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The Creepy Crawly | Michael Basman vs Alexander Budnikov 1993

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Michael Basman vs Alexander Budnikov, Lloyds Bank 1993. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign And This wild Affair shows why he was so Highly regarded on the English chess Scene um well more than that he was an Absolute Legend but not just in England But further afield as well So Mike had all these quirky systems That he developed You know he he wrote a book on G4 he Called it the killer grob he always was Very good at naming his openings Um But After that he developed another system Involving The H Pawn And the a pawn and I think he called This the creepy crawly So you're creeping around the edges of The board basically so This is more subtle than the grub you're Keeping your options open white might Play G4 but white may also go B4 it Depends how black sets up So this game was played in the Lloyds Bank open in 1993 Lloyd's Bank Tournament was well it was one of those Traditional tournaments that that so Many strong players played there and and It was a real a happy hunting ground for Many English players English juniors I played in the very first one in 1977 And I played in the last one in 1994.

I lived through it all and yeah there Were great events actually So this is played in Lloyd's Bank in 1993 Mike playing white and his opponent is Alexander budnikov who Was rated 25-35 very decent player but Watch What Happens Because I think this game shows that When you Take players from their familiar Territory even strong players Get completely bamboozled So Mike strikes out with C4 Well that can be taken but white can Either pick it up with Queen A4 or E3 But D4 that looks like the most sensible Move So black gain space and it's a kind of Benoni structure now But white still has these options B4 or G4 which one is White gonna go for But okay black closes this one down with A5 this looks very sensible So that you can perhaps play A4 as well So Mike goes the other way G4 So this is all about a white square Strategy in playing the pawn 4 G4 That controls the F5 squared to some Extent So it means that that E4 Square could be Available for white pieces so you know If we could plant a knight in here Supported by the bishop then you can see

This is the point that the G Pawn Controls the F5 Square so it won't be Driven away But then again The Poland G4 is A little bit vulnerable because it can Be attacked by H5 let's see Knight F3 And here el1 could play H5 here but The pawn will march on and Again there's a chance that white can Bring a piece to E4 But black played more conservatively Simply H6 so preventing this one Advancing and after Knight D2 Knight F6 The Knight controls the four square and Um yeah it's not going to be pushed away By G5 Sub G2 Okay the bishop is on this lovely Diagonal the it's the it's really a Benoni bishop and of course one sees uh This kind of move G4 in the benoni OR well with colors Reverse G5 It's it's not so out of place so In fact although we started out in this Very strange position We've reached a position which is Well it's kind of known at least whites Light Square strategy is pretty familiar Is it good Ah not sure about that

Um but might place it in a very Interesting way I mean this is a slight Problem that black has sort of Controlled the queen side expansion And later on this night might be able to Flip around here if if white does Nothing I mean you know if the king Castles this way that is of course very Dangerous with with the pawn here And I can imagine this Knight Flipping around here or you know maybe Maybe just Bishop E6 and queen D7 that's Tricky But Mike doesn't commit the king so Already this is quite a tricky position G5 Bringing the Knight to G5 So it's looking here but also Looking at the E4 Square But there are drawbacks to this idea you You get something but you give something To and This night Looks to get in on F4 and this Knight is Attacked as well Knight df3 defends this Knight and the bishop couples the F4 Square F6 Driving the Knight back to E4 So if the pawn advances to F5 then the Knight Will hop back in on G5 I've seen I saw Mike play in this kind of way Quite often But of course it's very risky

Black has this lovely Pawn chain the Night stands pretty well on H5 In cases it might be able to come here And of course there's the semi-open H file So from a positional point of view I Think you know black can be pretty happy Here certainly White's king is not going To be very comfortable on the king side Blacklist G5 So that's cements control over this Square And you know starts to build up here one One could also Play Bishop E6 We're looking to play Queen D7 I mean at This point I have to say I would if I Were white I would feel very Uncomfortable but Well Mike was just used to playing these Positions Queen C2 Now that is a good practical move Because He realizes the king isn't going to live On the king side might live in the Center But it's more likely then it's gonna That it's gonna go Queen side here So for example if Knight F4 And takes And Castle's Queen side And the game Curry is on I mean who Knows what's going on I still prefer

