Friday, September 29, 2023
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Streamers Can’t Stop Playing Duck Chess…

Why are Hikaru and Eric Rosen playing chess with a rubber duck? Duck Chess has recently gone viral and generated a lot of buzz!

There are two differences to regular chess: no checks or checkmates—players must capture the king to win, AND a rubber duck that blocks one square per move. Both players must move the duck after moving the standard piece in their turn.

Find and play exciting chess variants including Duck Chess:

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[Music] What is this this is duck chess you guys This is a new variant it’s called duck Chess chess but with a duck quack How to play duck chest the duck is a Brick pieces cannot move through the Square occupied by the duck okay kind of Square to place the dog [Music] Yeah so basically you do this and this Cannot move I’m gonna go Knight F6 and I’m gonna put the duck in the most Inconvenient place for my opponent to Move no Bishop no Queen so no londons Can permanently stop the London capture The points Keen to win oh wow though There’s no stalemates but still wait There is still me but the still made the Player wins ooh if only that was real Chess I think I’m getting the hang of This game I think I think I actually am Getting the hang of it I think this Works oh that’s a horrible blunder oh my God I just blundered so I have to move Something else first then dark and Knight will take my king this is the Best way to lose the dog chest [Music] There’s some real bullet skills right There boys this is the fast time winning Duck chess That’s so exciting Oh no no no no no no slip no no no no no I won Duck chess champion give me those points

Baby [Music]


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