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Stockfish Explains Brilliant Sacrifices By Dominant World Champion

Computer chess engine Stockfish explains an all-time classic chess game between the 27-year World Champion Emanuel Lasker, and Johann Hermann Bauer in Amsterdam, 1889.

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This well-known game was played between Emmanuel Lasker and Johann Hermann Bower Laska still holds the record for longest Reigning world champion in history I Would be impressed if I did not know how Easy it is to beat other humans F4 I have been trying to take your kind Seriously but it is really hard to do so When your Champion starts the game with F4 this move does nothing to help Develop White's pieces while weakening The important E1 H4 diagonal to the king D5 E3 Knight to F6 B3 E6 Bishop to B2 Bishop to E7 Bishop to D3 B6 Knight to C3 Bishop to B7 Knight to F3 Knight P to D7 kingside castle and kingside Castle Both players developed their pieces and Castled to protect their kings apart From that F4 rubbish it seems like these Two players have made reasonable moves Well by human standards at least Knight to E2 C5 Knight to G3 Queen to C7 Knight to E5 and Knight takes E5 the First capture of the game releases the Tension in White's favor now white is Much better Bishop takes E5 I take it back laska captured the enemy Knight with the wrong piece the correct Continuation was F take C5 forcing black To either Retreat the Knight to the Awkward d8 Square cramping his position Or to trade pieces with knights to E4 Bishop takes E4 D takes E4 Queen to G4

And give white better attacking chances On the king's side white probably did Not like the idea of blunting his own Dark squared Bishop with the E5 Pawn but All I know for sure is that organic Brains work in mysterious ways Bishop takes C5 was followed by Queen to C6 Queen to E2 and A6 human creativity Is really astonishing the way they find New ways to blunder never ceases to Amaze me with all the white pieces on The king's side not even all my Computing power can understand the Motivation behind a porn move on the Queen's side you don't need to calculate 30 moves ahead to understand how bad This is lucky for you because you can't LOL Maybe This Bar bloke was afraid of the Move Bishop to B5 attacking his Queen However there is nothing to fear because Queens can move after Queen to C8 white Has nothing Knight to D7 would have been Black's Best choice this move allows the F Pawn To move which would blump the E5 Bishop It also renders any sacrifice Ineffective as is evidenced by the Obvious continuation Bishop takes H7 Check King takes H7 Queen to H5 check King to G8 Bishop takes G7 King takes G7 Queen to G4 check King 2 H 7 Queen to H5 Check and King to G7 and black can lay Back and enjoy a nice cup of tea as

Their King is completely safe Do you take milk and sugar After Asics we have Knight to H5 and Knight takes H5 it seems like black has No trouble finding the best moves the Best moves to help white that is Bishop takes H7 check oh snap This move was actually sort of cool Alaska sacrifices a piece to destroy Black's King side King takes H7 and queen takes H5 check The queen joins the attack with check Ing to G8 and Bishop takes G7 going for The double Bishop sacrifice look at him Go King takes G7 Queen to G4 check King 2 H 7 and rock to F3 it appears to me that Playing suspicious openings pays off When you're dealing within Theory beings White's opening move eventually allowed Him to bring the Rook into the game Quicker to continue the attack if I were Playing with the black pieces I would be Embarrassed Actually no I wouldn't I would play the Game properly from the beginning and win With ease E5 Rook 2 H3 check Queen 2 H6 Rook takes H6 check and King takes H6 black had to Sacrifice his Queen to avoid getting Checkmated material is now equal and Some of you may be very impressed with Bowers defense if that is the case with You you can be proud of your counting

Skills however you should work on your Forking skills as white has the move Queen to D7 attacking both undefended Bishops to win material here black did Something shocking he did not resign I Wonder how long it will take for him to Realize he is lost Bishop to F6 Queen takes B7 King to G7 Rook to F1 Rook a to B8 Queen to D7 and Rock F to d8 my theory is that black Thought that if he could take the White Queen he would be winning but again Queens can move Queen to G4 check King to f8 F take C5 Bishop to G7 and E6 taking advantage of The pin on the F7 Pawn Rook to B7 and queen to G6 Flexing F6 and Rook takes F6 check this seems Like another sacrifice yet the only Sacrifice here is that of Black's Dignity as he insists on continuing to Play this game Bishop takes F6 and queen takes F6 check Putting the black king in check and Attacking The d8 Rook black now needs to Choose between losing the D A Truck Immediately or losing the other rook in A couple of moves if I were him I would Choose another hobby since chess is Clearly not working out for him King to E8 Queen 2h8 check King to E7 And queen to G7 check Killering the king to win the B7 Rook I

Would say this is a good time to resign However I would be lying the time to Resign is way past us now King takes E6 but of course the human Seems to think there is still Compensation here is a hint from your Silicon friend a pawn for a rock is not A good trade I wonder if Barry was trying to annoy His opponent by offering draws after Every move like some humans I've seen on Foreign takes B7 Rock to D6 Queen takes A6 D4 e takes D4 C takes D4 H4 and D3 Bauer seems unable to take a hint Queen takes D3 laska has had enough of Bowers hopeless persistence giving up Queen for Rook because he has roughly 1 Million extra pawns and here black Finally resigned maybe he was Emotionally attached to the Deep horn I Will never understand these feelings or Humans in general but if you want to Understand chess better check out my Playlist now and don't forget to Subscribe to this Channel and smash the Like button as you humans would say


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