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Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Duda, Jan-Krzysztof (2754) – Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2712)
Aimchess Rapid | Knockout ( [19] 2022.10.21
D27 Queen’s Gambit Accepted, classical, 6…a6

1.Nf3 d5 2.d4 Nf6 3.c4 dxc4 4.e3 e6 5.Bxc4 c5 6.O-O a6 7.b3 b5 8.Be2 Bb7 9.Bb2 Nbd7 10.a4 b4 11.Nbd2 Be7 12.Rc1 Rc8 13.Nc4 O-O 14.Nfe5 cxd4 15.Nxd7 Nxd7 16.Bxd4 Bd5 17.Qd3 Nc5 18.Qb1 Ne4 19.Rfd1 Bf6 20.Bf3 Nc3 21.Bxc3 bxc3 22.e4 Bxc4 23.Rxd8 Rfxd8 24.bxc4 Rb8 25.Qa1 Rb2 26.e5 Bxe5 27.Qa3 g6 28.g3 Rdd2 29.Rxc3 Ra2 30.Qb4 Bd4 31.c5 Bxf2+ 32.Kf1 Ra1+ 33.Rc1 Rxc1+ 34.Kg2 Be1+

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The Aimchess Rapid is the 8th of 9 events on the $1.6 million 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and takes place on chess24 from October 14-21. The 16-player field will be cut in half by the 4-day round-robin Prelims. The total prize fund is $150,000, with $750 for a win and $250 for a draw in the Prelims. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are 1-day, 4-game matches, while the final will feature two such matches over two days.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the second Day of the aim chess rapid knockout we Are in the finals um uh still and it is Young shisht of Duda versus The first day of their match he won two Games two games were drawn and Nama Midarov needs to strike back in order to Force tie breaks and this game is Absolutely unbelievable as usual when Mamidarov is involved usually you have Some 20 moves of known Theory and then Something just happens something Explodes uh and then we all enjoy that So let's see what happened here Duda has The white pieces and he opens with Knight to F3 direty is on the board we Have Pawn to D5 D4 uh Knight to F6 and Now Pawn to C4 going for the uh well or Offering the gambited pawn and now the Captures on C4 Mama Yara accepts the Queen Gambit we have Pawn to E3 going After the the C4 pawn and now Pawn to E6 With Bishop captures and C4 and fantasy Five so the classical fence nothing new Being played here we have castle spawn To A6 preparing B5 Pawn to B3 and pawn To B5 busher back to E2 Bishop to B7 and Now Bishop to B2 again all been played Before Knight B to D7 Pawn to a for Challenging the structure on the queen Side Pawn to B4 and now Knight B to D2 With Bishop to E7 and Rook the C1 we Have rooked the C8 and now Knight the C4 By dude a beautiful Square for this

Knight we have castles and now Knight F To E5 Uh seat counters on D4 Knight captures On D7 Knight captures and D7 and Bishop Captures on D4 now with Bishop to D5 uh And now uh there is a game where Queen To D2 was played also Pawn to A5 is a Known move but here we have Queen to D3 And it is now as of move 17 that we have A completely new game so what's the idea Behind Queen to D3 and why is Um a young sist of inviting Knight to C5 To go after the queen well he wants to Re-maneuver the queen to B1 so he can Shift this Rook to D1 and align it with The black queen on d8 so let's see what Happens here Knights the C5 by shark They are queen back to B1 also you have To defend your B3 pawn and now Knight The E4 social Immensely improves the position of his Knight but now Rook F to D1 and this Already looks uh very unpleasant for Black so you have to be very careful About what you do here and here uh Bishop to F6 by mamadarov and this is Not the most precise way to deal with This position or you know maybe it is if You're a human if you're an engine then You know probably not but feel free to Pause the video here and try to find the Uh the well the the tiniest way to take Advantage of the position while I give You a couple of seconds

So for those of you who are able to do It congratulations on spotting this uh Well positional uh brilliancy and for Those of you who just want to enjoy the Show it is Bishop to F3 and now black Has all sorts of problems because now The Knight on e4 is hanging so what can You do here let's explore just some of The options let's say we play Bishop Captures on D4 first you want to take Some pressure off the board then Bishop Captures an E4 and now your Bishop is Hanging and also the H7 Pony singing so If you capture an E4 they're just Queen Captures and E4 and next You're Gonna Lose the bishop end of the game so yeah Obviously that's not gonna work uh Probably best for black is the plain Knight the G5 which just gives white a Long-term positional advantage through a Force line of Bishop captures on D5 e Captures on D5 and now a nice Bishop Captures on F6 where if you capture with The queen you just give up the D5 Pawn For nothing so you're gonna have to mess Up your Pawn structure and now okay White just goes back Knight to D2 and Now black skin inside is ruined and the White will play against this position What happened in the game is that Mamajara played Knight the C3 he Attacked the queen and the Rook but this Is now winning for Duda and it's not um Hard to see why or it's not easy to find

Why it's winning because obviously we're Not going to give up any material Bishop Captures on C3 B captures on C3 and now Pawn to E4 and The Duda has just won a Bishop or so you would think uh because Mamidarov did plan on this and he plays Bishop captures on C4 so Duda does not Get the bishop he gets the queen but Mamidara will get a bishop and a rook in Return so Rook capture 78 Rook F capture 78 and now B captures and C4 so grabbing The bishop as well and now the situation Is Queen rook and Bishop versus uh Rook Rook and Bishop so now Amir only has a Rook for a queen but what uh another Thing he does have is a protected pass Born on C3 so can he actually do Something with this position uh you know Everything you know about Chess should Tell you that no a queen is just too Powerful of a piece but okay Rook the B8 Attacks the White Queen we have Queen to A1 and this is by far the best uh Square For the queen if you go somewhere like Queen tatoo then you allow Rook to D2 to Come with Tempo so Queen to A1 and now Comes Rook the B2 of course uh if uh if You allow uh Rook captures on C3 might Even be an option in some lines because You would gladly give up The Rook for Pawn and Bishop just uh you know uh take Care of any and all counter play Black Might have so Rook the B2 of course Mommy Dr will not allow this and now the

