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The Freddie Attack | NN vs Kevin Glosser

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Foreign So let's see those opening moves Here we go Knight C6 D4 open Sicilian And then E5 challenging white straight Away in the center Knight B5 D6 that's The start of the variation I think this game has a beautiful finish And and it's really instructive it was Played in an online Blitz game By Kevin glosser who lives in the states And he's a viewer of the power play Chess Channel good man and he's also an Enthusiastic practitioner of the Kalashnikov And recently he posted this game on Twitter and I'd like to take a look he'd Like to analyze it I think it's I think It's really interesting So this was a five minute game five Minutes for all the moves And white played C4 well we saw this in The last video and their black played This system Going for a very early F5 which is very Interesting but in my course Um I for my chessable course I Recommended another system which Kevin Plays here and that is to fianchetto the King's Bishop Like this And play the Knight to F6 and and I've Demonstrated some some games already on The Channel with this slide I think it's Very very interesting

Now here white decides to play Bishop G5 and exchange off That Queen's Bishop to gain more control Over D5 I mean personally I think this is a Slightly dubious decision because it Gives black more potential on the dark Squids as we'll see later on Bishop G7 correct Just duck the bishop out of range of the Knight and that Bishop has prospects Later on in the game Nicely too so the Knight swings round Let's see it's pretty out of play on A3 Castles And here white plays Knight E3 Sporting the Knight on D5 but it does Allow Black's Knight into D4 This is one of the big drawbacks When white plays C4 That in many positions it gives black The chance to throw that Knight into D4 And in the course I call this the Trojan Horse sometimes black even sacrifices a Pawn To open up lines but here it's well Supported by the pawn and the bishop And Well let's have a look at what happens Decides to exchange off that night Well first of all let's capture here And then take the bishop on E2 And now H5 oh Squares have gone a different color

That's that's a new version of chess Piece Um oh pretty funky didn't realize they Were going to do that Um here we can see that that Bishop Which doesn't look like much at the Moment it's gone red again Um it's gonna pop out at H6 And it controls The C1 Square And that means that Black's Rook can Come to the open file and black has good Chances to conquer that open file So that's why I think it's dubious to Exchange off the bishop on C1 for the Night But here well white didn't play Knight C2 are doing something special anyway uh H3 played An H5 excellent move this is a lovely Maneuver so Bishop comes back and the Rooms created for that Bishop to Potentially pop out onto H6 H2 by white now maybe white is thinking You might want to get in at F4 who knows He's taking the king away from this Diagonal but I think F4 is often Fraught with Danger But here's a really interesting moment In the game and and black there's so Many different options here So I'd like you to have a think how do You play with black in this position Black to play

I'll have a quick celebrity you have a Quick think Very interesting situation where black Has obviously come out of the opening Pretty well love the Knight on D4 two Bishops solid setup But you have to choose a middle game Plan And there are lots of options I mean I would consider moves like Queen G5 or queen H4 those look pretty Reasonable I would also look at Bishop H6 to Improve that Bishop I would also look at B5 that is a Typical move Playing against the Marazzi bind to Loosen White's grip over these squirters And I'd also look at Rook C8 up I mean Frankly I'm not sure which I would Choose to play first Um I I like I like Rook C8 I have to say That feels very logical to me it also Means that I would never have to worry About Knight C7 when this queen goes on An adventure not not that that's a huge Problem actually I mean for example if Queen G5 in this position Knight C7 Isn't an issue Because recapturing the pawn this is Also a very common theme in this opening Controls D5 So why tonight doesn't have access and Of course that opens the f file as well

Which looks really dangerous for white So in fact it is possible to play that But I I think Rook C8 feels nice anyway And perhaps B5 But yeah I like also like Bishop H6 It's it's a really nice move Um if Knight C2 Then once again we get this kind of Situation Um where Black is Looking to control the open C file and E Takes D5 Well this kind of structure is very nice And then F5 this is a very healthy Kingside poor majority And if B3 Rook d8 And B5 You know wanting just to to exchange Here and if white goes for G3 you can Always undermine that with H4 getting Control of the dark squares on the king Side so lots of our nice options Five is also an interesting option I Wonder how many of you considered that Move this was what Kevin played in the Game I have to say I wouldn't have played it Here I don't think it's a bad move But when black has lots of other options To improve the position I would actually Hang back with F5 because I think it can Give white some counter play

