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Samuel STEALS Hans’ King Off The Board!??

Photos by Lennart Ootes
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Sevian, Samuel (2684) – Niemann, Hans Moke (2699)
U.S. Championship ( [12] 2022.10.18
D41 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Semi-Tarrasch,

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 c5 5.cxd5 cxd4 6.Qxd4 exd5 7.e4 dxe4 8.Qxd8+ Kxd8 9.Ng5 Be6 10.a3 Nbd7 11.Bf4 Rc8 12.g3 Bb3 13.Bg2 Nh5 14.Be3 f5 15.g4 f4 16.Bd4 f3 17.gxh5 fxg2 18.Rg1 Nf6 19.Rxg2 Bc5 20.Rd1 Bxd1 21.Ne6+ Ke7 22.Nxc5 Bg4 23.N5xe4 Nxe4 24.Rxg4 Nxc3 25.Rxg7+ Kd6 26.Bxc3 Rhe8+ 27.Kf1 Rc7 28.Rg4 Rf7 29.a4 b6 30.h6 Re3 31.Rd4+ Ke6 32.a5 Ref3 33.Rd2 b5 34.Bd4 Rd7 35.Kg2 Rf5 36.Re2+ Kd5 37.Bg7 Kc4 38.Re4+ Kb3 39.Re8 Rdf7 40.Rh8 Rg5+ 41.Kh3 b4 42.Kh4 Rg6 43.Rxh7 Rxh6+ 44.Rxh6 Rxg7 45.f4 Kxb2 46.f5 b3 47.f6 Rg2 48.h3 Ka2 49.Rh7 b2 50.Rb7 Rg6 51.f7 Rf6 52.Kg5 Rxf7 53.Rxf7 b1=Q 54.h4 Qg1+ 55.Kh5 Kb3 56.a6 Kc4 57.Rg7 Qc5+ 58.Rg5 Qe7 59.Rf5 Kd4 60.Kg4 Qe6 61.Kg5 Ke4 62.Rf6 Qe7 63.Kg6 Ke5 64.Rf5+ Ke6 65.Rf4 Qe8+ 66.Kg5 Qg8+ 67.Kh5 Ke5 68.Rf1 Qd5 69.Rf8 Qd1+ 70.Kg5 Qd2+ 71.Kh5 Qd7 72.Rf1 Qb5 73.Rf8 Qxa6 74.Kg5 Qe6 75.Rf1 Qg8+ 76.Kh6 Qh8+ 77.Kg5 Qd8+ 78.Kh5 a5

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02:15 Completely New Game!
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19:40 It was in this position!
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Hello everyone and welcome to a really Awesome game uh from the penultimate Round of the US Championship 2022 Between Samuel 7 and Han smoke and Neiman and the game itself is really Amazing but what happens during the game Is uh even more amazing it’s one of the Weirdest thing to ever happen in a game Especially in the tournament of this Magnitude this is the United States Championship where uh at at a certain Point in the game uh Samuel Savion uh Literally takes hans’s King grabs it of The board breaks it or breaks his head You know the little cross on the king And then it’s just you know he he acts Like Hans is the one doing something Weird and then he flings the king onto The board and I mean I I have no idea What happened I don’t think they’ve Addressed it after the game uh maybe They have I haven’t seen the interviews If you guys know what’s been happening There uh do share in the comments but I Will show you a video of this once we Reach that position so stay tuned for That now Samuel opens with a Ponta D4 Now he goes for the Queen’s Pawn opening With Knight to F6 by Hans uh Pawn to C4 And now Pawn to E6 we have Knight to F3 And D5 so just a standard Queen’s Gambit Declined with Knight to C3 and now C5 Going for the semi tarash C captures on The five and now uh you could capture e

Captures on D5 Knight captures on D5 or If you wanna have the most fun you will Play C characters on D4 so Queen Captures with e captures on D5 and now Pawn to E4 we have D captures on e4 Queen character San Diego we have the Early Queen trade King captures and Knight to G5 now going after Knight Captures on F7 with check the window Rook here so of course Bishop to E6 and Now Pawn to A3 you could also capture an E6 but it has been played before nothing Spectacular so upon the A3 Knight B to D7 and now Bishop to F4 and Interestingly uh Samuel already played This exact game in this exact tournament A few rounds before in in his game Against Jeffrey xiong where um continued With the shot B3 guarding the D1 Square Not allowing Rook to D1 or queen side Castles uh by white but here we have Rook the C8 and it is now as of move 11 That we have a completely new game so of Course Hans knows about this game and it Wasn’t Um Uh hard to to prepare for it as I Imagine he knew that Savion would go for This it’s okay as a move 11 we have a Completely new game we have G3 now Preparing to think after the light score Bishop and Bishop to B3 now guarding That D1 Square Bishop to G2 and now we Have Knight the H5 going after the

