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Stockfish 15 gives IM knight odds

It’s Stockfish 15 versus an International Master, but with a catch! The IM has been given knight odds. If you were in the IM’s shoes, what would your approach be to fight against the world’s strongest chess engine? This game was played on 11-29-22 during a Twitch livestream. Time controls are 15 minutes with a 10-second increment.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 🙂


You have to show us that the human could Be Stockfish 15 with night odds and you're Going to show us the way even if you're A little tired All right So obviously don't listen to The Stream You could always listen back So far we've had three Honest players and um Expecting a fourth I know that will be The case I'm thinking spinal's gonna Take it down no problem Spinal tap Here we go Good luck spinal Bring it home for the humans All right Let's kick on the engine Let's see what we got Okay I think We've had E4 game should I still stick With E4 I guess let's see his approach to E4 A spinal is a beast if you're wondering Oh he's going with the the old Karo Khan Yep I mean 2700 land Blitz rapid over 25 crazy house over 25 He's not All right so Carol Khan Okay Two Pawns in the center And deal with that let's see Let's see of course look at

E5 The big E5 Pawn Look at that Bishop outside the chain Still G4 down Knight doesn't matter G4 Okay [Laughter] Have to question this bishop right we Can't let I don't know we can't let what okay so This is It's only at -5 now so it already Start at -7 Is this already a bad approach by spinal E6 Or Knight H3 I don't think I want to allow E6 to be Played Okay also h4h5 E6 Hmm What's going to be most uncomfortable Knight H3 92 They both are just aiming for the F4 Square 92 it's saying the best move is Bishop E4 Rook G1 and then E6 Bishop e397 Knight G3 Hmm Likes Knight H3 E6 Knight F4 Bishop V7 H4 Okay it seems Seems like we're gonna go with this it

Liked E6 for a minute Maybe Then queen queen D6 takes Bishop takes You probably just want to still keep This Pawn around so let's see what this This wacky Knight H3 move is about See what he comes up with I'm expecting E6 He's taking a very solid approach to Karo Khan Principled Bishop outside the chain Think it's a good strategy White's gonna have to try and do Something stir up some trouble on the King side Yakoon who hello another first time Chatter Nice to have you here Having some fun with Odds Games Okay Knight F4 C5 as the reply I like Knight F4 better than Bishop G2 Let's do it See so right around now Black has this concern This idea of h4h5 Important sequence to be familiar with This threatens to trap the bishop and if You want to save it by moving either Pawn mostly this one there's this Capture and problems quickly Arise on the Problems are going to happen on the Light squares G6

So let's see how he reacts to this Because two hello Another first time chatter welcome All right Bishop E7 how does it feel About Bishop E7 stopping H4 cold Says play H4 no matter what Or it says still play H4 Isn't this a Um you know I think this is a hard move To maybe assess H4 As a human you're going to start Thinking wait and is that just poison Oh okay let's let's put it on He's gonna think for a bit It says you could take Or Bishop to E4 but then there's you Have to start weighing these open lines And the capture on G6 you might be in a Pin that you can't get out of so easily You might not be able to take towards The center anymore because of this pin To take like that Maybe See what it comes up with I'm guessing there's going to be a Thinker here so this is a very important Moment Oh He's not afraid at all He said give me that pawn now I'm up a Knight in a pawn I don't care about this half open file You have

All right All right All right what's what's it what's it Chewing on here Knight takes G6 Rook H3 There we're gonna we're gonna grab that Bishop We now have an unopposed light Square Bishop how is he recapturing They could go in either direction I'm Thinking you'll take Away From the center But maybe he's gonna do the calculations And say that he could uh he could play This and glue the bishop in with H5 Either one is still Still good for team black Oh on please fear he's a Fearless a Fearless I am He doesn't care about that PIN He's seeing a way out there is a threat To take we check and then win The Rook So we could see now A point behind Rook H3 it was calling For that for a moment Bishop B2 C5 Queen of three Queen F3 Knight H6 All right let's try this queen F3 move It's defending the Rook so this you Could take with the King now G5 A little bit of a dip

