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The First Ever Napoleon Attack | Opening History In The Making | Dunst vs Gresser: New York 1950

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video I will show you a game Between Theodore danced and Gizelle Agresa this history game was played in New York in 1950. don't still write this Recently started with Knight to C3 E5 Knight to F3 Knight C6 D4 dust was Famous for playing this happening he Takes Sunday for night day Sunday for Knight to F6 Bishop to G5 D5 E4 Bishop to E7 and pinning If D takes an E4 then Knight takes Knight and after clean take screen check Rook takes on D1 B takes on C6 Knight Takes on e4 When black is advised not to take the Free Knight Because of Checkers matus back to our game E7 and pinning Bishop to B5 another pin And pinning D takes on D5 the Knight takes on D5 Latex night Bishop takes on G5 Green to e to check Knight to E7 blocking and offering to Trade Bishops What do we do in this position if you Had white pieces Does played Queen to E5 very elegant Move

Bishop takes on B5 If castling then Queen takes on G5 So we have Bishop takes Bishop y to move Which Bishop should I take What would you do in this position if You had white pieces Couldn't decide which Bishop to take so He played Knight takes and C7 check Into a f8 Should white take the Rook or maybe There is a better move What would you do wait play the movement Black resigned and the movies like from D to E6 check ERS resigned a new of discontinuation Won't takes Knight Export check King 127. They take screen what a beautiful attack By Theodore dust What do you think of this game Foreign That is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video I wish you good luck with your Tests and bye for now


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