Black but anyway the the king one Doesn't have to Castle instantly but the King does have an option to go Queen Side Rook G8 that looks pretty sensible Perhaps preparing Knight F4 But also covering the G5 Pawn So that F5 Starts to become an option driving the Night away And I mean it just looks really nice for Black Space advantage Some nice pieces here This one is in the air So what would you do as white what Happens next E3 plate Well that covers the F4 Square Starts to challenge black in the center It's it's probably a good practical idea Well I know it's a good practical idea Because I know what happened in the game And the position is starting to get very Messy the critical move here is F5 And the Knight drops back And then Knights were exchanged Now Behind These Pawns There's a lot of space so this King has To be you know good at what good watch Out for the king but Queen D6 looks Really dangerous Looking through the E5 Pawn so that E4 Becomes an option here

But Black plating A more positional way you could say Trying to get control over these squares So Bishop takes And now well things I think legs are Looking up for white Because it will be possible to Castle Queenside Nevertheless Knight F4 still looks quite Pleasant to Me Um if the bishop drops back Well a white is not without chances but Still this looks like the best instead Budnikov played in a sort of strict Positional way wanting to bring the Knight around here To gain some kind of control over the D4 Square But I think he was shocked by Mike's Next move D4 So this is really interesting That the position now just explodes in The middle Foreign Black should take with a knight here And This is Still an incredibly messy position Because the king is in the middle and You know there are lots of kind of Interesting squares whoops that was a

Misfire lots of interesting squares for White pieces I mean I don't quite trust it For black but excuse me for white but You know there's a lot going on there But in fact he takes D4 was played And Castle's Queen side and now Incredibly This is actually quite tricky for black And I suspect that Um Completely Misassessed this position actually It feels as though black has everything Under control here But after Knight G3 things are really Not so clear Because you can see that all white Pieces are in play The king is relatively safe here Black's King on the other hand Is stuck in the middle for the moment Takes one Two three moves to get the king's safety On the queen side In the meantime there's a lot going on Here so Knight G3 is a clever move just Bring it back wanting to exchange off This Knight If Knight takes Bishop That pin is pretty annoying And Black's King really will be caught There So Queen D7 played supporting

This night And Here Rook he1 was played which is you Know it it feels like a very natural Move And indeed you know the proof of the Pudding is in the eating It turned out very well But in fact it was possible to take here And then play Queen H7 white is a piece Down For the moment but this is an incredibly Powerful attack And then you take here and grab the Queen That's really not easy for black to Defend you know these pieces are Monstrous actually But Rook he1 also a very attractive move Um I I like it that all white pieces are In play now you can see that very Clearly and Black's King in huge trouble And Knight takes plate Pawn takes And Black really has to well I mean this is Threatened Um the pin is nasty so D3 Rook takes and queen E6 so in plain like That you can see that budnikov has Managed to keep the e-file closed So how should white continue from here The move that Mike played was Very clever very good move

And not Not a standard move at all but I think It showed actually his his good feeling For where pieces belong So white to play what did he do He played Rook D5 Just on a good Square Controlling important squares here and Looking to play the Knight into F5 King is in trouble so Like escaped Before it got even worse But it's a case of out of the frying pan And Into the Fire because this is Very difficult position for black queen B3 Played so you can see that there's lots Of pieces Potentially going to attack here So there's a lot of paint on the board So these pieces obviously looking good But that Bishop is waiting in the wings And also you know this Knight might just Jump over to D4 Um opening things up or perhaps this one Will jump back Coming in here It's also an option or maybe just simply Opening things up here it's a very Pleasant position for black for white Good grief I'm getting confused now Black was obviously completely baffled And he played Queen E4 Stepping into the line of the bishop and

That is very unfortunate 95. Is a killer move If Queen takes Bishop Knight takes Knight takes And Check is fatal there's a pin there of Course So Queen takes Knight Takes Bishop takes Uh The Queen Is Lost if Queen E6 then Here It doesn't take Much to disturb black here just rookie Five threatening the queen and Threatening mate So Bishop takes and so Um Mike is now a queen for two Bishops Up Should be winning for white Particularly as white is so active but This next move is very nice the Technique is really good E4 so that Shuts out the bishop that's good G4 Black Connects with the bishop but it's still Out of play Rook takes so closing in for the kill B6 And now an excellent move so you know When he saw the opportunity He understood to go for it C5

Threatening Queen E6 check So yeah Pawn takes for Queen E6 just Picks up this and then this drops So King B7 and now there's a smart Finish here White Plain win C6 that's taken Then once again Queen E6 is gonna be Winning King B8 and here we go Rook A8 Final move of the game black resigned Because if that's taken check here And mate next move fantastic It just shows what happens if you manage To get a player on unfamiliar territory Even really strong players Can have terrible lapses of judgment But of course you need to be extremely Strong to take advantage of those errors And well Mike was a very very strong Player


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