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The Day Hikaru Faced the Bongcloud

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Duda, Jan-Krzysztof (2808) – Nakamura, Hikaru (2789) Global Championship Finals ( [4] 2022.11.02
A00 Van’t Kruijs opening

1.e3 e5 2.Ke2 d5 3.d4 Nc6 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.f3 Bd6 6.Kf2 O-O 7.Nge2 Qe7 8.Nb5 Bb4 9.c3 Ba5 10.a4 Bb6 11.h3 a6 12.Na3 Ne8 13.b4 Nd6 14.g3 Re8 15.Ra2 Qf6 16.Kg2 Bf5 17.g4 Bg6 18.Ng3 h5 19.Rg1 h4 20.Ne2 Rad8 21.Bd2 Nc4 22.Nxc4 dxc4 23.a5 Ba7 24.Qe1 Bd3 25.Qf2 Ne7 26.Nc1 Bxf1+ 27.Rxf1 Nd5 28.Ne2 Qe7 29.Re1 c6 30.Rb2 exd4 31.Nxd4 Qf6 32.Rbb1 g6 33.Kh1 Rd7 34.Re2 Bxd4 35.exd4 Rxe2 36.Qxe2 Re7 37.Qf2 Nf4 38.Bxf4 Qxf4 39.Rf1 Re3 40.Qxh4 Rxc3 41.Qd8+ Kg7 42.Kg2 Rc2+ 43.Rf2 Rxf2+ 44.Kxf2 c3

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The 8-player Global Championship Finals sees 8 players compete from November 2-7 in a knockout for a top prize of $200,000. Hikaru Nakamura, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Anish Giri, Wesley So and Sam Sevian are in Toronto, Canada, while Dmitry Andreikin, Teimour Radjabov and Nihil Sarin play from Belgrade, Serbia.

Each match is best of 8 games, with an Armageddon decider if the score is tied 4:4. The time control is 15 minutes for all moves, with a 2-second increment per move. For the Armageddon White has 15 minutes and the players bid for who has Black, with the player bidding the lowest time getting the black pieces and only needing a draw. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that was played in the first Match uh the first quarterfinal match Between Yankees of Duda and Hikaru Nakamura of the Global Chess Championship Finals uh and this is game Four of their first match so they will Play two matches each consisting of four Games and in the first match Hikaru won The first three games and here in the Fourth game Duda chose a very very Interesting approach to the game as he Chooses the bong Cloud opening now uh Regarding the bonecloud the the real Question is how bad is it is it if you Play the bomb Cloud if you put your King On E2 are you is your accomplish a Position that lost now uh it should be Definitely but I always uh you know when I hear stuff like that I remember some 20 something years ago when I first Started learning just when I when I got My first chess book I remember a line From the two knights defense I'm sure You all know it uh I mean it's uh Probably the first thing you learn when You start learning chess Knight F3 Knight the C6 Bishop C4 9 like to F6 and Now white goes for Knight G5 the So-called Knight attack black will reply With d5e captures on D5 and now usually You attack with Knight's day 5 where we Go Knights to D4 or Knights the beef or Even but most certainly you do not

Capture with Knight captures on D5 Because some 20 years ago if you saw This position uh it was known that Knight captures an F7 and black just Resigns and there are many lines where Black just resigns completely for Example let's say you capture the knight Uh Queen F3 uh your king goes here let's Say queen captures Queen captures and Bishop captures this Checkmate and That's uh all very nice you probably won A lot of games like this but the problem Is after Queen to F3 check yes you are Attacking the Knight twice and you are Threatening uh to just win it win back Your piece and your you have a better Position but what if the black plays Just King E6 and defends the Knight it Looks like it breaks every principle Known to man uh about Chess and that you Should not be able to play like this However it is not clear here how to Punish this of course if you are in an Incredibly strong player you will Outplay your opponent from this position But if you play against the superior Opponent or let alone if you try beating An engine from this position you will Fail miserably because okay you have Some pressure here the king is an E6 but How to continue this game Let's zero Knight to C3 you put pressure on the Knight already Knight before is coming The Knight is now nicely defended you're

Already threatening Knight captures and C2 with check let's say White Castles You're Gonna Play C6 defend your knight And yes your king is an E6 but you will Play some moves you will bring the queen To F6 or for a queen trade and the white Has to prove that he can actually win This position now of course uh if you've Seen games uh from the previous era of Chess games of Paul Murphy games of Adolf Anderson they if their opponents Played such moves they will of course Get crushed but in modern chess if our Good friend the engine says yes it's Okay it's perfectly fine you can put Your King on E6 and have a comfortable Game then we have no choice but to Listen to them but what about the bong Cloud so Duda opens the game with E3 we Have pawned the E5 by Hikaru and now do The place King to E2 now this is uh this Is uh even more disgusting that what I've just shown you yeah because now you Are uh the the whole point of developing Your Pawn to E3 or E4 is so the queen And Bishop have a very natural way of uh Accessing the game but now by putting The king Anita you are you are you are Voluntarily blocking your entire Development and the white very very Quickly runs out of moves so how does Hikaru punish this he plays Pawn to D5 He grabs the full Center and why not do That allows it and now there are even

