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Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: “It’s 4am in Baku — it’s not easy, of course!”

Azerbaijan Chess Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov talks to Kaja Snare after beating Praggnanandhaa on Day 1 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Were joined by Chuck I think in Baku Azerbaijan congratulations Thank you good morning good morning what What time is it for you right now four O'clock foreign wow what what has it Been like to play in the middle of the Night It's not easy of course first first Games it was okay but after uh okay I Just want to be very solid in the last Game but I miss his move Bishop D6 and After Bishop D6 I was very lucky not Lose my rook and I think okay it's time To play very very solid it's just not to Miss in one move but okay I mean it's a Very professional chess player and the Of course is to play in four or five or Just to wake up and play immediately Just it's absolutely normal and for this Reason I just uh very happy to play in This tournament and there is not Important time four o'clock five o'clock It's uh just in very good mood every day And it's okay for me Wow we do see a huge reaction on the bar Here we'll address that move very Shortly one final question for you Shakira are you you start the tour Finals with a huge win against Pragnananda he's been so impressive Throughout the season so how happy are You with starting out with three points Here Uh of course when uh I mean first of all

Uh pragananda is a very strong chess Player and when we start to play first March I mean in wedding we played in Oslo uh I I think I played against him In first round or second I I forget of Course the top players uh first thing Okay we are forward because uh okay but Now is upsettling we are not forward Because he's pregnant on the show how It's very strong and for this reason we Start to play also very solid against Him before we played like okay some very Risky took some big risk but now is okay I also try to play very solid because I Know how it's strong and he can beat Everyone in this online tournaments and I think he's also in classical chess for This reason uh of course I am very happy To start this tournament with uh three Points and very good yeah and to do it In the middle of the night super Impressive congratulations and good luck Tomorrow as well thank you very much


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