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The London System – Mushroom Variation

Want to know how to crush the Kings Indian Defence? Intrigued to find out how to make Grunfeld players cry? Then the ‘Mushroom’ variation of the London System is the opening for you!

Just play 1 d4 2 Nf3 3 Bf4 4 Qc1 and at some point Qh6, h4, h5, hxg6, Bxg7, Qh6+ and then checkmate. Simples.

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Thank you Ginger GM oh skinny anymore let's let's Try a different setup And You may think this is a normal London System but little do they know I'm just Gonna go for checkmate and actually This little idea Is probably nonsense but I I mean Everyone says oh the London system is Such a boring opening But if you put this here okay I've got To watch out for tactics so Queen takes Up two it's a really nice tag team Bishop H6 Bishop takes Queen takes Queen F2 King takes Knight G4 So that is something to watch out for But I like the idea of just trying to Checkmate him so let's let's see if we Can Okay I'm gonna get that Queen away from F2 and now we're gonna go for checkmate This is it's like brute one tactics Thank you zhs For the right Let's go in we go We'll throw the knight in the middle So this you think so like I say you Think this is just a normal boring London system but then little Harry Starts moving up the board And little Harry Look at him go go go go go Hurry go go go Harry be good

And look at him he's gonna be he's going He's going and in we go with the queen And now that we've done all that we say Okay well that was fun but I don't know What I'm gonna do next what are we gonna Do next I don't know Let's go here because we want to bring In more guys to the party Lots of attacking chess going on at the Moment Um that last guy I was enjoying playing That last guy even though I lost a lot Of games I probably should swap the queens now But I'm not going to because We don't want to swap Queens So I was enjoying playing that last guy I mean uh he was calculating A bit better than me So all credit to him now do we have this This still seems a very dangerous attack Doesn't it he's got to play H5 Otherwise He he hasn't played it isn't something Happening on H7 or have I just missed Camp played Okay I'm gonna Castle let's Castle let's Do this Trying to get another rook in I've really clearly he has to play H5 at Some point because something on H7 is Smelly surely something what about Queen Is there not anything happening here People

Knight takes Is a no check mate here really Is there really no checkmate I can't see it I can't see it maybe I can come in Okay let's come in like Flynn we don't Care about our Bishop he cut if he takes Here I take on f8 So after it's a bit stronger than his So he's stopping that and then my idea Was just to take the pawn but don't Really not have any Frets there Amazing okay maybe there's no frets He can't take the bishop because I take On H7 but he can take this one And now I'm hoping Bishop F7 With the Unstoppable Rook takes here is Winning and queen takes here So this is my idea When I have the Fret of Queen takes H7 Knight takes Rook H7 Checkmate so I can Give up my queen for mate and queen Takes F6 checkmate Oh it does look I've been having the Mushrooms the way I'm playing at the Moment Doesn't it if he goes Queen B6 I'm just Going to drop my king back to C1 I don't See where his next check is Have I missed something He doesn't have any checks and I've got These two Frets Checkmate if he takes my Bishop Knight takes his checkmate This is uh

Um yeah this is what you call mushroom Chess my friends Oh yeah baby oh yeah baby oh yeah baby Put that in your pipe and have a smoke Of it I think I think That that was that was definitely some Messed up attacking there but I mean the Thing is like I didn't calculate well I calculated a Bit but All my pieces are attacking right so why Shouldn't it be good if all of my pieces Are attacking then surely The god of Chess will smile upon thee You know if the god of the if the god of Chess is not going to smile on me when I'm trying my hardest to please him with Sacrifices And Beauty when is thy God gonna smile Upon thee is my question Um


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