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Top 10 Highlights Of The Global Championship

All the best clips and moments from the CGC Finals in Toronto featuring Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Nihal Sarin and more! The incredible $1 million Global Championship concluded with Wesley So being crowned champion in Toronto, find all the streams in our playlist below!


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Bishop takes H5 but wait a second after Working five King kick Bishop D6 oh he's Gonna take on B4 What a teamwork just do why did he allow This yeah what is it he was a four Minutes I was hyping it up for a side Match Rook G5 but just rookie this is a Draw it's like Matt's not over though Yeah it's not over it's not over it's Not over imagine it's not over no but it Is over I mean this is a fortress no no But the match is not over four points Rook c100 That is devastating that might be the Most devastating defeat of this entire Event for anybody that roller coaster of Emotions all he had to do was do nothing Keep the Rook on the first rank Timur Has no way to make progress none get his King to B3 it doesn't help Okay Hikaru getting ready Hikaru will Have the white pieces will we see Another Berlin I predicted one night of Three my comment didn't age well Levy I Never thought I'd say these words in the Booth but Danny was right yeah it's Gonna be a long maneuvering battle White's Queen is going to decide whether To go to C2 or E2 whites Rook is going To decide where to go white will decide What to do with the expansion over here You notice in that Duda game Hikaru got To move all these pawns forward that's Why he won the game exactly in the end

Game Wesley's like yeah you ain't Playing this against me so it's actually Exciting to see two players who know This opening backwards and forwards Duking it out let's see who prevails in The end so far they've made two draws Will we finally see something more Decisive in this game okay this is The king dance the king Dance all right We can sit back yeah the king dance Ready King up This is where the eye contact is made Between the players yes they're like As it stands the whites King has no Infiltration squares neither it is White's Knight the H5 Pawn is safely Defended this is still a dead draw okay With that said he's played F3 Again squeezing out every last Opportunity at the very least I still Think the game might in a drop of Levy At the very least he's gonna make Wesley Sweat a little bit he's gonna make him Work a little bit every ounce of energy Matters in a long match yes I think it's The time has come to make the eye Contact and you know start start the Process of the arduous and long process Of moon repetition F4 no no no no no now 96 and Knight G7 is actually a serious Threat yeah are we starting the Discussion again are we reopening the Factories oh no This is what it all starts with

Tonight's only six oh my goodness and Now Hikaru could start heading once Again for the king side with a black Knight hamstrung on E8 ain't no way Honestly no matter how the game ends the Fact that ikaro has put Wesley in this Position is I cannot believe how much He's able to do in this position I can't Believe it it's it's very very Absurd let's put it my Wesley seems to Have an incredulous expression on his Face like really I'm still defending This yo why am I still here but Wesley Has 30 seconds left he finds it just in Time at the 87th move to hold the Integrity of his position the problem is That white only has so many more Problems that you can pose and you might Accidentally repeat moves and it not Moves with position because Knight g70s Plundered it uh-oh he's blundered it Uh-oh he's blundered it but it's still Probably a draw oh my gosh this is so Ridiculous 18 seconds Hikaru can prepare G5 and he can take as long as he needs To do so another 100 moves maybe he's Gonna go Knight C3 maybe it's not maybe It's like yeah and he shakes his head Hikaru totally forgot about no 91 91 and Knight F2 I thought he should have Played oh B5 whoa now Knight D2 but now 92 92 and Knight F1 check is an Immediate draw but will Wesley find it He's got 18 seconds plays Knight E3 yeah

That's a draw Knight takes G4 is Possible Hikaru is not going to be happy all that Worked to win the pawn and then just Like immediately draw so he wasn't Winning for the record but there was Probably a way to dislodge that King From G5 but I think it was still always A draw that was hikara's consolation Yeah that was so all that effort chess Is such a brutal game you work that hard Get him down to 20 seconds it's 5am that The lights are off Knight f8 130 moves that's it nothing to choose Between them can we see some fighting Chests for a change I know seriously Yeah okay yeah there it is I know I mean Just it's just a draw basically there's No fight to be had anymore okay but like This game as they draw for the third Time really does kind of show that you Can work that hard you can still make a Draw one and a half one and a half both Players they're not even leaving the Chairs Wesley's like I can't believe I Just played two games in one Oh my goodness Anish breathes a sigh of Relief and he has punched his ticket to The semi-finals in the most dramatic of Ways wow and he's taking a sip of water Finally he allows himself a smile a Modest smile indeed and a hug wow oh my Goodness what an Armageddon we just had What a performance by Anish

We also could get some sort of a Repetition here like bishop and I think He can't would be happier at this moment Yeah I think that it's it's changed Enough that now that Rook Daniel is in Front of the piece we always say that Brooks kind of operate best from the Back because a long range piece right The Rook can exert pressure on E8 from E1 or E4 and he goes for a sacrifice and I think that speaks to the fact he was Not enjoying his position as does like His body language this isn't a sacrifice Like yeah I'm sacrificing an exchange And getting all these squares the Knights are fully capable of handling Themselves in this position I don't Think black is winning especially given The queen Side Pawn structure but now Wesley can read the sigh of relief he Can play this position out for a while I Really don't see a scenario where Wesley Gets in any kind of trouble here Dimitri has to accept the draw he does In fact do that but he's spoiled and wow Huge opportunity oh my goodness I Thought it was live there's a repetition Was force yeah but Queen A7 check leads To Checkmate this King cannot go forward Because the Knight it cannot step back Because of the Rook that leaves Bishop B7 that's Checkmate that was Checkmate Too If you play E5 now it's way too late