Some classical games that reach this Position where D3 and queen T1 was was Played but here Duda plays Pawn to D4 And it is now as of move three that we Have a completely new game and okay you Could consider capturing captures Captures to open up the white King's Position but as Hikaru is already up Three to zero wrote he just continues Development he says okay you can't play Like this I don't have to rush this or Find some sort of a clean win uh you're Just gonna fail miserably so Knight to C3 Knight F6 by Hikaru we have F3 you Have to create some squares for your King because as long as the kingan is an E2 you've already basically finished Your development you can develop the Queen the bishop the Knight I mean it's It's terrible so Bishop to D6 we have King to F2 a must move uh we have Castles and not Knight G to E2 we have Queen to E7 by Hikaru just putting Pieces on optimal squares and not Knight To B5 uh we have Bishop to B4 not Allowing the knights to capture the Bishop Pawn the C3 Bishop A5 and now Pawn to a for trying to trap the bishop With B4 and A5 so Hikaru just shifts it Over to B6 and now Pawn to H3 taking Away the G4 Square once again from from Black's pieces uh A6 chases away the Knight 93 and now Knight the E8 Hikaru Is now ready to start pushing further in

The center with Pawn to F5 we have Pawned the B4 by Duda Knight to D6 and Now Pawn the G3 give Duda like 15 more Moves and he will even castle kingside With Rook to E1 and now Rook the A2 this Is a a very nice move uh the The Rook Will be much more useful on the second Rank and also it's very difficult to Develop it but as long as it's on the First rank Plus in the future if the Position ever opens up on the king side You might even shift it over to attack The black king that's a weird Arrow I I Know so Queen to F6 by Hikaru we have King to G2 and now Bishop to F5 Uh the bishop could also be developed uh To D7 if you don't want to allow any G4 With Tempo but hikarus is not a problem So G4 Bishop to G6 and not Knight the G3 And already you can sense that duda's Position is improving a little bit the Knight okay still an A3 The Rook can be Shifted over to the king side if Paul if Needed the bishop can be developed a D3 To counter he carves bishop and G6 so Hikari is still better here of course But uh he he has to play a very precise Moves and here he plays Ponta H5 it's a Pawn sacrifice uh aimed at uh attacking The white king but it's also a move that Completely uh or maybe close to Completely levels the game uh if Duda Continues uh the game properly but this Is also one of the reasons why uh humans

Cannot play against the uh not against Uh humans cannot play like engines here You have to completely ignore that your King is on G2 and you have to Voluntarily open up the G file but this Will be used to attack the black king Not the white king now this was not Played in the game but this is what you Have to play if you already want to play Like an engine then you have to think Like an engine Bishop to H7 A5 attacks The bishop Bishop A7 and now came to H2 And now look at this with the semi-openg File The Rook can come to G1 the other Rook can come to G2 if black ever Captures here to open up the position Your Bishop is already uh freed up to Help with the attack on the black king The pawn is coming to H6 uh I mean it's It is just a very nice position for for White it's black is still better here But this is the way to play however Duda Tried Rook the G1 and now Hikaru I I Believe he was very happy here uh Advances the pawn to H4 because he knows That g captures on H5 will be a problem For him so H4 and now Knight to E2 and Now all of those ideas that we discussed With the semi-openg file no longer exist And now Duda is just in a much much Worse position 8 the d8 was played the Chapter D2 and now Knight the sea for Hikaru offering a trade of knights which You pretty much have to accept but then

The pawn comes to C4 and you create an Outpost for your Bishop on D3 Soul Knight captures in c4d captures Pawn to A5 and now Bishop to A7 we have Queen to E1 and now comes Bishop to D3 uh Interestingly okay this is a rapid game So you don't have all the time in the World to think about what you will play I will just show it because I know you Guys like seeing fun lines here you can Just blast through with uh e-captress on D4 for example e captures now even Bishop captures on D4 and look at this C Captress Knight captures and what is the White to do here there's no way you can Survive this if Bishop comes to D3 uh Also if you play some like Queen Tiff to Even Knight captures and F3 can be Played look at this disgusting if Queen Captures Bishop E4 and white can just Resign but okay after Queen E1 Hikaru That slowly mounts pressure Bishop to D3 We have Queen to F2 and now Knight to E7 We have knighted the C1 puts pressure on The bishop and Bishop captures on F1 Rook captures and now Knights the D5 so Again just slowly building uh the Pressure and again Duda could grab some Initiative here by advancing the pawn to E4 if Knight F4 then you're gonna Capture Queen captures and now Knight E2 You kick away the queen and after the Queen moves let's say queen H6 now you Play Rook to D1 and all of a sudden