Bishop here so Bishop to E3 and now Pawn To F5 Nicely defending the E4 pawn and pawn to G4 it makes sense to undermine the Structure the Knight doesn’t really Belong on H5 and also you want to Black The capture on G4 so you can start Capturing an E4 so here Pawn to F4 by Hands going after the bishop and now Bishop to D4 uh the other idea is you Could just trade for example G captures On H5 F captures an E3 and after I have Captured some like Bishop to C5 and okay You’ve won your Pawn back but Hans has a Beautiful development here the Rooks are Doing awesome work the the other will Come into the game so yeah black would Definitely have compensation another Thing you could do instead of Bishop to D4 you could also capture an A7 but then F3 is coming and so on so uh Savion not Interested in that A7 Pawn he plays Bishop to D4 first uh in the now okay Pawn to F3 just going after the bishop Here G captures an H5 we have F captures On G2 and the now Rook the G1 we have Knights the F6 now and Cat factoring the Pawn on G2 solo characters and G2 you do Not want this Pawn surviving at any cost So Bishop to C5 now defending the pawn Also offering a trade of Bishops and This is where the game really takes uh a Different turn there are many ways to Continue this game you could capture on

F6 you could capture on C5 and we are Going to explore the two options for Example captures captures Knight Captures here but then Rook to E8 and Now this Rook becomes very active the Bishop pair is fully operational so Maybe not something you want to allow Another thing you could do is play Bishop captures on C5 go for this trade And then okay if the Knight moves then The H5 Pawn is hanging so let’s say H6 And then if G captures you’re gonna Capture here but again Rook to E8 seems Like a very very nice move okay you can Play F3 defend the Knight it then comes Rook the F5 goes after the pawn and Still hunts will get a very very Playable position so instead after Bishop to C5 Samuel plays Rook to D1 and It’s such a such a fine move that you Have to really calculate properly in Order to even try and take advantage of This if if we can even call it an Imprecision and Hunt just captured The Rook with Bishop captures on D1 Uh so let’s see let’s see what the Hans Had what Savion had in mind the thing is You can’t go for Knight to F7 check to Fork the king and the Rook because if You go for this everything just works in Black’s favor for example King 8 Knight Captures on H eight and now Bishop to F3 Now your Rook is hanging your Bishop Here is hanging and let’s say Bishop

Captures on C5 Bishop captures on G2 Bishop captures an A7 now Knight capture Sun H5 you don’t really get anything for Your exchange sacrifice it’s Four Points Each only hunts is our hunts is up in The exchange so what Samuel had in mind Is Knight the E6 check we have King the E7 not allowing Rook captures and G7 Because now the Knight hangs and now Knight captures on C5 and this is a move That maybe uh Samuel missed the bishop The G4 because it’s such a such a Wonderful move uh it seems like okay Maybe you can attack the bishop and then Just grab the G7 Pawn if you can play This then black will have a very hard Time defending this the problem is if You try something like this look at this Rook h.d8 attacks the bishop and okay Bishop goes back nothing spectacular Still you have to do something about the Bishop and then we capture on G7 but now B6 the Knight is attacked and what do You do about the Knight now uh obviously You have to move it if you move it comes Rook captures on C3 and that’s the the Beauty of it now if Pawn captures Rook To D1 it’s just Checkmate so uh Samuel Has to be very very careful here as Danger lurks everywhere so he plays Knight captures Knight five captures on E4 grabbing back the pawn uh Knight Captures an e for Rook G captures uh Rook captures on G4 Knight captures on