So this bishop is there to stay Not breaking that down or maybe maybe You are at some point with F4 Maybe he's eyeing up this maneuver Even if you win a pawn Yeah I think this is going to be a very Effective strategy he's he's gonna knife In into those uh weakened squares Okay might have to work around a night That's here Bishop E3 He's playing very fast too It's not getting into time trouble it's More time You're ready to go Queen side castles Knight H6 I don't know that Knight H6 is a move I Could see him playing Okay Knight D7 Queen side castles Bishop D3 All right let's go Queen side castles Yeah this this might be something in a In a way is this bishop maybe out of Play If the Center opens up this is a I don't know it's a short diagonal also If there is this break I wonder about You know the the center maybe being Blown wide open Okay 97 King B1 seems pretty standard Rook H3 Knight G6 I could definitely see this one coming Up

Knight G6 King B1 at once Bishop D3 Maybe yeah maybe bishop D3 make him Think about this one a bit more Hmm I'm gonna go with Bishop D3 rather than King B1 for right now I think he might be looking for this Maneuver so At least you'll have to think about it You know do you want to end up with Triple Pawn triple isolated Pawns in This bishop that is stuck Look at this guy He's he's a convenient Defender to Neutralize this bishop oh he still goes There Knight G6 Not a top move But he's still going there saying I'm Cool with trades Apparently capturing we don't want to do That It is liking the best but do we really Want to do that Gotta keep this guy no Or is the I I think yeah I guess we're Gonna take I'm gonna try and Wow All right what can you do Oh that's saying King B1 hang on let me Let it think still All right let's go with this King B1 Move Queen E7 Knight df8

Queen E7 Knight D to f8 Queen E7 played A4 Or A3 All right let's let's just do something That doesn't I don't know Once more that one or A3 Or A4 maybe we go with A4 Let's go with this A4 top move The moment Where is he going In a way white is saying wait if you Make this decision you might have to Deal with this Pawn Fearless continues To play Fearless Queen side castles Okay now it's saying C4 Or A5 Let's go with A5 I don't want to give this guy up for the Night This is funny Uh no not not for this stream I'm not Really feeling up for any bullet games I Won't be playing any any more games Myself on this stream so For this particular stream played early On okay Knight F4 likes that as well And by this point Okay so Well he is up a piece and a pawn Okay A6 Or Bishop takes Knight A6 it says best is F6 Oh let's go with this A6 move

Thorns man thorns It's playing strong moves and fast That's a tough combo To beat Is he finally gonna think I don't if you take this Knight you're Freeing the bishop So I don't know like Like If I'm playing is is black here I'm Concerned like oh wait a second if I Take then I have to deal with maybe a Rook Or maybe this you know the queen here And is this guy going to be out of play So Let's play B6 B6 Oh a big drop there minus four Compensation for the material Maybe or not quite okay now by this Point it is saying you know what you Better just take that night All right at this I I guess we're Now's The Time to take the night We still have an unopposed light Square Bishop we we've put a dent in the light Squares All right so there we go Bishop takes Knight G takes and now what does it want to Play here still a a rook advantage Saying C4 Explosive

C4 See maybe now this is where he's gonna Finally think there's tension Opposite color Bishops the extra piece Is this Knight Uh the quality of this Knight though How good is the Knight How's it looking from Black's Perspective I'd be concerned You know watch out for me Who king move It was calling for Knight B8 Okay now it's calling for C captures D5 Is this going to lead to way too many Exchanges Chop it says Chop and then Bishop B5 It's also saying Chop Chop Queen takes F4 What if we just take F4 first Let me test something out Queen takes F4 Bishop G5 Queen F3 that's yeah that's Welcoming Rook exchanges I guess okay so I guess we're Oh now it popped up for a second Rook C1 I prefer Rook C1 keeping the tension Yeah let's go Rook C1 Maybe going into the game spinal said You know what I'm gonna I'm gonna play Fast And he continues to play fast because if You get down on time it's Um tough tough tough Not easy

