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The Best Rapid Chess Champs Clips ft. Hikaru, Nepo and Caruana

All the best clips as Hikaru Nakamura, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and more played for their share of the $650,000 Rapid Chess Championship prize fund throughout the months of RCC qualifiers and finals competition!

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Foreign But can he hold this position King B7 He’s got to make sure to trade the Queens otherwise he’s gonna get mated Oh man oh he seems so upset look at him Oh my god oh man I would be upset too if I did that Bobby I feel for you and he Had to take the queen and promote him That’s a huge game that’s so unnecessary Wait can you go King H1 and Rook D6 It should move so yeah he gets it back So okay you ask for something like Bishop C7 wait what Oh look at him he can’t believe it After that amazing defense he just hangs His Bishop [Music] Rook and the star giving checks start Giving checks you can literally poop Oh my gosh what is he doing oh my Goodness What you do is you just keep your Rook Protected by your king yes Dad you try To Checkmate you just give checks and Flag your opponent yeah you just put Your Rook next to your king you don’t Play Rook C6 check and then lose your Rook and make a draw Oh my goodness insane oh my goodness how Could that the match could be decided in One game uh I think it’s very fair to say we could Have had three results in this game we Definitely could have H5

We just I was gonna say that’s gonna be A draw and then we’re gonna have a Tiebreaker but no David paravian tricks Nepal machine into removing the bishop Move that was all right for the last Couple of moves but not with the queen On E8 Oh but there was Roxy in me wait Doom I’m definitely not gonna repeat he’s no No no winning here but how does he Actually put the finishing touches here Well I love your move King G4 oh you Didn’t F7 Oh Rook F7 is what he plays Wesley back To C6 with his Knight what a move Holy Spirit oh Whoa that was awesome all right are you Arguing with me Three oh my goodness wait wait Rook Takes G2 Rook takes G2 what’s the move So you can play Rook takes G2 and just Try to push your pawns No rookie two Wins And then get stop the with your Knight your knight lives making me my Words unbelievable B6 it might be three And three Knight B3 Knight D2 and the Knight stops that pawn here it comes You have got to be kidding me this is an Incredible moment wow and David paravin Has made so many of The Knockouts and he Says not so fast Ray Robson you may be The caterpillar but I’m the one engine

Ford Oh Mate maybe miss me he missed made on A6 Oh but he’s gonna win by flagging Okay he’s still gonna win but that was The we had made on A6 Wait Mom oh my God What are you doing Oh my God you didn’t even draw he lost Oh my God Oh my God 286 was made and we see police Uh taking his time here what is he gonna Do okay oh that was Queen H5 maybe Possible there’s A threat of Checkmate on the back rank Thank you Look at that white with two extra balls In the cleanup game finds the only way To lose the game by stepping to H6 with The king queen H7 Checkmate the Queen The queen on G5 is the one that’s Blocking your way good pre-moving but Don’t stale mate this is stalemate Central oh My God I’m sorry my fault Bobby disgusted just threw something There I didn’t catch that oh that’s so gross Yeah don’t sleep on Joshua speed he’s Gonna pre-move everything here he’s Going to remove every move now but can Do both Checkmate him we see Johnson Street it’s not over just yet but you’re Right you’re not saving up when you said

Last time don’t go for check me don’t go For checkmate just just Very close yeah But he’s very slow he’s very very slow It’s awesome removing everything once Again this is out of four seconds is he Gonna make it in time I don’t think so Now the king walks out Bishop He got it he got it oh my goodness [Music] He finally got the right configuration And with 0.4 seconds remaining the Neil Dubov he is able to win that game Oh my God 93 and B2 was who was winning Oh now he caught her pushing 25 25 it Could be two oh my gosh he just gives us Here comes the Cara’s Pawn oh he doesn’t Do wow what a move Oh my God Oh my God oh my goodness you gotta move It yeah Oh my gosh Oh You lagged and he flagged Oh my gosh he’s completely winning at This point Vivid is devastated and This was three games in a row and you Can see The car was pumped Rook C7 forcing the Tradies wow what a move Jeffrey’s gonna Move and he played where he says just in Time 94 to C6 now Okay Jeffrey’s still holding on Rook C6

Threading Knight C7 oh Knight C7 that’s Game that wins oh my goodness Look at him that’s a fist bump The focus was Unreal yeah that was as Nerve-wracking as it gets and another Thing about that’s hard about playing With those kinds of advantages right you Know you’re better but you’ve got such a Vast menu of options oh what wait what Rook H oh my gosh What a move I did it oh my God he’s just Around Oh my what an unexpected move oh my God I completely missed I did that didn’t Even occur to be my wildest dreams and It’s losing now because you you Queen Can’t move without losing The Rook on F7 That’s unbelievable and you couldn’t Take it with a pawn because of the pin And I’ve been it is upper rook and he Should be able to win this game oh my God Hikaru now recover with three pawns For the rook and there’s increments so That’s huge for Vivint you got 14 Seconds you can just put all his peace In Dark Souls Queen G7 Rook f8 you know The Bishop’s gonna obviously stay in a Dark Square because they can’t leave it But now did it should not have any real Danger in his position okay so oh I Didn’t realize that you can’t put A8 Thanks Rook D2 or Rook B2 and then you Just take the pawn on B4 oh king of six Rook before Bishop E7 only chance if you

Go for six people with Bishop E7 but Then Rook B8 and then black gives up an Exchange and he’s got chances Bishop B7 there’s chances take E7 Oh my gosh oh my gosh that didn’t just Happen Oh Oh my god I’ve never seen anything like This in my life Oh and he’s he is just destroyed Emotionally right now oh my god Um right now I think that Dimitri is More focused on the result than ig6 mate Oh gosh can you play Brooks No hesitation yep that fork ends the Game We have the winner of our inaugural RCC Season Unbelievable and I think that was some Applause there for edema congratulations Are in order to Jan nepomshi the winner Of the candidates tournament twice in a Row now the winner here at the rapid Chess Championship it is our pleasure to Be joined by the rapid chess champion Beyond the Palmer Street John it seems Like you like being interviewed by me And Daniel because you keep winning Events Yeah then you know that was my goal to Speak to two guys Missed you a lot It’s been a while It’s been a while since the candidates

Yeah time flies massive congratulations To you Jan napometri we’re getting very Accustomed to saying that so a job well Done and we look to seeing more Excellent chats from you Yeah thank you very much [Music] [Music] Foreign


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