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The start of all the trouble | Sam Shankland vs Christopher Yoo | US Championships 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Sam Shankland vs Christopher Yoo from the US Championships 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign My coverage of the US chess Championships And I’m going to show you I think a Really instructive game where one player Picks off squares and then controls the Situation absolutely beautifully so this Is a game between Sam shankland and Christopher you shanklined well Member of the US team He’s 31 years old I mean well Established on the scene and former US Champion And his opponent 15 year old Christopher You Um a real Prodigy Um interestingly both players are alumni Of the Berkeley chess School in the Bay Area of California and the founder Elizabeth Shaughnessy and her team of Tutors have a remarkable record of Producing very very strong players But also helping kids From all backgrounds to enjoy and Benefit from the game of chess and I’ve Been out there To a few summer camps teaching and it Really is an impressive organization if You’re around in the Bay Area then there Are some they organize some some Tournament regular tournaments as well So check it out Berkeley chesco anyway Enough of that and let’s get on with This so Sam shankland with white

Christopher you playing black English And here the normal move is Knight F6 But U goes for Bishop B4 and This is an attempt to kind of shake up The position a little bit because Very often you want to exchange here and Then There’s still the possibility to use Your F Pawn in the attack So that’s why Knight D5 happens to hit The bishop A5 That means if this is exchanged off Whoops exchanged off here then the pawn Recaptures and black can potentially use That semi-open file Knight F3 hits the pawn and that’s Tempting the pawn forward which would Leave it a little bit vulnerable So therefore D6 E3 Perhaps ready to bring the bishop out Maybe to play D4 yes I understand There’s a pin at the moment Knight F6 A3 so pushing the bishop back Exchange in the middle So the bishop now goes back to C5 and D4 So now we can see how the pawn supports White in the center Exchange of Pawns Bishop B6 so why does these double pawns But actually they’ve allowed to white White to conquer a lot of space in the

Middle of the board and that Bishop is Really shut out of play And you can see here also that well There are nice pawns on the king side But no pieces You know ideally one would like to Switch that night over to F6 very Swiftly But white has a window of opportunity to Just create a few weaknesses before Black is able to regroup or bring out The pieces Bishop G5 very nice move It’s one of those awkward pokes That make life a little bit difficult For your opponent You don’t want to play Queen D7 because Then It just steps on the toes of these Pieces Therefore F6 and the bishop drops back But its job is done good job by the Bishop because it means that that square Is weaker can you imagine a white piece Landing on E6 but also this diagonal the Squares here are potentially a bit Weaker that G6 Square And the F6 Pawn simply blocks Black’s Pieces well you can’t bring the Knight Over very easily to F6 Let’s see how this works out in practice Bishop D3 And white is already to attack along This diagonal and if H6 is played then The horrible weaknesses on the light

Square so I mean F5 feels almost like a Forced move But there are consequences to advancing That f-pawn well I’ve already mentioned The six square is weak But also now the G5 Square can Potentially be used by white Queen C2 Pressure on the diagonal Scourges white from excuse me black from Playing Pawn to F4 and also potentially Prepares queenside castling Um you know at some moment it it could Well be possible for white to get in Knight G5 and just plonk that Knight on E6 Can’t at the moment’s got to be careful Of this but you know that’s in the air Um H6 Feels like a normal move here To stop Knight G5 and prepare F4 that Then Castle’s Queen side That’s gonna have to be played and you Can see how in white has very nice Control over that that diagonal The Rook Is going to come to E1 you never know an Exchange stack is in the air It looks like an interesting position For white to play basically much more Fun for white to play than black and and The king is relatively safe on the queen Side And what about G6 and then F4 well Bishop G5 I mean this is a tricky

Position and The Rook swings over you Know there’s potential to play H4 H5 to Open up the H file Okay so Summing that up this is not an easy Position for black however uh black sets Up on the king side You decided to really go for it I mean This is such a vigorous move you know I Don’t think there’s an easy continuation For black in this position But F4 is really going for it because of Course it sacrifices a pawn Now the bishop is attacked here drops Back but it has meant that after the Check White’s King is displaced King F1 not that that’s a huge issue Because the Rook comes over I mean white Has a lot of pieces around the king But it has meant that black has Developed fairly quickly H4 Good move so basically Sam is making a Virtue of that Rook on H1 Looking to advance and just crack open The king side And yeah White’s Rooks actually very Nicely placed here Knight D7 H5 the pawn Just trundles on and let’s say rookie Eight I mean rookie 8 looks like a Normal move Exchange of Rooks and then H6 and you