White is alive but after Knight E5 Duda Played Knight to E2 and now Queen to E7 By Hikaru with rooked the E1 and now Pawn to C6 so Hikaru really slow playing This and you can't blame him he's up Three three zero in the match and he Wants to play a normal chest he just Doesn't want to blunder anything because It's uh best of two matches and they Will play four more games so uh even if Uh Duda loses terribly he still wants to Maximize his profit for from the first Match Rook to B2 by Duda and now we have E captures on D4 we have Knight captures On D4 and now Queen to F6 uh Rook B to B1 and now Pawn to G6 we have King to H1 And now Rook to D7 uh Rook D2 We have Bishop captures on D4 and now E Capture Sun D4 you could also play C count first Then you allow C3 Bishop D1 and it looks Um well it just looks very very bad for White but maybe white can still hold This however after e captures on D4 it Is just um over it is uh you can win This by four so root captures an E2 Queen captures Rook D7 attacks the queen Queen F2 and not Knight the F for Attacking the H3 Pawn going for Knight To D3 so you kind of have to capture the Knights of Bishop captures Queen Captures and now Rook to F1 as you know Rook to E3 is coming so the F3 Pawn Should be protected uh but still what do You do about the C3 Pawn this will just

Give Hikaru a past C pawn queen captures On H4 we have Rook captures on C3 and Now Queen to d8 with check with King to G7 King G2 and now Rook the C2 with Check Rook F2 Rook captures King Captures and now Fanta C3 and he was in This position on move 40 foreign As there is nothing more to be done C2 Is coming and then C1 is already guarded By the by The Black Queen and you cannot Stop promotion of the pawn and you can't Give any checks so that's that that's All there is uh but as you've seen there Were many many chances for Duda to seize Initiative especially this this was such A such a wonderful opportunity after Hikaru pushed that pawn to H5 Uh but uh dude just uh missed it here uh Just open up the position the H5 Pawn is Guarded and then all of the Possibilities uh are there but now after Allowing Hikaru to advance the pawn all The way to H4 any Duda and any counter Play Duda might have had uh you know Just uh disappeared along with hikaru's Pawn from H5 so really really Interesting stuff you can see that it's Not all that clear how to punish the Bone Cloud even Hikaru who I believe has Even studied the bond Cloud as he's a True student of the game uh was unable To punish it by force uh but one of the Reasons being that this is a speed chess And also he's winning the match by a

Huge margin uh but it's not uh I mean You have to be careful but on the other Hand if you want to try and play like an Engine it is possible it's just that in Positions like that you have to also do What the engine would do you have to Open up your king you have to say uh Like in that position there that we Discussed here rapper King characters on F7 and queen to F3 check you go King E6 And you say this is perfectly fine I'm Okay here I mean my king is such a Strong piece here fighting for the Center you know helping out my pieces This is this is good chess uh but yeah Of course when you play against someone Uh who is as strong as Hikaru pulling Off the bomb Cloud would be would be a Spectacular feat however here it um well It just wasn't dude as they uh but yeah If you guys want to try it out you're Welcome to do so because sometimes when Your opponents you put your king I need To they will just lash out they will Throw everything at you at once but it's Not possible to just crush your opponent Like that if you play good moves you Will be able to defend and then your Opponent might over commit a little bit And you will be able to even win the Game easily who knows uh but yeah very Interesting uh to see this played at the Absolute highest level by the by by the Candidates of the World Chess

Championship dude and Hikaru Nakamura in The second match uh Hikaru only had to Get a draw from the four games that were Played and Duda even started by winning The first game then dude that won the Second game and it looked like Duda was Uh about to achieve maybe an impossible Comeback from a 4-0 downfall but then Hikaru just ended to do the streak in Game three and then uh he won their Quarterfinal match uh so yeah that's the Game hope you guys enjoyed it be careful Uh if you play the bone Cloud but be Even more careful if you face the bone Cloud it's not as easy as it seems uh so Yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it uh I would like to thank Jacob Robo Martin your paparik's office Versus Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing to check up any Wonderful suggestions and whatever else Happens in the Chess World so thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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