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The bad bishop bounce | Arjun Erigaisi vs Stelios Halkias

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Arjun Erigaisi vs Stelios Halkias. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Yes this fascinating opening that's Worrying people and terrifying players All over the Chess World so it's an open Sicilian Black plays the pawn to E5 putting Pressure on white straight away and then After Knight B5 you play D6 now Coincidentally My chessable course on the collection Called Sicilian is on sale right now Yeah the Black Friday sale is still in Operation so do check it out you can get My course at a huge discount Now I'd like to show you A Blitz game actually played with this Opening played in 2020 between Argent Era guy see yeah star of Indian chess Against Stelios hakias who's a Greek Grand Master now someone said you should Never analyze Blitz Games but well I Think there's some fascinating strategy Contained within this game so it's Definitely worth a look at Eric icy plays C4 Which a lot of players feel is the kind Of principled way to play against the Kalashnikov because you know you really Clamped out on this D5 Square Now in my course I recommend Bishop B6 And then pushing the Knight back and Then playing with G6 to sort of aim at That D4 square and I'm satisfied with That line I think it's very interesting

But I want to show you an alternative Which has been quite popular over well Over the last couple of decades actually That's Bishop E7 So the Knight gets pushed back And this is one of the problems for White that this Knight Need takes time to re-route into the Center And here black plays a very Controversial move Pawn to F5 yeah the good old Freddy Attack And you also have to be very careful When you make this move in a classic off Because it can end up weakening black on This well not that diagonal this Diagonal And it can yeah once you move the F Pawn You have to watch out for your king Nevertheless it does open lines for Black as well so it's it's an Interesting one so white exchanges And plays Bishop D3 I think that's a Good move because exchanging the light Square Bishops will give White greater control over the D5 Square So that's why black just Ducks back with Bishop B6 To just keep a bit more control over D5 Castles White Knight F6 The Knight comes back to C2 And black Castle so you could say this Is It's almost like the starting point

Of this variation and it's been played By quite a lot of strong players with Black so for example Tamar rajabov has Played this quite a lot with black I mean he's one of the the leading Exponents of the Kalashnikov Um I mean that's you know is is a is a Mark of its um you know it's it's Strength it's certainly not a bad system For black Here Eric icy plays Bishop G5 So he's playing in a very Straightforward way he wants to knock Out that Knight which Will perhaps give greater control over The E4 and D5 squares Queen D7 from uh halcus So that allows this Rook to join in Knight E3 so that's a A successful trip for the night it's Coming back into the center and it's Looking at that D5 Square there is a Slight problem when you move that knight From C2 is that black actually has Access to that D4 Square Rook A8 so this is a nice move Queen D2 and we're about to see the Reason for this Rook move now it's on a Decent Square I mean you can see the Blacks pieces are very harmoniously Placed But this move I really like Bishop d8 in My course I call this the bad Bishop Bounce

It's a lovely idea Bishop comes out usually to B6 sometimes To A5 But once it's on that diagonal then That's pretty tasty looking down at the King at f2 also the D4 Square beautiful Diagonal for the bishop And it's it's nice that you know a lot Of people feel well don't like that Bishop when it's blocked in by the pawn But you can do something about it you Can send it out to this diagonal Rook do you want yeah That's a backward Pawn so white puts the Rook on D1 fair enough qh8 tidy move Just stepping into the corner and King H1 white does the same remember this is A Blitz game so you know often these Kind of routine automatic moves are made They're not bad it's it's percentage Chess basically And now we have the next move which is Absolutely typical theme throughout the Kalashnikov in so many different Variations and in my course I call this The Trojan Horse You can see that once white plays C4 Then yes it gives some control over D5 But it also weakens that D4 Square And this is a source of counter play for Blacks so often in this variation And it's it's beautiful Outpost Sometimes black even sacrifices a porn And that will just open lines

You know these diagonals here it's not Even not even a pawn sacrifice White plays B3 to strengthen C4 Pawn And now Bishop A5 so it hops out On A5 So that pin is a bit annoying so white Please Queen B2 and now the bishop comes Back okay it's a little a little faint Out to the side having pushed the queen Out to the side it comes back to this Absolutely crucial diagonal And Eric icy follows through with his Strategy of exchanging off that Knight On F6 To gain control over The D5 Square now this is an interesting Moment because I normally one would wish To play Rook takes F6 And I don't think that's bad actually Um well in principle I think it's bad But unfortunately here That actually loses material yeah I mean If one had time to swing to H6 it'd be Fine Um so it's not possible but in any case GTX F6 Is probably what black wants to do Anyway because it gives Black control over the Foursquare So Knight D5 hits the bishop which comes Back here F4