C3 now a nice in between move Rook Captures and G7 King to D6 and now Bishop captures and C3 and now Samuel is Up to pawns but Hans is up the exchange But it’s very very hard to make use of That Exchange Since the pawn The Rook here has to stay Guarding the H7 Pawn if you allow Captures then the pass Pawn starts Marching forward the bishop here nicely Controls the queening square so it’s Definitely a good trade-off we have Rook HD 8 by Hans King to F1 and now Rook the C7 offering a trade of Rooks but of Course not interested Rook to G4 we have Rooked the F7 the F2 Pawn is weak so uh Hans of course will go after it pawn to A4 trying to get the pawn all the way to A5 so everything is nicely defended by The bishop and now Pawn to B6 hunt Prevents this we have Pawn to H6 and now Rook to E3 uh preparing to shift the Rook over to F3 to go after the uh the Pawn here and yeah you don’t really also If Rook to G7 which is a nice move you Can just play Rook to F3 and defend your Rook while attacking and then uh you Will be very happy so here Rook the D4 Check instead King to E6 and now Ponte A5 trying to uh ruin a Hunt’s spawn Structure here Rook eat the F3 going After the pawn here Rook the D2 Defending and now Pawn to B5 not Allowing his Pawn structure to be ruined

Bishop to D for now going after the A7 Pawn now for the moment it’s defended But um Uh still it’s a nice diagonal for the Bishop and also the F2 Pawn is not uh Sufficiently defended Rook to D7 and now Just King the G2 attacking the rook and You don’t really gain anything by Attacking the bishop because just Rook T To check and you move the bishop so Nothing spectacular there so Rook the F5 And now we have Rook to E2 with check King to D5 and now Bishop to G7 and now Samuel has a very clear plan of Rook the E8 Rook dh8 capture the pawn moved the Rook and then Advance the past H Pawn to Victory so what can Hans do here he Plays King C4 okay Rook to E4 with check Now uh King to B3 and now Rook to E8 Going after the pawn here Rook D to F7 Attacking the F2 pawn and just Rook the H8 so he gives up the F2 Pawn in order To try and take advantage of the Position and now Hans plays Rook to G5 With check interestingly Rook captures On F2 is a move everyone would play and It’s I mean it’s it’s pretty much a Nobody trainer but the problem is that It’s winning but you have to be a strong Player like Hans in order not to play it Because sometimes that’s just how chess Works sometimes you don’t play the Strongest move because you are very Strong but I will just show it because

It’s it’s such a such a fun line for Example Rook captures an F2 King H3 You’re gonna play Rook to F3 check King To G4 Rook to F4 check King to G3 and Now Rook the C4 and now you will try to Create a mating net for the white king And of K okay if white wants to have a Chance he has the Capron H7 Rook to D7 Now now you see what’s happening Rook to D3 check Rook to see to check Rook to D1 Checkmate the only good way to stop this Is to go back with the king king to G2 And now once you try this Rook the D2 With check there’s King the F3 and now Once Rook the D3 check is played you Have King E2 and now okay you can’t go For this because the Rook will be Hanging so Rook the H3 check now white Will try and bring the Rook back into The game Rook the seat to check now you Will play King the F1 and okay now There’s no Checkmate you have to first Capture the pawn so Rook H capture some H2 and now King to G1 this is how you Stop Checkmate but only for the moment As for example Rook the G2 check King to F1 Rook C to F2 with checking the E1 now Rook H2 and now just Rook the C8 now Rook the C3 check might be a problem so You’re gonna play B4 at some point and Now it doesn’t really matter what white Plays now the position is winning for Example Rook C7 Rook to F5 and now you Don’t even care about the pawn even if

Something like Rook captures an A7 the Pawn is defended you’re gonna play Rook To C5 if if white doesn’t allow you to Go Rook day five you’re gonna play Rook To C5 and now after King to D1 stopping This Checkmate now you Checkmate this Way King the A2 and now it doesn’t Matter what white plays for example Rookie seven King B1 and there is no Defense against Rook to C1 Checkmate so It’s really a a a wonderful maneuver uh I mean just one that you you you just uh Have to see but okay in the game Rook The G5 was played we have King the H3 And now Pawn to B4 this is always going To be a useful move uh and now King the H for attacking The Rook Here and Now Rook the G6 hunts doesn’t even go after The A5 Pawn he first goes Rook to G6 and Now we have Rook captures on H7 but now All of a sudden Hans abandons the plan Of winning the game and he plays Rook Captures on H6 which basically trades Down into into a drawn end game Rook Captures on H6 Rook captures and G7 and Now Pawn to F4 and this is now a dead Draw if you play at the engine level uh Precise way however of course they are Both humans they are not engines and Mistakes can be made but what makes this Uh position so special is that this is Where the the magic really happens here In this position Samuel Simeon picked up hans’s King he

