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This is fine 🔥 | Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So | Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finale 2022

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Foreign The world number one is back in action In the final Tournament of the meltwater Champions chess tour so it's a rapid Play event And in the first round he played a mini Match against Wesley so who is in superb Form at the moment having won the global Chess Challenge on So this is the third game the first two Games are very tight so it's rapid play Carlton with white and it's a Berlin yes I know there are a lot of fans of the Berlin out there Actually I think it can lead some Fascinating positions and in this game We are going to see a very tense Encounter Carlson keeps the tension by playing the Pawns D3 just protecting here he does Like this Pawn structure And now we have imbalancing the position As Carlson gives up this bishop for Knight Now don't take that pawn because there Will be trouble That's loose I'll watch out for that one So castles Knight D7 and now C3 So Carlson is perhaps going to play D4 And get a big Center A5 So that prevents white gaining space

Gives the bishop somewhere to drop back To Bishop G5 Hits the queen And actually we're already in slightly Uncharted Territory Carlson does like to play this bishop Out to G5 at a very early stage we see Him do this so often in Spanish Positions in jokopiano it's a very Provocative it's so typical of his style Tempting black To push forward with these Pawns Bishop comes back to D6 so that's Preempting D4 D4 comes anyway Queen E7 Just bolsters this point Knight D2 And now Wesley can't resist he pushes Forward on the king side and H5 So already we have quite a critical Situation on the board And The outlines of this game Well they're they're appearing now G4 And pawn takes Pawn we're going to see The point of this in a second Could recapture with the Knight but well Then Knight takes and Well I mean this this is a very Interesting position actually Um or also extremely double-edged Let's go back here Wesley wants to keep this bishop locked In

So Recaps for the ball but there is a Downside to this move Gives this Knight a very nice Square on G5 yes this bishop is nothing to write Home about but that Knight on G5 that's Interesting But something interesting happens here Because if Wesley Can bring his King over to the queen Side Then there'll be a very nice opportunity To bring the Rook over sack here and Just continue on the king side So I think this is a this is a Fascinating moment in the game actually So here's my first question for you how Would you play as white in this position White to play what did Carlson do next And why Cheers folks time for some tea Well perhaps you were thinking about Pawn to F3 To open up the f file well in that case Black is in time The D7 and Castle's Queen side and I Think that's an interesting position For black to play Carson played A4 Looks a little bit strange but the point Is That after Bishop D7 this is the game Continuation he basically wanted to Create as much chaos on the queen side As possible

Deterring the king From Castle and queen side so it's very Clever now after A4 of course it's Possible for black to go the other way But Watch What Happens check Here And white has a couple of options maybe You Pop the king in the corner and play F3 To open up the king side All one could also play Rook E1 and just Bring that Knight to E3 That's a favorite to call some maneuver And you know perhaps then look at Getting in on F5 I mean both continuations are possible But it's all about Trying to catch the king Try to unsettle the king and it starts With this move A4 so here's the game Bishop D7 B4 Really interesting move so if that's Taken The Knight goes back push the Knight Back and then Knight C4 you can see that I mean obviously the king cannot go to The queen side now I'm going to the king side is you know Is pretty fraught when there's a knight On G5 Or Castles kingside immediately check You can take here let's let's bring the

Rook up the board and then play F3 So just for a moment those Rooks are Split I mean really this Rook needs to Come back here but then there's Possibility to play A5 push the Knight Back and open up the F5 basically Black is being Torn By Both sides There's too much to deal with here So you know I think this is a really Clever strategy on the part of Carlson A4 And then B4 So Wesley played C5 he wants to resolve This tension on the queen side and then Perhaps choose where he's going to put The king so for example after C5 If B5 Then the king is safe To come here then The Rook comes over And interesting possibilities sacking The Exchange Or if this is taken again This somehow resolves the situation on The queen side I mean this bishop is Looking very good now Maybe you know this one will come here And again Castle's Queen side is looking Very likely Therefore Carlson exchanged on A5 And played Queen B3 so he's he's keeping Alive the possibility of play on The

