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The Art Of Attack By Efim Geller | Geller vs Smyslov Geller vs Smyslov: Candidates Quarterfinal 1965

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Game description
Efim Geller vs Vasily Smyslov
Geller – Smyslov Candidates Quarterfinal 1965, Moscow URS, rd 5, Apr-24
Gruenfeld Defense: Exchange. Spassky Variation (D87) · 1-0
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cd5 Nd5 5. e4 Nc3 6. bc3 Bg7 7. Bc4 c5 8. Ne2 O-O 9. O-O Nc6 10. Be3 Qc7 11. Rc1 Rd8 12. f4 e6 13. Kh1 b6 14. f5 Na5 15. Bd3 ef5 16. ef5 Bb7 17. Qd2 Re8 18. Ng3 Qc6 19. Rf2 Rad8 20. Bh6 Bh8 21. Qf4 Rd7 22. Ne4 c4 23. Bc2 Rde7 24. Rcf1 Re4 25. fg6 f6 26. Qg5 Qd7 27. Kg1 Bg7 28. Rf6 Rg4 29. gh7 Kh8 30. Bg7 Qg7 31. Qg4

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Hi this is mato welcome to my online Chess lecture In this video i will show you a game Between effing gala and the vaseline Smith love this is a game from the Candidate tournament played in moscow in 1965. Anything important happened to you in 1965. Gillard had white pieces and he started With d4 smithslaw played knight to f6 C4 g6 Knight to c3 d5 the grunfeld defense C takes on e5 knight takes on e5 E4 knight takes a c3 Pawn takes knight Bishop to g7 Bishop 2 c4 C5 all the standard moves Knight to e2 and both players cast the King’s side so we are just following the Main line knight to c6 Bishop to e3 if d5 knight to e5 So we have knight to c6 Bishop to e3 Queen to c7 rook to c1 Rook to d8 F4 black to move e6 was played Bishop to g4 is quite often played in This position too We have e6 K2h1 b6 F5 Black to move

Knight to a5 If e takes on f5 Then white can play bishop to g5 Back to our game we have knight to a5 Bishop to d3 Pawn takes pawn on f5 Y2 move pawn takes spawn on f5 If bishop to g5 Black now can play f6 Back to our game E takes on f5 Bishop to b7 Queen to d2 Rook to e8 Knight to g3 coming to c6 threatening Rook takes bishop and then queen takes Pawn on g2 checkmate Rook to f2 Rook from a to d8 Bishop to h6 Bishop to h8 Into f4 Rook to d7 Knight to e4 C4 Bishop to c2 Rook from e to d7 the pressure is on the Right on e4 Should white move the knight or not Perhaps some players will play knight to D2 Gala played rook from c To f1 Is this

The galagana But did he miss Black’s next move rook Takes knight All that build up by white and now Black One apiece or maybe Gala had something in mind What would you do in this position if You had white pieces Perhaps some players would capture the Rook A bishop takes on e4 Then Queen takes bishop And black stands better Back to our game In this position Keller played pawn takes spawn on g6 F6 let’s take it back If rook takes queen Then Pawn takes pawn check mate Back to our game F6 White to move perhaps some players would Capture the rook Instead Gala play this amazing move Queen to g5 wow Is this the art of do attack or what Queen to d7 If f takes g5 Then rook to f8 check

After rook takes rook Takes rook checkmate Back to our game Queen to d7 White to move Perhaps Now you would expect white to move the Queen or capture the pawn on h7 No I will not ask you To guess the move King to jeevan Saying to his opponent i will give you a Move and let’s see what you’re going to Do with it The game continued Bishop to g7 Rook takes on f6 Rook to g4 Let’s take it back If bishop takes rook what happens then Then the queen takes on f6 and white Wins for example Born takes pawn on j6 Queen takes on g6 check the king to h8 Bishop to g5 And white wins back to our game So in this position we have rook to g4 Pawn takes pawn on h7 check King to h8 Bishop takes bishop check Queen takes bishop white tomorrow What now Are you ready to see the move

Geller played queen takes rook And play with the black pieces of Arsenal is misno resigned Put into diamond purpose i will show you Just one line Queen takes queen Rook to f8 check Rook takes rook Rook takes rook check King to g7 Pawn To h8 Queen Check Wait Amazing chess by gala what do you think Of this game And that is all I hope that you enjoyed watching this Video i wish you good luck with your Tests and bye for now


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