Chop here Chop there and then Bishop B5 An alternative is Bishop C2 within B5 Rook H3 is another move I don't want to release the tension I think that makes life way too easy Hmm C takes DC takes D Rook C8 Rook C8 Bishop B5 Knight f8 Queen takes F4 I guess one way Or the uh one way or another there is Going to be a rook Exchange All right it is saying to exchange pawns Is there some other move only five Minutes left Hmm Okay I'm not going to do that I'm not Releasing the tension I'm going to make A not so wonderful move here with Rook C3 And go with the second rate Hopefully this causes problems Still want to keep that tension Queen B4 considered best Maybe this one will make them think Are you gonna think spinal If the bishop moves now You could stack the Rooks Maybe then he'll be scared Okay Hey what's going on hey G5 The bishop cannot Retreat anymore Rook hc1

Okay I'm gonna have to start moving Faster Rook hc1 The bishop is now cut out of the game He's he's a very committed Bishop It does tie down the queen That likes Queen B4 It's gonna Crawl up into a ball maybe something Like this Within the break Queen is observing this Pawn what's the Play after Queen B4 it says Bishop F1 It's finally thinking Queen B4 maybe he's considering F6 I don't know about that Maybe there's a problem here The E6 Pawn It's night Under control If you're just joining this was the Start position Playing down tonight Here we are 21 Moves In He chose a Carroll Khan advance I'm sorry Carol Conan Went the advanced variation Bishop F5 Okay finally he's thinking So this is where this is where you make A mistake finally after you think for a Little bit I don't think there's a big mistake to Make in this position Would I play as black

Maybe maybe this preparing that Or a capture and a push Where the structure can change Okay it's saying a minus six with Queen B4 But still not entirely clear what's Happening with the queen before move Bishop backing off and then there's These Perpetual attacks maybe against The queen So you're going to come up with This been two plus minute think now Queen B4 Rook H to d8 Queen before it's saying King A2 And then B5 Rook B3 Queen A5 these you see these These lines I don't know How likely are they I think he might be regretting that G5 Idea Poor Bishop Poor guy You're stuck Problems To solve here how does that Bishop Function Okay I don't have to figure oh here we Go F6 how's the what's the evaluation Now Oh we'll drop there a little drop Okay it says blast this position open Now as long as the queen could stick Around I think there's Perpetual check

Ideas It's at this point it says finally go Ahead and Chop on D5 Um might as well do it now I guess Within this idea to Play F3 okay Yeah it's still completely winning for Black Do I have another way to keep the Tension it's not really Queen E2 is another move Saying C takes D5 C takes D5 and then e takes F6 Hmm I don't think I have another Choice Really Hmm All right gotta go I'm going to go with this queen E2 move Still keep the tension Try and keep it complicated See these these two moves are too easy As recaptures Okay Chop And now it's saying C takes D5 Okay Jake Jake thank you for the prime sub Six months now Thank you for your support Take like this take like this Six months sub but a four-year YouTube Viewer thanks man I should have went ahead and captured

And Def and Should have went ahead with this Thinking at least Maybe this counts for something long Term put them under time pressure What's he gonna come up with You gonna go with this one This is the most natural recapture Maybe he's concerned about checks in the Yeah that's what he's concerned about This this this this Check and then Queen entering here okay He took with the c Pawn Now it's saying Bishop B5 I have to pick Up the pace here Bishop B5 it is There a way he could go wrong Like is this capture Terrible somehow Maybe with this and then check and then Entering here possibly I don't know let's see he's under five Yeah it is back to -7 which is where we Started Laughs Still alive though we got this queen and A dangerous thorny Pawn Mate He's a thinking A knight and two pawns up A long way away from Restoring that material Queen H7 check Rook takes C3 Now I could see him playing this one too

