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The Greatest Opening in Chess

Learn the Evans Gambit Here!

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Erigaisi Arjun (2720) – Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2712)
Aimchess Rapid | Prelims ( [9] 2022.10.16
C51 Evans gambit, 5…Be7

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Be7 6.d4 d6 7.dxe5 Nh6 8.Bxh6 gxh6 9.Qd2 Nxe5 10.Nxe5 dxe5 11.Qxh6 Qd6 12.Qg7 Rf8 13.Nd2 Qf6 14.Qg3 Be6 15.Qe3 Bxc4 16.Nxc4 Qe6 17.Qd3 Rd8 18.Qe2 Bc5 19.Na5 Bb6 20.O-O Rd7 21.Nc4 f6 22.a4 Bc5 23.Ne3 Kd8 24.Rfd1 Kc8 25.Rxd7 Qxd7 26.g3 Rd8 27.Rd1 Qe6 28.Nf5 Rxd1+ 29.Qxd1 Qa2 30.Qf3 a5 31.Nh6 b5 32.Ng4 bxa4 33.Qxf6 a3 34.Kg2 Kb7 35.Qxe5 Qc4 36.Nf6 a2 37.Ne8 Bb6 38.Qe7 Qc5

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The Aimchess Rapid is the 8th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from October 14-21. The 16-player field will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days.

The players have 15 minutes for all their moves, plus a 10-second increment starting from move 1. In the Prelims there are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. If a tiebreak is required the players will play two 5+3 games and then, if needed, a single Armageddon game, where White has 5 minutes to Black’s 4, but a draw counts as a win for Black. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Moment you’ve all been waiting for it is The third day of the aim chest Preliminaries and it is Arjun arigasi Versus Shakir mamadarov playing the Absolute greatest opening there ever was And will be and that of course is the Evans Gambit uh I’m not gonna spoil too Much as it’s quite the game so let’s Dive straight into it Arjun has the White pieces and he opens with E4 we Have E5 by Shakira Knight to F3 Knights The C6 and the bishop to C4 now the Italian game is on the board uh just Give me a second medal wants to come in The room Sorry about that uh he’s a weird dude I Asked him if he wanted to come up he was Like no and now he wants to come in uh But okay Bishop to see for the Italian Game is on the board Bishop to C5 The Joker piano and now it finally happens Pawn to B4 Arjun goes for the Evans Gambit and there is only one way to play This and that is to accept the Gambit Bishop captures on B4 as I always say I Made a nice tutorial on how to play Against this um Bishop to B4 move as It’s the only move that black will play Mostly uh so uh it will be the first Thing in the description below if you Guys are interested in um uh increasing Your vast knowledge on the Evans Gambit Pawn to C3 and now there are many

Possible Retreats here uh even Bishop Fate is mentioned in in that video but Here Bishop to E7 this is the Anderson Variation and it’s a very very solid way Of dealing with the evidence Gambit with Ponte a D4 and now we have D6 and this Is already very interesting as Knight The A5 is the main way of challenging This uh this is a an important Square For the knight in the Evans Gambit Regarding the B3 Square the queen really Wants to come here go after that F7 pawn And this is perfectly fine for black Even if you go Knight captures an E5 you As you win that pawn but after Knight Captures Knight captures there’s D5 That’s a problem and now after e Captures Queen captures you’re attacking The Knight on C4 but also the pawn on G2 So here Knight T3 to attack the queen And defend opponent now Queen A5 and It’s a very very uh wonderful game but Okay here descends by Mommy Darth and Now we have the captures on E5 now again As this has all been very thoroughly Analyzed Queen to B3 is the main move Here but black found some very nice Replies how to deal with this yes you Are attacking the F7 Pawn but there’s The very sneaky Knight A5 attacking the Queen and the bishop and the ones to Capture on F7 king of Fate uh Queen to A4 as your queen is hanging and now King Captures an F7 Queen captures an A5 and

