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Smash and Grab | Voelker vs Marler, St Louis 2012

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines a Kalashnikov game between Voelker vs Marler Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign Again I've been sent again by one of my Patrons Alex Marla who played this game In 2012 at the St Louis chess club in Missouri the world famous Chess club And this is a splendid attacking game so Let's take a look at it E5 Pushing the Knight straight away and the Knight goes to B5 in this case And D6 prevents the knights coming into D6 A6 pushes the Knight back So this is Really the the start of the main line Now in the previous video We looked at one of my recommendations In fact my my Mainline recommendation With Bishop E7 and then the Knight comes Back into the middle and so on and That's the starting point of well lots Lots of different things but in this Position instead of playing Bishop B7 Here Alex played B5 Which looks pretty good as it threatens To win a police with B4 and this is the Old main line And it's very daring it's very Interesting because it usually leads to Positions where black sacrifices are Porn So B5 really forces the Knight to come Into D5 well looks pretty good there And now black challenges that with

Knight E7 So that Knight is still out on a limb on A3 and that's why C4 is the common move Here But as is so often the case when white Plays C4 in the Kalashnikov It weakens that D4 Square And that gives black some really nice Ideas now here one can Take on D5 straight away Or you can play the Knight into D4 now Alex plays the knights to D4 There we go it's a great example of the Trojan Horse this typical theme in the Kalashnikov where you throw the knight In often you even give up a pawn But it just helps to open lines for Black But this is a A very well-known position in theory And white has lots of moves here Bishop D3 Bishop E3 Um taking on B5 is the main line and That's got to be critical white except This Pawn And In this position black has various moves You can play Bishop E7 that's the most Popular Bishop D7 G6 and Bishop G7 is possible In practice black has done very well From this position usually using this Nice kingside poor majority often that F Pawn advances

In fact the computers think that white Is doing quite well here but in practice It's actually quite difficult for white To play and yeah obviously lines get Opened on the queen side as well so Black certainly has compensation for the Pawn But instead of Taking here In this game White played Knight takes Knight on E7 I Should say player of the white piece is Jim ferker I don't know him but there we Go Um Knight takes Knight Well This really helps black because it helps In Black's development so you know black Is just one step away from castling now That's helpful And by this point if I were white I'd be Thinking okay I've just got to get out Alive I'd be going Bishop D3 And just evacuating and I think white is still okay there But instead White took on B5 now here Alex castled I think I'd have been tempted to play D5 Straight away yep once again it's the Classic theme we see all the time in the Collection of Liberation station I call It All Aboard let's get on board that Train and throw your pieces into White's Position because this just opens up the

Lines for the blacks pieces here I think it's a good move already But castles was played this is also very Pleasant for black actually and I think Again white should just be thinking okay How do I get out alive you've got to get Castled really quickly and after this Just Castle I think black is a bit Better here nice Pawn structure A majority of Pawns in the center But white should definitely do that Instead Why I thought okay I want my extra Pawn I'm going to take here But now Liberation station All Aboard Here we go and this just opens things up Beautifully for black This is just a wonderful position now White Play Bishop D3 Hoping to get out but Watch What Happens DTX E4 Bishop takes E4 and white must Have been thinking okay well The Rook Moves I get castled I've got an extra Pawn blacks has a black has a bit of Activity but well I've got my extra Pawn Everything should be all right But no what a black play here Well one one knows what's uh that black Is a good move here it's not too Difficult Bishop takes A6 Wham And that's the end of that white king is Never going to escape the middle White took the rook in the corner But this is not good

Just watch Black's pieces here And not to mention that night on D4 and The Rook ready to come into the game as Well and white is utterly lost after Just 15 moves White got too greedy so threats Queen Takes Pawn so F3 Well okay have a little think How would you play with black here how Are you going to pursue the attack on White's King cheers folks I think there are lots of good moves Here I'm in quite a simple way to play is to Play Rook d8 Bring the Rook into play opposite the Queen that can't be bad in itself but The Rook protects the Knight So that means black is ready to play E4 And that will open up The diagonal for the queen I don't see any defense at all In the game Alex played another excellent move Bishop H4 check very good I mean the king can't can't step to D2 That looks really terrible but G3 was Played so this move has provoked G3 so Now F3 Is a terrible weakness I mean one could Just play the bishop back but Should be two very direct I mean that's that's a beautiful move Actually

Attacking the queen and obviously black Is about to break through here as well So white had to give up the queen and of Course that's absolutely fatal And the bishop hopped back to E7 so now It's just a question Of hounding that King and making sure That the white Never finds his feet here And that happened E4 excellent Continuing continuing the strategy of Bringing the queen into the game And this is very nice Don't slow down excellent just giving up The pawn making sure that the queen is Going to enter into the position somehow Rook G1 covers G2 but Bishop C5 very Nice That pawn will have to be taken at some Point and then everything opens B3 protects the Knight Queen E4 the Queen enters Queen C2 check This is terrible and now Final move F5 and here white resigned Queen F2 mate threatened and let's say Well there's there's no defense let's Let's try Rook G2 but then Queen E4 At Queen takes Rook seals the deal so Congratulations Alex Marla On a fine Smash and grab win with the Kalashnikov I think again it just shows that

When White Plays the Knight here and it is the best Continuation why it has to be really Switched on because we noticed White has made so many Night Moves And white falls behind in development And if you're not careful Then you can be caught out and that's Exactly what happened in this game the King got caught in the middle and black Is way ahead in development so very nice Victory and it just shows the dangers That face white sometimes in this Variation I'll put a link to my chessable course Down below somewhere down there in the Video description but also in the Comments Um but if you prefer To look uh look at an opening in the Traditional way using a book but then There you go there's the hardback book Very nice very nice design I have to say They did a great job at new in chess and You can buy the book directly from new In chess or stockists wherever you are On Amazon whatever makes makes a very Fine Christmas present if I may say so There you go thanks very much for Watching


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