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The coolest move on the board | Abdusattorov vs Mamedyarov | Aimchess Rapid 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Abdusattorov vs Mamedyarov. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign If you want to learn about how to fight For the initiative how to get the attack Then take a look at this game it's a Wonderful lesson so we have noribbeck Abdusatorov The reigning world rapid play Champion Just 18 years old he's in a remarkable Talent against Shakira Mahmoud yorov And we know how dangerous a player he is In fact you know we see both players Here striving for the initiative So this is played in the aim chess rapid Tournament Fairly calm opening So why is white playing C3 that's kind Of to preempt C5 if C5 is played then It's possible that white will take that And try to hang on to the pawn So G6 from memory of and Bishop F4 so Now we've basically transposed into a Kind of London system Super solid for white Castles and Bishop B2 And C5 well one could take this but In fact after Knight E4 that point is Going to be recovered quite quickly Castles instead Knight C6 And now Knight D2 from Abdus satorv I Think I would slightly prefer H3 just to Give that Bishop an escape Square here If it's kicked by the Knight then it Doesn't meet the thing the Knight the

Bishop just drops back So 92 from abdisator of and now we see That my mature of kind of Seize is a chance To to take the initiative to gain Something in the position and he plays Knight H5 So he just wants to grab that Bishop Basically and that achieves something And if Pawn takes Pawn the Knight takes Bishop and D4 Well black is a pawn down temporarily But this Pawn Advance will blow open the Diagonal for the bishop That's what she wants Bishop G5 from Abra satorev And now mamadorov decides to chase that Bishop down G5 And the bishop goes back to G3 So I mean I think mamajarov has achieved Something By playing that yes it can be a little Bit risky to advance those Pawns in Front of the king however with the Bishop on G7 it's fine and here one Could simply exchange and protect that Pawn And I think black is has a comfortable Position there but of course There's a lot still to play for But instead manager of takes on D4 Etix D4 And here he plays quite a risky move he

Really goes for it so typical manager of He is just wanting to attack on the king Side there are other ways to play one Could still exchange here and play Bishop F5 To plug the king side That's not bad but F5 well as I said Typical manager of Threat is to trap the bishop so the Bishop pops into E5 And that gets taken Some exchanges But I mean the reason my Majora has done This is because he can see that that Pawn Is Rather cut off From White pawns here you know white needs to Be able to protect that pawn but at the Moment that's not on and with these Pawns here That Knight can bounce back to G6 and Take it Nice F3 Queen C7 so he's building up my majority Was building up pressure on the pawn Here But it's not that simple because even if Black manages to capture that pawn Black's King is quite exposed G4 And this really forces the issue Knight Is attacked Knight D4 and that image of

He grabs that pawn in the middle he's uh Not short of Courage let's put it like That But this gives white a chance now you Could Take the pawn back because it was Discovered attack but then the queen Drops back and then E5 Knight is attacked you can see that Actually here Black has managed to consolidate that Center and the Rooks are attacked yes Material is even It's probably not that bad for white But black is very comfortable there and I think it's very interesting that Instead of you know take taking the low Hanging fruit taking the easy option Instead abdisator of is very happy to Just keep the tension doesn't take the Pawn back Queen D2 Connects the Rooks puts a bit of Pressure down this diagonal So the queen Drops back away from The Rook Knight B5 attacks the queen And Bishop F1 Select Queen hat to defend the Knight So it's been forced back to a rather Uncomfortable Square B8 And with this bishop dropping back here That pawn is on fire now what if white Can just take on E7 then Black's King

You can see these pawns have rushed up The board And there's a huge vacuum behind those Pawns which white pieces are eager to Fill A6 And now abdisator of plays an incredibly Provocative move he puts the knight in The middle he could just drop the Knight Back here But he plays Knight D4 Which Provokes E5 and well this looks pretty Menacing if black can consolidate that Center Could be doing pretty well And here well Abdisator did not drop the Knight back You could drop the Knight back There's Things attacked here but Bishop E6 this Will actually it's actually okay for Black Incredibly I mean black just needs you Know a couple of moves to swing this one Over you know Rook h8 All the the major pieces connected The king is actually okay on F7 you know For the moment white pieces are shut out It'll actually lead to a draw like this But I mean not a bad outcome for white But abdisator of is more ambitious he Played G3 so this is fascinating you Know he's not content with a finish like

