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HomeShakhriyar Mamedyarov: "I'm very happy finally to play in the final!"

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: “I’m very happy finally to play in the final!”

Azerbaijan Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov talks to Kaja Snare after beating Richard Rapport to reach the final of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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Congratulations Hello thank you very much thank you very Much how are you right now shouting out After a super cool fight against Richard Okay it was very interesting much much That's not very good for me I was the First game but after we played a few Very good games interesting games Uh I mean it was just a very interesting Match and I I don't know I was lucky or Not in this match because uh really we Tried to play good chess and interesting Games In games but okay I remember happy to be Into playing final Research displayed very well he also Deserved to play in final but I know We are super excited to follow you in That final and you definitely now played Your best tournament on the Champions Chess tour what is the reason would you Say have you done anything differently Before and during the tournament No I mean I played I think a few times Very good tournament in Champions Tour I'm in Oslo also I played very good Tournament and I played really good Against new Forex but I was very Important once again And I cannot share first place also I Played very good one time I think I took Third place I I think it was a very good Tournament for me I won about 18 or 90

Games in One tournament I mean it was very good Tournament for me but first time in Finally I mean okay finally I got this One because really I deserve to play There that I'm interested in good chess But every time somebody Vlogs and for This reason I'm very happy finally if You're playing In final and I will try uh show my best And do you feel being the most grown-up Player in the tournament we had five Teenagers in this tournament and at 37 Do you feel it's nice to prove that Experience matters a lot in chess yeah Of course I mean I think it's all just Nurses injured from this tournament and Also just lovers I tried it also to play Very nice very good in future space of Course Manchester played well in this Tournament also Richard he played very Nice and he won first game but he must Give news I mean it's very interesting Tournament and the results is but Like this Yeah And of course facing young Christoph Duda in that big final what do you Expect when playing him he's been on the Top Forum as well this tournament Yeah he's he's in top yeah I mean and The uh of course I think in home Launches tournaments he played very good Also of course in a normal question

Paper but in this tournament that I was There in A group tournaments but okay I mean it Will be very interesting tournament uh You know very interesting final and uh I Think he's very strong he's very good And we see it today he beat a Magnus And Okay I mean maybe it's a little bit Forward because it's important but Nothing to lose I mean I will try to Show my best and put it in the end Now finally we can hear some sounds from Where you're sitting is there a lot of Wind in I guess you're in Baku Azerbaijan and yeah Baku is every time Is like this but it's October his Version like this is normal absolutely Normal I cannot do anything but it's Very cold yeah I mean it's very Universal for me and the better is a Little bit cold yeah I mean I say this One before the game my friend it will be Not easy to play chess but for me I love This song Sounds like the perfect weather to be Inside and play chess congratulations on Winning today and good luck tomorrow


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