Yeah but Queen check it's saying Bishop Back here and then where's the queen Going maybe the push Then this Pawn lives and the Knight is Boxed out for a little bit still Or maybe he's considering this one E4 Decisions There's still a wide range of moves Wide selection Tick tick tick tick tick under three He's really chewing on this one better Make it good E4 It's not a huge fan of that but okay Bishop C6 probably an irritating move to See there Keeping the tent the Rooks are still Alive this Knight is boxed out I don't Know Bishop here possibly Rook takes Rook takes Queen here this Light Square might be a little Concerning oh It's still minus seven This bishop is still Not doing anything wonderful is he gonna Sack a piece Get rolling with these guys Have a we have a Time Edge now It started with a minus seven eval And it dropped to maybe minus four and a Half at one point we'll but back up we Go it likes F3 best also Bishop takes F2 Are these necessary Is this a dangerous move

Or is this an idea too Queen B5 hitting The Knight hitting here looking for a Capture mates He's only got a minute Try to keep it complicated This was the start position Down at night Here we are One minute warning He's nervous I have to do my best here in these final Final minutes to try and keep it Complicated keep the queen on what's he Coming up with what's he calculating the Chop here a push Queen D6 Bit of a dip there Queen C2 Probably a tough move to meet Put it on Triple trouble With this nearby Trying for trying to mate on C8 This guy is not around to defend C8 Keeping the pressure on him Knight F6 Queen B4 Foreign Who's playing Queen before though That would drop the Knight and then this Bishop Rook Cafe Big drop there Under -4 but Bishop B7 Rook takes C3 Queen takes C3

Knight C5 not an easy continuation Let's do it here we are Critical moments here Rook takes C3 Queen takes C3 Knight C5 and only move Knight C5 is an only move he found it Only way to stop mate Take the Knight Opposite color Bishops but we're down a Million Pawns Pawn takes oh no Elite chess is going to Restart in 10 minutes Rook H1 Rook F1 Queen G7 is a dangerous looking move Really active Now we're looking at Bishop moves one Day and maybe mate There's a lot going on here Okay It's over White's winning now plus 10. Oh Plus 12. Bishop takes D5 Queen takes D5 Queen takes f8 Oh my goodness This Still undefeated He's trying King C8 not a fun move Oh man Rook takes C it's a mate in 17. With Bishop takes E6 or Rook takes C5 Oh my goodness Oh man

So if Queen takes What's the mate exactly if Queen would Have captured it's a mate in two Queen takes would have been check And then Checkmate here or here Depending on where the King goes King d8 Bishop takes E6 What happens after this check I guess you could fall back with the Rook Bishop takes E6 Oh man He must know he's toast he's he's known It for a few moves now No coordination It's it's the queen Only one trying to defend and these are All attacking somehow They found a way Oh my goodness Check Rook C1 Queen D3 King A1 maybe he still thinks that There's a way to give a Perpetual that Is possible And Oh there's going to be a bishop block Okay King A1 Queen takes A6 And now the bishop block Queen D6 top move Queen B7 Threatening me

And C8 Look at how close this is to be for to Be winning for black Ready to promote this this Promotion Okay Queen D7 Now Queen B8 King E7 Queen E5 I can't believe spinal didn't see this Maintenance 17. I'm joking of course Okay so now this bishop returns To E6 He resigned Good game man Round of Applause there for spinal Thank you for getting in the ring there He was tired though in his defense he Was tired he said that beforehand so if He if he's Has a good night's rest that would never Happen he's pointing out yeah exactly Your poor Bishop [Laughter] I thought I thought of that as soon as G5 was in I'm like whoa wait a second That's a bit of a short diagonal Tough game Real tough I was trying my best Sometimes I was making some sub-optimal Moves like this one here it wanted to Take like this or that But I just felt it was going to simplify Too much I was trying to make you sweat

Were you sweating Wow And then Stockfish does the the Wizard stuff like You would expect It's crunching the numbers Let's see Good game thank you for playing spinal You're gonna have to try another time You'll get your revenge I'm sure That was a well played game


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