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Subscriber Sacrificed His Queen 3 TIMES!!!

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ivan_shkvir (1697) – Belhabibmahiiii (1704) 0-1Live Chess (
B47 2022.11.07
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be2 Nc6 7.Nxc6 dxc6 8.g3 new moveeee 8…Nf6 9.Bg5 Be7 10.O-O h6 11.Bf4 e5 12.Be3 Bh3 13.Re1 Rd8 14.Qc1 h5 15.f4 h4 16.fxe5 Qxe5 17.Bf4 Bc5+ 18.Kh1 hxg3 19.Bf3 Qh5 20.Re3 Qxf3+ 21.Rxf3 g2

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Hello everyone and welcome to a truly Amazing game and definitely an inspiring One a subscriber sent me uh saying he Sacrificed his Queen three times and Like I said in the previous video I Often get a game surprise subscribers Played and uh sometimes they're nice Sometimes they're not that nice but uh This one I felt that it was necessary to To show everyone as it's really a a Beautiful beautiful game uh it's between A player on uh with a with a Handle even rated 1697 and a player Named uh Bill Habib Mahi uh rated 1704 So let's dive straight into it you guys Will enjoy it and some of you have been Asking in the previous videos is it Necessary to wear a hoodie uh when we're Watching a game between two hoodie guys Like it's not necessary but if you're Already wearing one I imagine you will Enjoy the game much more so let's dive Straight into it uh even uh has the White pieces and he opens with E4 or Maybe it's Ivan uh who who knows uh we Have C5 going for the Sicilian Defense By Bel Habib Mahi uh Knight to F3 E6 and Now Pawn to D4 C characters and D4 Knight captures and now usually you Would see some like Knight F6 and then We go into the night or four something Like that but here the immediate Ponte A6 this is the Khan variation of the Sicilian Knight to C3 and now Queen to

C7 we have Bishop to E2 and now Knight To C6 and white just captures on C6 so Knight captures on C6 and there are many Games that reach this position it's uh Not uh unusual to have this like uh Girish Academy against the animation Their game ended in a draw B captures And C6 was played also while it has a Future head against Mastro vasilis also Be captures and C6 was played and it's a Principled idea to capture towards the Center however here we have D captures On C6 which is not all that common there Are some games that reach this position Uh for example Castle is a normal A4 is A known but here we have Pawn to G3 and It is now as of move 8 that we we have a Completely new game between these uh two Gentlemen And now we have Knight to F6 uh Developing the Knight sort of inviting E5 but not right away as the queen on C7 Covers that square but also uh G3 being Played you might have to worry about Bishop to F4 at some point not right Away you can always block it with E5 so It remains to see where the bishop will Be developed and that is uh to the G5 Square so Bishop G5 Bishop to E7 not Worrying about now Bishop captures Because Bishop can recapture on F6 we Have Castles by white and now Ponte H6 Bishop back to F4 inviting black to play E5 which black does spawn the E5 Bishop

To E3 and now a nice developing move With the bishop Bishop to H3 comes with Tempo as The Rook on F1 is hanging we Have Rook to E1 and now again developing Which Tempo Rook the d8 so a very very Principled play by black attacking the Queen on D1 Queen to C1 now and now Pawn To H5 you could Castle right away but uh Bill Habib Mahi wanted to gain more than Than just a nice game so upon the H5 he Wants to play Pawn to H4 open up the H File for his Rook uh and here okay you Have to be very very careful but if you Play something like F3 then the game Continues nothing Um uh the special is happening here you Can now play Knight to D1 i2f2 kick away The Bishop from H3 if black continues With the attack with something like H4 You can even play G for now the bishop Is trapped on H3 so this would be good For white however in the game a white Overreached a little bit wide played Pawn to F4 uh but white did not realize That it was in fact black who's Attacking here there will be no attack Here from White so Pawn to H4 now comes F characters on E5 Queen captures on F5 And just Bishop to F4 and while this is A very nice Square for the bishop Attacks the queen guards the G3 Square You've left this diagonal open so Bishop The C5 with check King the H1 and now There are many ways to win this position