Queen side And obviously it's not well casting Quick side is impossible now because the Rook has moved but yeah he's keeping the Queen side position open and that Prevents the king casting for the moment So the king is You know feeling a little bit insecure In the middle Well or pretend there's potential So Carlson gives up a pawn Well you know Wesley Can feel happy about that but the Position is opening up and that's Dangerous when these Rooks are split Just compare Black's King with white King White's King is Totally Secure this is Just the kind of situation that Carlson Likes in Practical terms it's simply More difficult for black to play than White Rook A6 so that Now The Rook is protected then this Bishop can move Rook B1 interesting you know Carlson Continues with the pressure on the queen Side So means the knights can't move easily Because the B7 Pawn is on Bishop C6 played dropping back hitting Hitting Queen B3 Interesting

Wesley offering to repeat the position The queen goes back then you know we're Repeating the position Carlson Not interested Queen B2 He wants to play on I should mention they the first two Games were drawn this is the third game In their their set of four games Again here is a very interesting moment Okay time for some more tea How do you play with black in this Position Wesley to play with black what Would you do black to play At some moment she has to decide what to Do with his King And he decided to Castle on the king Side But King D7 is a really interesting Option so it's all about bringing this Rook into play we don't like split Rooks Rooks like to work together And I mean I think if one If one will play a classical game then Perhaps it's possible to play like this I mean the king is never going to be Completely secure in the middle but There are Pawns around the king there's a bishop There does give it protection now this Is still a very unclear position you Know I would be interested To play this move Knight F1 and spin the Knights around here this is very typical

It's really unclear But Castle's kingside this is incredibly Risky Carlson plays Knight C4 you could also Play Knight F1 coming to here Now if that's taken then Queen takes Hits The Rook also threatens a check Here So nice Bit of tactics And yeah you never know this Knight Might be threatening something or other At the king Just pops itself in the corner Wants to get off this diagonal Knight E3 Yep that's where really where the Knight Wants to go Heading into one of these squares so Rook A8 Okay joins up with the other Rook this Is what Wesley was in turning of course With By getting the king Into the corner C4 Okay interesting move Um I mean this basically means that Black isn't playing C4 Allowing this bishop for Freedom so some Freedom so this kind of shuts in that Bishop here Not a beautiful piece And perhaps sets up this idea But maybe Knight F5 as well really

Tricky but I think it's basically an Easier position For white to play than black and of Course It opens up this diagonal And now there is even a threat To take on E5 followed by A night Fork on F7 Bishop C6 played so Wesley trying to Just Take exchange pieces You know take take Some of the Edge from White's initiative Remember he is a pawn op so you know Exchanges are going to be favorable And here well Carlson should just play F3 And this really exposes the fact that The king is not well placed on the king Side you can see these pieces Just way across the other side of the Board Um completely offside and after this Just Rook F1 And very soon White's pieces are going To come in Um you know you can imagine some Scenario like this Rook F7 and queen comes to E2 I mean This looks absolutely terrible But Carlson was sort of playing in quite Strict positional fashion Knight D5 and This is also a very dangerous move Um

Wesley should exchange though he needs To exchange pieces and This is a difficult position for black But it might be tenable Let's go back Queen E8 Played Queen C3 So again there's there could be some Threat here to take and play Knight F7 Knight D7 Three So finally Carlson uh gets this move in you know It's been somehow it's been on the cards For the past 20 moves Um but yeah it looks very logical to Break through to the king with you know Black's pieces still not looking very Good and here well Wesley should take This And This is a very difficult position to Defend but there are still chances there But instead you play Queen A8 he's Looking for counter play But now that's another piece across the Other side of the board And this is just Winning in fact it's it's just a Straight blunder Knight C7 Just wins The Exchange Well so it's sort of sort of Um I mean this is the only way to keep Material but

Queen coming in it's it's of course a Disaster Um Queen A5 played Check and Carlson Finished off Very smartly like this And Rook B7 So once again it's just worth comparing The two kings Carlson Carlson ensured that his King Has a fortress around it it's completely Safe on H2 but in the end Black's King with no Pawn cover Is just too exposed and this Knight is Attacked And Then that's the end I mean there's Actually no way to defend that Knight I Mean Fear well okay let's let's go to mate That really is the end of the story Um and Carlson drew the fourth game So one won his mini match against Wesley So Actually it was a very tense match Overall I mean Carlson obviously edged It he has a habit of doing that But Wesley had some really interesting Chances so I'll be dipping in and out of this Tournament and keep you updated Thanks for watching


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