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HomeThis Is Why Hikaru's A Four-Time Speed Chess Champion | SCC Recap

This Is Why Hikaru’s A Four-Time Speed Chess Champion | SCC Recap

Four-time speed chess champ and potential favorite to win once again, @GMHikaru, took on open qualifier David Paravyan with both grandmasters looking to advance to a quarterfinal match against Levon Aronian!

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There's nothing unless some type of swim Wait why King A2 oh look at me oh come On I'm done I'm done I'm out oh my God that Is hard bro you on your own bro I'm out I have a good one all right see you James [Laughter] No man that is ridiculous Hikaru Nakamura is the defending Defending defending speed chess champion That's right he has won the last four Speed chess championships his opponent In round one David paravian was sure to Have a difficult time Ousting the number one seed Hikaru set The tone from move one literally as he Began with one A3 he would be having fun And playing exotic and often very Questionable openings all match long Ultimately Hikaru won a long match Opener but in game two paravian was all Set to come back as he could pick up a Free roof you can also play Knight C5 That's probably good there it is lights Out First without pre-moving it out There's nothing new happened in 96. I Like how he's taking his time here I got More moves I can take them wait ah yeah Yeah wait a second but he left Rook D6 He did that was why'd he do that that is Insane Yeah

Oh my goodness after the draw Hikaru did Not let up he played G4 on move four to Win a smashing game three follow that up With another convincing win in game four Before playing a brilliancy in game five With a rook sacrifice Yeah Rook F1 D4 Rook F6 yeah wow and Then Bishop D4 and then we're trying to Go for May here Bishop D4 Queen H7 is Next so maybe King E6 um I think seven and Bishop C6 There okay In the corner another Hikaru win Preceded a long draw as sicaro peeled Time off the clock in a dead drawn Bishop end game in game 8 Hikaru played Al yakin's defense and paravian Vigorously set out to acquire his first Win the whole resignation all right he's On the board on the score column first Dub after that 16 move setback Hikaru Did close with one more win and finished The five plus one time control with a Lead of seven to two While Hikaru won the opening three plus One game paravian swindled him in the Next game and scored his second win huge Swindle huge Swindle I mean both sides With no resignation he resigns Had a big advantage in the third three Plus one game as well Well Bishop D3 might hang the d-pawn There it is he went for it wow it's Losing completely

Oh my God yeah Queen D4 there's King B1 Which David saw and he would have Bishop G6 there was a discovery but this is an Insane fine What a move Bishop D3 He just he I think That was a practical thing or we did There oh it was very practical I mean Bishop D3 was very easy move to make Very easy move another draw then set up Two more wins by Hikaru before paravian Punished one of hikaru's opening Extravagances with Knight takes D5 in Just 10 moves hikaru's King was sitting On D7 in a surely lost position I got Three of them boys I'm not mad like I'm Not mad sick Heck you want to draw bro I'll take it Like I think you've got to get your Rook On each one involved somehow like with h Work H3 but suddenly when Knight D6 Comes Oh yeah this is yeah that's a great Great to describe Scrappy this is so Scrappy Scrappy right Scrappy he even Managed to win this I mean I can't Believe it bro Can't believe it he was getting crushed And David refused several uh draw offers In this game oh and I'd be one there's There's the finished washing touch yeah It hurts yeah that definitely hurts bro I was rooting for David in that game too What a turnaround after this Victory Hikaru closed with two more to finish

The three plus one time control with a 14 and a half to three and a half lead In the first bullet game Hikaru put Rooks on the seventh and won a powerful Initial game but then paravian went on a Roll he won a drawn Rook end game and Then he sacked a bishop on F2 for a big Attack Foreign What is this Yo look at inkaro's face in F4 Yeah it's starting to slip maybe Slightly carelessly oh that's a good Move To make Um oh man chances equal Slipping out and then that's losing it Should be three and bishopy two queen H6 What a queen F6 Then E2 hangs at least ah you're right You're actually right so maybe we just Take yeah okay oh Queen A6 Bishop fate Yeah that's more precise oh yeah oh this Is insane coming out of six is here After weight Makes takes Oh my gosh He's down a piece he was down a clean Piece for nothing With an attack but it still wasn't Enough against the car yeah having Stolen that point and broken a possible Three-game winning streak for pravian Nakamura also won the next game but then

Paravian won a piece and established a Big Bishop on G7 as Hikaru strove for Counter play there's nothing Oh come on We're off the board Oh I'm done I'm done I'm out oh my God That is hard bro you're on your own bro I'm out I have a good one all right see You James No man that is ridiculous oh my goodness Even paravian was laughing at the end of That one and in general he seemed in Good spirits though Hikaru won the next Game paravian seized on his chance to Score some more points against takaro And he closed with two more bullet Victories as the clock ran out after a 19 and a half seven and a half victory For the defending champion Champions are often perfectionists and Much like Carlson in his speed Chess Championship Opening match Nakamura did Not appear satisfied with his play Despite the big margin of Victory Nakamura advances to play aronian in the Quarterfinals of the speeches Championship is he destined to win his Fifth title in a row [Music]


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