For black but there is only one truly Impressive uh way so feel free to pause The video and try to find the best move For black while I give you a couple of Seconds So for those of you who were able to do It congratulations on uh remembering That the title of the video is uh well Sacrificing the queen three times and For those of you who just want to enjoy The show it is H captors and G3 this is The quickest way to win and this is what Our good friend Bill Habiba he played Now the point is if white accepts the Queen Bishop captures an F3 ninjas G2 is Checkmate with the bishop covering this Diagonal the G1 square is not available To the white king so this is off limits What can you play here after each Captors and G3 well he finds a way to Continue he plays Bishop to F3 of course This now guards the G2 Square so G2 is Impossible but Bill Habib continues in The absolute strongest fashion and that Is Queen to H5 offers his Queen a second Time again with the same idea the bishop Cannot leave control of the G2 square if Bishop captures the G2 is just Checkmate So is there a way to continue this game Well here Rook the E3 was played Defending the bishop but whatever you Play is insufficient here even if you Try to give up the queen it will not Help you like Bishop captures The Rook

Captures and now look at this bishop to G2 check even sacrificing the bishop and Now after King captures is just a queen Captures an H2 check King to F1 and Queen to F2 will be Checkmate but in the Actual game Rook the E3 was played Defending the bishop but uh Bishop uh Well uh though you you don't need to Defend the bishop you need to keep the Bishop somehow but whatever white plate There was no saving this position now Comes the actual Queen sacrifice Queen Captures on F3 with the check and this One you really can't decline you can you Can play King to G1 and then Queen will Just deliver Checkmate so Rook captures On F3 was played and now the move that Was lurking uh uh you know of for the Duration of the entire attack that is Spawned to G2 this was played and it was In this position on move 21 that Bel Habib Mahi delivered over to this Spectacular Checkmate offering his Queen Three times before it actually happened But only the third time was the queen Accepted so okay the he he titled the Email I sacrificed my queen three times When in fact it was uh offered two times And accepted the three times but you Know people always Um uh uh argue where whether it's a Queen sacrifice if you've merely offered A queen and your opponent declines that I believe it still is I mean uh just the

Offer of the queen is is enough to uh Deem it a a sacrifice I would say uh but Yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it uh you you see you don't have To be 2700 to play a brilliant game and Uh sacrifice the queen not once not two Times but three times uh you can also do It at any rating and here I mean it's uh It's a game basically between uh two 1700 players uh where they played a very Nice Theory it was a very nice very nice Game and then white at some point just Overreached with this F4 idea with F3 The game still continues it's a fine Position for both but F4 is just asking Too much out of the position and black Punished it in the most beautiful way Possible uh so yeah uh that's it for This game thank you thank you guys for Watching if you play a game like this be Sure to send it to me I will show it for Everyone to enjoy as that is why why we Are here to you know enjoy chess games Uh so you know if you if you have some Two to three games saved and you have a Really nice one do send it over I will Definitely go over it and uh and uh if It's a nice one I will share it with Everyone because I go through all of the Games you guys send me it's not like I Don't don't do it but they are rarely as Fine as this one uh so yeah uh that's The game I hope you guys enjoyed it I Would like to thank uh subramanian Aaron

Is the best fiance Marcus grebel Wesley The greatest in James Chambers for Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing to check up on your Wonderful suggestions and whatever else Happens in the Chess World so thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day and I forgot To mention that after the game his Opponent who just lost this game Messaged him and complimented him on on The beautiful moves that he played which If you play online uh you know that That's usually not the case if you play A beautiful game your opponent will just You know send you a message saying You're a cheater you're an engine user You're you know say some nasty words but No uh here even shapir complimented him And uh well that's uh just uh a way to Really appreciate chess because you Don't just appreciate winning you Appreciate when your opponent plays a Brilliant game as well so yeah that's it See you soon have an excellent rest of Your day


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