Because white then goes rookie six and Picks up the pawn this is over one and a Half minutes I mean Anish can sense it We can all feel it even if you don't Know the rules of Chess look at anisha's Face look at his time usage knee-hole He's taking a sip of water you know what That means that confidence sip right There he wouldn't be sipping water if he Felt any nerves in his system I think Anise should have tried to keep the Tension make nihal be the one to take on G5 I think practically that would have Been a lot easier to draw and you can See the just the I don't even know what The word is Devastation that is a lot of Money Is into the finals unbelievable turn of Events as Anish giri loses on the board A rook end game and we do see that look Of elation from nihal sarna I already Congrats to him but unfortunately that's The end of the tournament for Grandmaster Anish giri You visit even on YouTube no ads means Even more up to three times faster page Lows faster streaming faster playback And faster push-ups they're still going It means 35 longer battery life while Saving on mobile data and internet Bandwidth for Android iOS and desktop Get the best browser for gamer streamers And creators switching 60 seconds be Brave do push-ups go to chess

And switch today this might be the most Important all right when we return we're Headed to our fourth and final game of The day twitch subscribers hang tight For more great content we'll be right Back for more from the Global Championship title match thank you See what you're saying yes E3 so Hikaru Look at Karma's face The car was like really really Riley oh My goodness Carl looks disgusted at the Opening and he doesn't I don't think he Thinks it's a mouse lip does he no I Mean if it was a mouse that we'd see it Reflected on duda's face one What Wait What is going on did he just Is he playing a bomb cloud I'm Speechless I'm usually not speechless I Always know what to say I don't know what I'm supposed to say Right now what am I supposed what are we Supposed to say right now we don't see The chat challenge being nuts right here Absolutely not oh my goodness I'm so Used to having a chat on the screen Somewhere when I'm live casting I knew Something was up when he played E3 I Could sense it Goes back to D5 we might see maybe Bishop C4 it takes the pawn Because now the Queen's gonna go to C6 And if you lose the C7 Pawn you

Basically lose your winning chances That's right we could see Bishop to G6 You want to be far away from a night Check so diagonal is great now Queen C6 Runs into Rook C5 so maybe Slide the Queen all the way to over to Aid and he Does Queen G8 is a you know kind of a Back door move instead he backdoors it To C6 the Knight moves back to D7 again Rook C5 is a huge problem Wesley might Have to move his King though this is Getting very good for hikar he might Even try Bishop to E5 to defend C7 Hikaru just keeping the tension and Keeping the tension he's got 50 moves Before the 50 movable comes into effect That's what he wants but he's lost the F7 Pawn that was not as planned Bishop Oh no this might signify the end if he Car was winning chances Knight to E5 is He not getting mated there and the King's sliding back to be one look how Expertly how deftly Wesley sidesteps all The forks and now the Knight as passive As it's ever been and be careful not to Lose your Rook to a fork oh Bishop C6 is Coming now Wesley might find out be Playing for a win yep that's right but He doesn't even need to win trust me if There's a draw on the table his hand is Grabbing that yeah one second now for Hikaru he's just trying to prevent them For The Rook The Rook has been hung by Hikaru and he's up and he is out of the

Playing Hall oh my God what a finale he Needed that Rook but so hard to keep it Daniel with the queen having checks all Over the open board Hikaru did Everything within his power and Everything not within his powers U-Haul has his back against the wall if You have to play Bishop H2 oh my God Levy at that point H6 played he's like Replacing the business nobody can just Take it and the Knight defense G7 and You can't take the Knight because the Rook takes on D1 with check G takes F4 Wins the game for Wesley yep only he Takes the four is over but this we might Be looking at the final moves of the Global Championship right here There we go knee-haw with the final Bluff Wesley does not buy it g takes F4 And the last gasps zero compensation on The next move he's taking that night off The board immediately get out of there Nihal grabs his head that's it and That's it that's it ladies and gentlemen The headphones are taken up for the last Time Wesley takes the first cgc title And the 200th 000 first prize Levy what a moment what A moment indeed Wesley so we see they're Holding the 24 Karat 50 pound trophy That may or may not be accurate massive Congratulations to him he has been Lights out the past two matches I like That man I like everybody everybody

By the way huge huge shout out first and Foremost to the city of Toronto and all The fans they have showed up daily to Remind me how much I screwed up to not Have live ticket sales for this event But so many of them are with us now and We we gave them the special treat of Doing so but all right Wesley we got to Get gotta get to you man you did it yeah I'm very happy you've won the global Chess Championship [Music]


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