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The Worst Chess Game that I have ever played!

Is this the worst chess game that a Grandmaster has ever played!?

Taken from the Titled Tuesday competition. After this omnishambles, I just had to resign, resign from the competition!
Please tell me how could I not win that position!

This was a live stream, bear that in mind when watching!

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Here that's probably from Russia and Rated 28.38 so this guy this guy is good this Guy is going to be a tough match so Let's continue with the trumpovsky Um and I'm now gonna sacrifice a pawn because I Have a complete Lack of respect for my Pawn so if you Want to know more about this opening I've done a DVD on it I think he should go should have gone D6 There I've done a DVD on this opening For ginger gym because now surely I've Got good compensation here Do we develop or do we push Okay I'm not going to think too much I'm Just going to play very logical moves Here Let's Bring the Knight out and try to use our Development and I'm gonna push Harry because That's my middle name Simon Harry Williams Come on Dirty Harry Put it in his pipe and it seems like Okay now we could allow that one I'm Gonna allow that one because I've got Some action going on over here I might Play A4 in a minute but this move seems Quite strong opening up the rook and I Can try to bring in the bishop so now I've weakened his position more And I could even try to kill him while

He sleeps So tempted to kill him let's go let's go So I'm trying to bring the queen out I'm Trying to kill him in his bed This is this is murder this is this is Frankly if he goes here I'm taking on F7 So he's trying to bring this guy around So I discombobulator like this seems Very logical Or maybe this which one do I Discombobulate with This one I like Because I give this Knight a square I'm Trying to discombobulate his Queen And I'm trying to For example if I'd have gone Queen takes Pawn he would have gone Queen to G6 he's Only got his Queen developed I've also Got some sexy moves like this coming in This is this is uh oh my God can he play This Okay so if we come in here should we do This In we go why not because we're Threatening some nasty stuff here now my Other one coming in seems very strong But do I flick this move in first This one and then here it's only a check Okay let's go Let's go let's bring the other knights In And Bishop C3 is now what I thought I could Simply play

But do we have something even stronger Bishop C3 Check Seems like his position is just falling Apart here Bishop C3 he takes his Queen Is trying to get back to defend Okay but come on this must be good right Now I can win his Rook like the last Game but I'm looking for something more Like this one So if I give him a check I'm going to be Going for mate if I play this Now I can come back but I'm also Thinking some move like this Check his King comes out Let's chase him Now where is he gonna go my king can cut My my Rook can come let's bring them all In maybe this one is also looking my Queen can come back to attack I'm a queen he's trying to run away here He's not going to run away is he Check is he gonna really run away to This Square Seems incredible I mean maybe okay check Okay I'm gonna tell I'm going to cash in Some material because I couldn't see the mate there where was The mate My time's a little bit low Oh okay let shall we just go to normal Chess now we've won a rook let's not try Any heroics and I've got to play quick Though

We've run we've won a rook so I I'm a Bit annoyed I didn't check mating but I Just saw my time ticking down and I've Tried to pick Um a practical way of doing this Rather than maybe the best way So I'm trying to swap Queens Because Then I can play the position A lot quicker but surely I miss maybe my Queen can come in here I still play for Mate If he Well I can always take this one as well Don't want to throw this game away this Would Okay I can take that one very simple but What about this move Attacking the bishop playing for mate Still I have missed this bloody move why did I Do that idiot Okay I'm really annoyed that I didn't Just take there but my position is so Good I have to do amazing to not not win This bloody position Okay now where does my Kings go here Safe I'm not doing well here am I and now That one's dropping what am I doing Jesus Simon He's got loads of Pawns why I mean where Was the simple win Okay I'm gonna put the drink away and I

Just got to play Blitz chess now I know I'm a rook up but he's got four Pawns to The Rook so it's actually I Should have just taken on H6 I I thought I thought That God Getting so confused by this position Guys So confused Anyone else confused because I'm Confused as hell here Have I just lost my queen Oh sorry man So annoyed myself I can't believe I might not win this one Jesus Oh my god what have I done here Oh I can't believe this guy's uh I can't This is so depressing That I can't even win this game I can't Believe this honestly How did I throw this away I just Literally Had the best position I could ever imagine And somehow I Somehow not winning [ __ ] hell honestly Oh no I'm so depressed now that is so Bad how can I not win that Ah My words That was incredible

That was so easily winning That was such I mean I must have just Had mate there I've never not won such a Good position as this Jesus that's so annoying let's just have A look see if I can work out where the Wind was okay I mean that just rusty I mean this all looks fine I'm doing all Right let's see is there something Really simple here That is so annoying I must just have a Mate I mean can just take here or Something Can't believe I did not win this Position I I honestly this I've never I've never not one this is the this is The best position I've failed to win in My life I had too many good moves I mean this One's coming back He's got a lot of Pawns but Unbelievable I mean there's nothing I Mean I can obviously take material but Okay let's have a look this is okay And this must be mating him And I just played I mean I just I'm still a bit shock here I mean this Looks so good but his King runs here and Somehow he defends So where is the mate here where is the Mate in this position I Honestly though That is I've never not won a position as Good as this and this is why Are not one of the top guys because I

Can't calculate quick enough So check here check he comes around it's Unbelievable this there must be a mate Here It must be in me Knight E4 he comes this Way incredible Honestly that would be enough for me to Quit the night I'm very tempted tempted Jobius [Music]


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