And now it's really important That Black prevents the pawn coming to F5 if White gets that in White's got a Beautiful clamp so Pawn to F5 so now we Can see the advantage of playing that Pawn forward well recapturing with the Pawn it was forced anyway but it's Something that black wants to do Just to keep control in the center with Those those Pawns But it's a very tense situation because If black releases the tension too early Then white will get a beautiful hold There perhaps with the Knight perhaps You know undermining the Knight on D4 G3 So that's kind of a solid move And you can see that that Queen on the Same diagonal of the king doesn't look Too nice so Queen G7 is a very Understandable move just to block out The queen And the Queen Now switches over to G2 Okay now here's another absolutely Typical theme For The Collection curve the minority attack B5 It's really nice to break down those Three Pawns So that black would simply like to Exchange here and that'll potentially

Undermine the Knight on D5 and if white Captures with the B Pawn Then perhaps black can use that open B File in any case splitting those pawns Has got to be very healthy for black Just weakens them And here Eric icy takes on B5 I think he Should just leave that pawn there And Probably the The best option is just to recapture With the pawn even though the pawns are Split I think it keeps control in the Middle but he takes on B5 8X B5 and plays A4 he wants to create an Outside passport which is done But in this position well There's a slight problem for white here So Time for you to have a think How do you play here with black and it's A really tense situation you can see That The Knight is beautifully placed on D4 That Bishop is on a great diagonal Supporting the night White has trumps as well you know that Night is pretty good Um white is solid enough in the middle And that past Pawn might get somewhere In the end who knows So what should black play here black to Play cheers folks Time for some tea

Well Howcast played Bishop C5 now that's a solid move So the bishop is protected And perhaps he's looking to play The Rook Over here But there is a much stronger move Chip D7 is a beautiful idea and in a Sense this is another bad Bishop bounce Not that the bishop was bad on E6 but This is a beautiful redeployment Hits the pawn let's say A5 and now Bishop C6 now look at that Bishop pair What a beautiful switch from both pieces And White's King is in Desperate trouble Here The king can't escape to G1 because It's on the line of this bishop Black is threatening to take here There's pressure here pressure here Pressure obviously on the diagonals as Well it would be a miracle if white Survived this position it's absolutely Glorious I love this switch well the Switch of both Bishops But it's a Blitz game and You know when you see a position when You see a piece that's well stationed You don't think of switching it you look To your other pieces and black is still Better here A5 Bishop D7 is still a good move

But rugby eight Six okay now this is Starting to be dangerous I mean they're actually here black plays Rook B3 which isn't bad there are other Ways to play this position E4 I like And after Bishop C4 Knight F3 It's it's a wonderful piece you know With Potential to play Rook B2 if Rook here You can exchange play Queen D4 and Black's pieces are just superb in this Position it's nice that that Bishop Controls the A7 Square that's obviously Reinforced by the queen as well Black is still better But Rook B3 played Bishop C4 Rook A3 here Rook B1 is a good Move and that's actually quite dangerous Now But Rook A1 plate I mean this is still Actually fine for black even though this Does look quite threatening Um in fact Bishop D7 around to C6 is Still a good idea Because those Bishops actually Control the pawn But Pawn takes pawn and here is where Things start to turn Queen comes to A7 well it's a pretty Good blocker But somehow white is getting the Initiative now and I think you know Particularly in a Blitz game where you

Don't have time to sort of change the Nature of the position Side with momentum Is usually looking good and that's what Happens here Rook G8 Queen B7 and once The Queens come off That's nasty with this beautiful past Pawn And things have just gone wrong now You know there isn't an attack obviously Once the Queens come off then the past Pawn is extremely dangerous Um let's just go to the end of the game Knight takes Queen takes and Rook F1 guarding that pawn Knight takes F4 well you can't take it because of Mate but A7 And the pawn goes through and here well Black resigned It's pity because I think you know black Actually played very well and they were As I said I think there were some really Nice ideas they're typical Kalashnikov Ideas the bad Bishop bounce The Trojan Horse and that Minority Attack absolutely typical in so many Different variations But I mean regarding the opening Um this variation was C4 this is you Know I think Bishop E7 and F5 is a very Interesting variation you know you might Like it as an alternative to my uh Recommendation in the course of G6 But it's a reminder that that the

Classical is a very flexible opening And even though you know I have a set Repertoire in the course Uh what's great about the opening is Because the pawn structure is basically Fixed if you think back to you know our Basic structure here That there's a commonality in strategy Um even if you switch between variations You know you you can you can get a an Idea of what you're supposed to be doing Because the pawn structure is fixed and A fixed Pawn structure that really Determines strategy So remember my chessboard course is on Sale for around about another 24 hours I Think but but do check out chessable I'll put the links down there or if you Prefer you can always buy the book from New in chess lovely hardback and really Nice design people have praised the Design and the content on us I've had Really nice feedback anyway Your choice thanks for watching


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