Now let’s see e captures on D4 you have All sorts of ideas here like you capture With the pawn you can even play Queen to D5 check uh let’s say Bishop D6 Queen Captures on B7 and after Queen to C8 Sound Queen to B5 moves can be played With uh some ideas maybe Knight coming To G5 but it’s nothing spectacular like Knight F6 Knight to G5 King to G8 now See captors on D4 you will get a strong Center and white should always be a Little bit better but okay after the 6D Captures on E5 Arjun prepares something Else as that uh Queen the B3 line is Very very analyzed and Tama mirror plays Knight the H6 this is a new move so Already as of move 7 we have a Completely new game so let’s see why This is uh so powerful of course Arjun Wants to capture that Knight on H6 and He does he plays Bishop captures on H6 Uh but obviously if my major will Offered that well it’s uh could be could Be a double-edged sword so G captures an H6 and now Queen to D2 putting pressure On that H6 Pawn so Knight captures an E5 Knight captures and now D captures an E5 Queen captures on H6 and now Queen to D6 This was mommy Darrow’s idea uh he keeps The bishop pair he has the open G file Semi-open G file for for his rook and He’s offering a queen trade so if you Don’t want to go into uh uh well a Queenless game with something like

Captures and captures you have to allow Mama jar of this very nice setup so Queen to G7 by Arjun attacking The Rook Rook to f8 and now Knights the D2 this Knight here is uh arjun’s worst piece uh For the moment it’s really not doing Anything and this is one of the problems In the events uh if the pawn remains on C3 or Knight will not be able to come to C3 so the Knight really wants to come to C3 to D5 and so on so here at night the D2 and now comes Queen to F6 And here Mommy Darth could have tried Some other ideas for example if Bishop The E6 attacking the bishop here how do You deal with this if Bishop countress You will play F captures on E6 and now You’re going to Castle Queen side and It’s not gonna be easy for Arjun to play This especially if you capture the H7 Pawn uh you just give black the Semi-open H file to attack uh White’s King side because you’re not staying in The center you’re not going Queen side So chances are you’re going King side And it’s not going to be easy to defend This so that was one way to do it but Okay my middle went Queen to F6 and Again Arjun declines the queen trade he Goes Queen back to G3 with Bishop to E6 Now preparing the castle Queen side Finally get that King away from the Center but Arjun finds a way of keeping The king in the center just Queen to E3

Now guarding that attacking that A7 Pawn So if you Castle Queen side just Queen Captures on A7 and now Bishop captures On C4 now you could also play something Like Bishop to D7 but um you you have to Figure out out how to how to properly Castle as long as the queen is attacking The spawn that is not happening so okay My major plays Bishop captures on C4 Knight captures on C4 and now Queen to E6 attacking the Knight and now Queen to D3 defending and still preventing Mamajaro from Castle in Queen side and Now the situation on the clock is seven Minutes for Arjun five minutes for Mahmoud yarov and he goes Rook the d8 so He says all right I’m not gonna Castle But I might kick away your queen from The D file and then a castle Artificially with something like this so Queen back to E2 still you have to Defend the Knight you can play Queen to E3 to go after the pawn and now Bishop To C5 Uh this uh will be very useful probably F5 is happening at some point a DF file Might open up so the F2 Pawn might come Under attack so here we have Knights the A5 going after the B7 Pawn but mummy Drop nicely defensive with the bishop to B6 and now well you could capture and B7 Uh it’s not all that great because Rook B8 and now the Knight has no retreat Squares so after Bishop to B6 we have

Castles uh finally Arjun castles and now Comes Rook to D7 uh interestingly if you Capture the Knight here it’s not uh Gonna work because Queen B5 check Regains material and now white is just The white is just perfectly fine so After this Castle we’ve rooked the D7 by Mamidarov and now Knight the C4 yeah the Knight is now coming to E3 and then to D5 or F5 depending on what black plays So Pawn to F6 also adding defense to the E5 pawn pawn to a for preparing A5 and Now Bishop the C5 we have Knight the E3 And now King to d8 mamajaro is now Finally confident to cross that bridge And bring the king over to the queen Side situation on the clock two and a Half minutes for Arjuna in two minutes For uh Rook after D1 and now King the C8 So mamidara was successfully uh Artificially castles Queen side Rook Capture Sunday seven Queen captures and Now uh you wanna get your Rook into the Game but for the moment the A4 Pawn will Be hanging and also you have to create Some breathing room for your king as uh For the moment your king is very weak on That back rank so Rook to d8 now and now Rook to D1 attacking the queen queen to E6 and this is the moment where it all Happens here Arjun has to decide of Course you should not trade you are you Are attacking or at least you are trying To prove you’re the one who’s attacking