That he's pushing on now if Pawn takes Knight Then Pawn takes Knight here that opens Up The e-file for the rook and that looks Extremely dangerous Queen takes Happening as well Uh Knight G6 is possible Incredibly I mean it looks too scary I'm not Surprised that Mama joke rejected this My computer thinks that black can hold Out but really looks Dreadful Played Knight H5 Queen takes H6 and this is really scary With White Queen in the danger zone Around the king And Black's Queen Way across the other side of the board [Music] This Knight is attacked Knight G7 Okay So here is where I'd like you to have a Little think white to play How are you going to pursue the attack And this next move is incredibly cool White play what are you gonna do Instead of moving the Knight Amber Satorov just put a rook in the middle He's just saying fine If I station my pieces in the middle Then surely I'm gonna have enough for This piece You know if this is taken then The Rook

Can come down here it it does look very Dangerous There's actually another way to play Which is point to C4 and a remarkable Move And the idea is if Pawn takes Knight then Bishop G2 And here And and this looks incredibly dangerous Um if E4 Then Pawn takes pawn and obviously you Know white is getting something there So yes after Rook D1 I imagine That actually the best move there is to Just play Bishop G2 To attack the pawn And then these Rooks will will follow Basically But you know I'm just sort of amazed by The coolness of that move So Queen C7 was played instead Understandable Just wanting to bring the queen over and Cover the king side Bishop G2 Threatening the poor So you know if Pawn takes here Rook Takes Pawn And this pin looks amazing it's these Rooks are going to be able to enter the Game and it's very hard to bring these Pieces over To Bishop G2 understandably E4 played to Block out the bishop And again I think this is an absolutely

Remarkable moment in the game Where to my eyes white has a very safe Continuation And particularly in Rapid play a Continuation which is Um pretty easy to play so You know First glance I would just go Knight E2 Material is even White has a very easy plan just to Attack that pawn to swing the Knight Around to F4 beautiful Square Queen is in a great position And yeah I think white is doing Extremely well there I think you're Guaranteed to win a pawn But after something like this Black could Actually get an exchange of pieces and Yeah it's a lot better for black but It's it's certainly not yet winning that Bishop takes some time to get in the Game Okay so what did Abdul satorov do Instead Remarkable move C4 I mean really Extraordinary So this is just And attempt to open the position and I'm Sure he just played this on instinct Just thought how can I open the things Let's let's go for it with this If Queen takes C4 then the C file is now Open now careful of Queen takes Knight

Rookie 3 and well the machine thinks White is better the idea is just to Swing this Rook across potentially here As well actually But Pawn takes Pawn played and now Another absolute remarkable move Clearly anticipated Rook takes E4 giving Up a whole Rook so he didn't even play Bishop takes E4 Which actually Isn't as good Because there's no clear threat for White in that position I mean there's Slow motion threats but instead Rook Takes E4 giving up a whole Rook because He can see that this bishop is Incredibly important Fantastic judgment And now there are various things that Black can try here but Um Rook F7 is a very understandable move Giving the king an escape Square Bishop H7 check And now Bishop G6 So threatens to bring the queen down and Well actually I mean there's sort of More than one thread here possibly Queen H8 But actually the big threat is to play Rookie one So just keeping the king hemmed in and Only then going for Queen h8 check So Queen E5

So that stops rookie one And now again a move of Brilliance in the middle of this attack Doesn't take he doesn't Check Instead he plays King F1 Threatening to play rookie one and then Queen h8 and the king is trapped Brilliant I mean such a cool move in Fact It's possible to play Knight C2 with the Idea rookie one and also Rook D2 With the idea of rookie two all these Moves are actually winning for white but King F1 very cool Queen F6 Just removing the queen from the e file And threatening mate in one which Doesn't look bad so the pressure is now On white okay over to you white play and Win This is very sweet Queen h8 check Knight C6 check And that is game over So if Let's see if Pawn takes Then check here and mate And if Queen takes Then what's the easiest Queen d8 And let me see Rook here seems to do the Business yeah and the queen goes in the Way and that's mate So 96 check plate

King came up Here check If King E5 you take the The Rook with Check and then That's an attractive checkmate So after Knight d8 King E7 And now Best move again Knight takes Allowing the bishop to be taken but now The Knight spins back Attacking the queen Mate follows If the queen comes back then Queen takes A knight check And queen of six Queen d8 check that was the final move Because if key six come on let's chase The king all the way up the board Queen F4 is made wow I mean that's just breathtaking some of The moves we had there Going right back to Let me see this position And playing Rook D1 such a cool move Just not backing down and then a couple Of moves later this move C4 And then sacking The Rook Breathtaking Do check out some of the tutorials other Games you'll find on the channel I'll Put a link down there Um he is such an exciting player Thanks for watching


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