Position is incredibly intense and what Duda should do is just start pushing his Pass Pawn as one usually should but he Played E5 and everyone was confused uh When Duda played this okay you you free Up your your Bishop's diagonal but do You even need that okay at some point You will need it to cover the C6 Square Maybe but it just allows my media of a a Whole lot more than he had so Bishop Captures an E5 now it's very hard to Take care of the back rank issues Something like h3h4 is no longer as Great as the bishop will Now cover the H3 H2 square and G3 then the Rooks come To the second rank will also be an issue It's okay Queen to A3 by Duda and now we Have Pawn to G6 by mamidarov he also has To take care of some background issues You could also play something like C2 And it's it's in fact a great move but Uh yeah my major feels that he can do Even better if C2 then G3 and if Rook to B1 then what you play King G2 and now After Bishop to B2 going after the queen And the Rook Queen to B3 or A2 doesn't Really matter you're gonna capture the C2 Pawn you give up The Rook Queen Captures on C2 and now okay you have to Defend your Rook so you're either gonna Move it or replace them like Rook D to B8 but now white starts pushing and yes You want material but this Pawn is now Looking

Um uh very strong so instead my Madera Plays G6 he gives Duda uh the uh Opportunity if you will to make a Mistake and The Duda plays G3 uh here uh The the position is still very very good For do that he he needs to find King to F1 and it looks like such a weird move Why would you go closer to Black's Pieces he has a rook Bishop the other Rook and a pass Pawn here point is that After C2 there's King E2 and now you Don't have to worry about the Rook on The second rank you don't have to worry About Rook to D2 you're on a light Square you don't have to worry about the Bishop and especially you don't have to Worry about Rook to B1 because the Rook Is no longer pinned by the King on the First rank so you can just play Rook Captures and C2 so King E2 solves all of Your problems none of none of black Species can touch you so incredible but Who would who would see this so instead After G6 dude I played Pawn to G3 he did Create a square for his King but now Mamidaro just drops the the other Rook To the second rank Rook D to D2 going After the F2 Pawn Rook captures on C3 Now happily grabbing that pass Pawn but Now Rook to A2 attacks the queen and now Queen to C1 is the final attempt at Saving the game after Queen to B4 it's Just a very very hard to play this if Not impossible Bishop to D4 now going

After the F2 pawn and now again it's uh Maybe you can save this but through a You know a very long struggle you would Have to go into some terrible terrible End game some like King to F1 has to be Played and will captures an F2 check King E1 and now let's say Rook if the B2 Threatening Rook the A1 check so you Have to play Rook to B3 in order just to Stay alive Rook the A1 check Bishop to D1 now look at this bishop to F2 check King F1 Rook captures on D1 grabbing the Bishop King G2 and now Bishop to C5 with Check grabbing the queen so Rook Captures on B2 Bishop captures real Captures and you would get this position Where mamidar would be up a pawn uh do The would have a past C Pawn but you Still have to put a rook behind it and It's just it's not going to be like Rook D2 Rook to C2 and already mamidar has a Rule behind that pawn so it's either Winning or maybe Duda can save it with Some perfect play but that's only if he Finds King to F1 and he missed it once Already he misses it for the second time He plays Pawn to C5 but now it's just The game over Bishop captures on F2 with Check King to F1 and now a nice Rook the A1 With check now if you go to G2 you go Under the mask of The Rook so Bishop Captures on C5 with check just picks up The queen for nothing so after Rook day

One check Rook the C1 was played at Least you will force force the other Rook to move now Rook captures on C1 With check King to G2 and now just a Nice Bishop to E1 uh with check now you Don't have Bishop captures on C5 because Of Queen character Sunday too but now Bishop to E1 opens up a discovery and he Was in this position on move 34 that Yanks used of Duda resigned to the game And what a brilliant brilliant victory For mamidyar of giving up a queen for Just a rook in the in the past Pawn but You've seen the potential of the Position you've seen uh what what a Great uh player like mamidarov can do And uh against another spectacular a Spectacular player like Duda in The Knockouts of the anxious rapid Duda Faced with it he faced Agnes Carlson and He already played one full day of four Games against mamidarov and he did not Lose a single game so that's how strong Duda is and now my major takes him down Like this with the black pieces Well I mean my my day is going uh very Well I hope you guys enjoyed this game And yeah yeah here we resign because After King th3 the very simple moving The Rook away with temple Rook captures An H2 check will pick up White's Queen And that's it Rook captures on H2 Bishop Captures on B4 and now you are up a full Rook uh which is kind of funny because

Mamidarov gave up a queen for a rook and Now he's up that full Rook so that could Be that Rook I mean very nice so yeah That's the game hope you guys enjoyed it Uh brilliant stuff by by do the out Preparing mama drama like that with a Bishop to the F3 line but what mamidarov Did that I mean I I have no words Uh so I really hope you guys enjoyed That I would like to thank ravishing Reptiles YouTube Trevor Terrace Luxeminarian at chakrapani Allen psycho And listerpan for a contribution to my Channel thank you a lot I really Appreciate it as usual you can check two Of my previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of this Wonderful event uh and whatever else Happens in the Chess World so thank you All I will see you soon and have an Excellent rest of your day


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