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STUNNING! Gukesh Wins 6 in a Row for Team India | Chess Olympiad 2022 #shorts

Here’s an amazing chess game played between Gukesh Dommaraju & Gabriel Sargissian at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 held at Chennai, India. This is a Round 6 game where Gukesh from Team India wins an exciting endgame against Armenia’s Grandmaster Gabriel. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess #chessolympiad #chessolympiad2022

Ghoukish is crushing it in the chess Olympiad here he’s playing as white and He wants to pounce on gabriel’s Vulnerable king first he finds the Absolutely brilliant bishop sacrifice by Getting the bishop here he forces the Queen to take and more importantly Clears the way for his queen to threaten A checkmate like this Black is left with no option but to give A check and then exchange the queens now Here comes another amazing move from Gokesh pawn to e7 the rook is under Attack so black stops him from promoting And then comes the stunning rook Sacrifice he loses both the rooks but he Promotes this pawn to a queen then we Have a series of checks After which he picks up a pawn Now black gives a couple of checks but White soon gets back to intimidate him And we see another sequence of checks He picks up two more pawns and Ultimately after this queen before check Black resigns guys could you figure out Why black resigned let me know in the Comments


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