before if not i think You’re definitely going to want to try

That out but it’s in the italian game so E4 e5 knight f3 knight c6 bishop c4 and Then instead of bishop down to c5 they Play knights f6 But from here we play d4 if they take we Castle on the king’s side and after they Take our pawn on e4 We’re going to sacrifice our knight on C3 Now to play typically continues with Them just taking our knight because why Not looks very strange for white to just Give up That knight in material but white’s not Done yet because white’s not going to Play bishop takes on f7 check Sacrificing the bishop on f7 and after The king takes queen to d5 and things Get spicy from here you can start to see Some of the threats the bishop can Easily get involved into the game the Queen is already in the central part of The board this knight can get involved The rook on f1 can get involved The king is just hanging out here Where does the king go it’s going to be A lot of fun for white Black if they’re not familiar are going To have a tough time figuring out how to Defend so nachman’s in gamut has been so Much fun over the years To watch people play and to do analysis On this but that’s why it makes our list At number two

Coming in at number one on our list is The stafford gambit a fan favorite so Many videos have been made on the Stafford gambit it took an opening that Was thought to be pretty passive and Defensive and not really that exciting In the pet drop defense with e45 Knight f3 Knight f6 here and then the knight takes On e5 and then d6 and the knight comes Back here to f3 And all of a sudden the staffer game it Says what if we don’t play d6 What if instead we play knight c6 and Then the fun begins the accepted line is The most popular with the night taking And then the pawn recapturing here so Black is down a pawn and material but You can see they’ve completely opened up For All their bishops their queens to get Involved into the action and it is So much fun to play eric rosen’s done a Good job of having so many games you can Watch him play fantastic chess player Check his channel out if you don’t Already if you really like the stafford Game but he just has so much material on That but the staffer gambit Has to be number one in the last five Years the explosion of this opening Everyone seems to be interested in it This seems like the best way to play the Petrov and make the opening fun so i’m

Curious from everyone What would make your list did you like The top six is there anything that i did Include that you think should have been In there of the top six what is your Favorite what’s been your favorite top Opening over the last five years Let me know in the comments below And if you wouldn’t mind hitting that Like button that lets me know that you Enjoyed the video but thank you guys so Much for watching and i’ll see you in The next video You


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