As I said I don't think it's bad Um But it's the position becomes very Double-edged when I'm teaching the Kalashnikov and throughout the the Course and and the book I always say Think very carefully before you play F5 Because it kind of raises the stakes Because it can weaken Black's King but Let's see what happened because it's I Think it's very very interesting White took well if you if you don't take Then obviously you know black could Potentially take it or even push on and Go for a a huge Pawn storm on the king Side so I think white has to take And here Knight F5 was played now instinctively I Want to recapture with the G Pawn David bronstein said every Russian Schoolboy knows you should recapture With the Knights Pawn in this kind of Position he was talking about the king's Indian but it's similar setup and I Wouldn't mind Giving up the H Pawn because you know These pawns control some very nice Squares And then Rook C8 I think is a really Nice follow-up uh the idea is that if Let's say F4 then you can exchange here And Take on C4 And if Pawn takes

Then Pawn takes pawn and the bishop Comes to E5 I think in these kind of positions black Always has very decent compensation I Think it's very interesting and see I'm Not too worried about the king at the Moment I've got to watch out for this One but Well Queen G5 you know even these end Games I think you know black has Excellent conversation in the form of The two Bishops and that really Beautiful Center But Knight takes F5 was played and yeah Now I'm not so sure about Black's Position Uh White took here But I think Bishop D3 is a stronger move Trying to get some control over these Light squares And After let's say Knight takes Here Queen C2 you can see that you know White has a bit of pressure that Bishop Could come to E4 I feel Well it's it's still quite a Double-edged position actually But with great control of the light Squares I think it's harder for black to To mount an attack on the king side So I think Bishop D3 is is the best move Here but instead Knight takes F5 played And here

With black controlling E4 after E4 then This bishop will fly and it could come To E5 and I think this is interesting For black you know I think black is Doing pretty well Now it's still not so clear But after G4 whoa That that move is either very good or Very bad when you when you advance the Pawn in front of your king Let's see what happened H takes Now remember that Queen is ready to Just leap into the king side Bishop takes Now of course Black doesn't take that will bring the Queen in but Queen H4 And this looks Very bad for white now Rook C8 Always like Rook C8 bit of pressure And also guards the C7 square that Tactically that can be very important so You avoid Knight C7 in some positions E4 excellent The bishop flies down the diagonal and The E5 square is now available Rook C1 Bishop E5 beautiful beautiful Square for that Bishop so supported by The D6 Pawn Queen E2 King h8 very tidy move just Stepping out of any potential tactics But also Means that the G file is potentially

Open if you know for example after this Exchange That could be very useful so tidy move Basically black is in control here and I Like these careful moves actually Knight E3 Rook C7 excellent That Rook prepares to swing across to The f file or indeed the G file Depending on how white plays I mean I think Ultimately Black's attack is going to be Too powerful white for white But here white plays another make or Break move for the second time white Launches the pawn on the king side Well if the bishop has to retreat then Perhaps Possible let's play like this but Here Kevin finds a very nice way to win the Game Portex porn on parcel Queen takes and now the winning move can You spot it Bishop E4 wonderful Here white resigned Let's take a look at what happens if Queen takes Bishop check And mate on H2 a Triumph for that dark Squared Bishop Indeed a Triumph for the two Bishops Full stop and I think just shows what Can happen if white isn't careful when You donate a bishop for a night

Wonderful final position Not a tree so well played Uh Kevin Glosser excellent stuff Um I really Uh really like This final position Um and you know I thought you know black Strategy very very instructive But that I think is a really important Moment in the game where black has to Decide on a middle game plan and I don't I think F5 is a reasonable move but There are lots of other ways to play This position as well good stuff if you Have played a nice game with the Karashnikov do send it to me I'd be very Interested you know We can see some some really nice games Uh played in this opening and don't Forget the chessable course is available Do check it out and the Book of course is available too from as well Very nice Christmas present Thanks for watching


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