Can see that the position is just Cracking open if Pawn takes Pawn then Bishop G6 attacks The Rook attacks the pawn I mean that Looks fatal already and if G5 then Queen G6 Exchange Queens that pawn is hanging Bishop attacks The Rook I mean basically White has broken Through The Rook has to Move away and then Knight export Looks fantastic for white So H5 just being played so that’s why This Knight was eliminated And you know it seems like it’s the time To recover a pawn and get this bishop Back into the game but Watch What Happens Bishop takes rookie six And white turns right towards the king Or queen takes and now the long diagonal Is open and obviously that And that is a disaster for black wow What a position So black has just exchanged here so You did not take on D4 instead went Queen G5 Now Bishop G6 Now that’s that’s a very nice move Because it prevents black From Briaruk to the open file so that means That this Rook on E1 is looking really Good and it just cuts out any Counterplay from Black If Bishop takes D4 again H6 looks

Fantastic Because Well it’s possible to do this And queen takes and something very nasty Is going to happen on the H file So after Bishop G6 Knight F6 played And here is one of those situations Where As white you have to decide do you Somehow tried to crash in Or do you keep control And I think this next phase of the game Is just very instructive how Shanklin Decides instead of you know trying to Calculate some kind of precise finish He just decides I’m keeping control and Eventually black is gonna crack So first of all he makes sure the plaque Isn’t taken here so he plays Queen D3 A4 Trying to get a perhaps a little bit of Space here Bishop C3 Just keeping everything locked down And now here’s a very interesting moment In the game so how is white making Progress here A shotgun plays King E2 So what he’s doing is is just Opening up the the first rank connecting The Rooks ready to bring the Rook over And that just pushes the queen to a Terrible Square the queen basically is Going to have to

Stay on H6 otherwise H6 with these Rooks Here just blows the position up the king Side so Queen H6 Rook G1 Takes 95 So how how exactly is white going to Make the Breakthrough Need to just get that Queen out of the Way and then play H6 I mean everything Is lined up here But first of all okay that Knight gets Pushed back And the King steps over to D2 this is All very careful preparation of course Black cannot contemplate taking here Because that would lose the queen Straight away Rook A5 okay The Rook Might be swinging across So D5 shuts Out The Rook again it’s all About control Rook C5 And now things start to happen Queenie 2. Attacking the night Which steps back Bishop C2 there we are it’s it’s A one-track plan but basically Rook G6 Is going to happen And it’s all very logical it it takes Some time to get there but actually It you know once that route gets there It’s the end basically Rook F6 now it stops Rook G6 alone Because if Rook G6 then that gets taken And that gets taken

So before Rook G6 can happen Queen F1 It’s quite a clunky plan but it is Absolutely sound so the queen just will Protect the Rook basically And there’s nothing to stop this Rook G6 there you go that’s what I mean By protecting The Rook So after this You win the queen And if the queen drops back then you Take here nasty discovered attack B takes C4 King just drops back that’s just Sam Enjoying himself there just making sure The king just steps out of anything here Not you could take the queen straight Away Uh The Rook goes back Rook takes Queen so now white is a queen For a rook up And now well it’s it’s very very easy Queen comes in and Rook G1 that was the Final move of the game Christopher you Resigned Um mate threatened here And if Rook F7 well that’s another piece Gone I think I’d swipe that off and then Have another think about how exactly To proceed but yeah it’s going to be Made very shortly beautiful game from Sam shankland Um I like the way that he set up here And and created pressure on on the king Side that moved Bishop G5 before then

Was was very nice And then beautiful control at the end to Set up this idea of root G6 very nice Game so that win brings Sam Shanklin to Five out of nine In the lead Carolina with six and a half Ray Robson just behind on six we go into Round ten Carolina has black against you And Robson has black against Savion Four rounds to go very tight thanks for Watching


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