And you have to play Knight to D5 the Knight on D5 is an excellent piece you Don’t want to trade and then you’re Gonna try to play something like Queen To B5 maybe bring The Rock entire game May be pushed upon there are some Attacking ideas here and of course if You try something like C6 it’s not all That impressive just Queen to C4 even Ideas like these are are possible here And now you see captures on D5 there’s Queen captures and C5 with the check After King B8 there’s a rook captures on D5 and all of a sudden it’s white who is Winning you’re up a pawn your position Is better nowhere in the world so after Queen T6 this is what you sorry this is What you should play but Arjun played Knights the F5 and this is just um this Is just a straight out blunder and I’m Sure you guys realize why it’s a blunder But just in case you don’t uh feel free To pause the video and try to find the Only winning idea for mama yarov uh While I give you a couple of seconds So uh for those of you who are able to Do it congratulations on realizing that The pawn on A4 is hanging and that the F2 Pawn is very weak those two combined Allow us to find the next maneuver and That is Rook captures on D1 so Congratulations to everyone who founded This uh you are a a a great spotter of Only winning lines Queen captures on D1

And now Queen to A2 attacking A4 and Also threatening Queen captures on F2 so Uh this is the the greater evil you have To defend against this queen to F3 by Arjun and now not even immediately Capturing First Pawn to A5 preparing Pawn to B5 uh Knight to H6 Arjun has to Figure out how to reach that black king That’s the only way you’re gonna not Lose this game Pawn to B5 now Knight the G4 we have B captures an A4 now Queen Captures an F6 and now Pawn to A3 Mama They are just going all out here on the Queen side now disregarding everything Arjun is doing a king the G2 and now King the B7 a safety move uh so you Don’t have to worry about all the checks Uh Queen captures on E5 now attacking The bishop but just Queen to C4 getting The queen out of the way of the pawn and Also defending the bishop and C5 Knight To F6 Pawn to A2 and now Knights the E8 Attacking that C7 Pawn but the shot here Just goes a bishop to B6 with Queen to E7 uh now trying to destroy some trouble But just Queen to C5 and he was in this Position on move 38 that Arjun erigasi Resigned the game as there is nothing More to be done here your queen is Attacked of course if you trade Queens Nothing good can come of it as the next Move uh Mama jar will just Queen the Pawn and if you don’t uh also your F2 Pawn is hanging so you don’t have time

For some uh for for some ideas here even Though it’s very hard to find any ideas Uh as long as the queen was here there Was always the thread of just light the D6 check as the C Pawn is pinned so this Would pick up the queen but now after Queen to C5 there are no such tricks and Well here here we just resign there’s no No way to defend against Queen captures On F2 and also A1 Queen so very nicely Done by by both of them uh big Congratulations to Mommy Darwin taking Down Arjun playing the greatest opening Of all and also big congratulations to Arjun and taking as uh well such a such A fine decision on on trying to win a Game with the Evans Gambit and as you’ve Seen uh even a player like Mama jarro Who’s been creating brilliantly after Brilliancy did not have an easy time Taming this um this Beast or of an Opening uh had Arjun found this Knight To F5 in The crucial moment instead of Knights the D5 and Knight the D5 instead Of Knight to F5 uh it’s still a Completely crazy game uh but yeah played Well as he has been playing the entire Tournament and he was able to win this One after Queen C5 Arjun resigned and That’s it a brilliant game by mama jarov Uh so there you have it that’s the game Hope you guys enjoyed it if you were if You’re interested in learning more about The Evans Gambit do click on the link in

The description below uh it’s my own Tutorial on how to play this opening a Lot of people are interested it has Almost a million views so I imagine a Lot of people are playing the Evans Gambit uh I would like to thank Duncan Wine called a woman life Freedom Lord of Chess Anderson Vira and Antonio Hernandez Espin for a contribution to my Channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of this fine Event until it finishes so thank you all I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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