He he just grabbed it and he broke it or Maybe he didn’t break it maybe the the Little Crown from from the black king Just fell off and then it seemed like he Broke it but then he was just completely Weirded out I’m just gonna show it to You so you see what happened uh so this Is a a short clip from uh from the from The game uh watch this So there we have it that’s the position You can see now it’s Hunt’s move it’s Hans this time that’s that’s uh going Down but now Samuel just picks up the King And uh the the little Crown gets broken So he he he he holds the little Crown in His head and Hans is obviously weirded Out by this he he has no idea what Samuel is doing and then Samuel just Flings the king to to a completely Random Square uh you don’t know what He’s saying but uh it’s it’s literally Like he’s asking Hans does he want to Step outside I mean this is this is Completely crazy now he puts the king Back but Hans stops the clock and he Calls the Arbiter obviously he does not Like what what Samuel is doing he and The Samuel puts the crown back on the Black king and knock it the Arbiter will Come and then he will uh obviously step In uh reimburse Hans for for the time Lost that the the blacking spent of the Board I mean this is uh wild stuff so I

Have no idea what happened there uh why Did he take it the the first time I saw The clip I was like um probably Samuel Was so so deep into the game he was uh You know he wasn’t paying attention to The real world and maybe sometimes you Know when you play a game you just grab A piece of random piece and then you Just you know start shuffling it you Know through your fingers maybe he Thought that that what what he was doing Uh even though he just grabbed hans’s King from the actual board uh but it Does you know uh you know maybe he was Just trying to send a certain message he Grabbed the king and like broke his head Off I mean like it’s uh it can be Interpreted in many ways but as I have Not seen it addressed uh if you guys Know what happened there do share in the Comments so we can all increase our vast Knowledge but okay the game did continue And even though the position is a draw Like I said it might not be one so King Captures on B2 Ponta F5 Samuel starts Pushing his F Pawn Pawn to B3 hunt Starts pushing the B Pawn we have F6 Attacking the rook and now Rook the G2 Hans goes after the H2 pawn and now uh Interestingly there is only one good Move here but it’s such a a weird move To play that you you simply don’t play It and you’ve seen the situation on the Clock Samuel was down to some six

Minutes and Hans has over 30 minutes on The clock in the game H3 was played Which seems normal the pawn is attacked You want to push it but this is the move That cost him the game if you actually Want to draw this you have to play Rook H5 it’s such a silly move to play just Give up the H2 Pawn look at this Rook Captures now King G4 and how are you Stopping the promotion if you put the Rook on F2 there’s a rook to F5 if you Capture on H5 uh it’s not a problem King Captures and after King A2 you will also Queen your pawn and that will be a draw There’s no winning this position so uh Weird as it is uh just uh Pawn to H Through uh Pawn to H3 not not the great Rook the H5 the move you have to play I Mean uh I mean it makes sense once you See it of course you want to play Rook To F5 but in the game H3 was played and Now Hans just plays King the A2 and now There’s a problem how do you start Pushing your uh your pawn it makes sense To put the Rook on H5 but here you are Just not in time just Rook to F2 I mean That that that’s just not happening so Instead Rook to H7 was played and now we Have Pawn to B2 and here Rook to B7 Putting the Rook behind the pass pawn And interestingly uh it’s not as clean As you might think there is only one Move that wins the game for Hans so uh You know just for good measure feel free

To pause the video and try to find the Only winning move for Hans while I give You a couple of seconds So uh for those of you who were able to Do it congratulations on not promoting That pawn and for those of you who just Want to enjoy the show it is a rook the G6 this is the only move that wins the Game and Hans did play it now uh Interestingly if if you just play uh Pawn to B1 Queen uh Rook captures on B1 Okay King characters on B1 black is now Up a full Rogue but just King H5 and how Are you stopping the promotion you will Have to play Rook to F2 at some point to Stop the pawn but then you allow the White king to defend that pawn by King G7 and then win the black rook and then White will also be left with a pawn uh He will Queen it and it will be a race But but it’s a draw so uh it’s important To play the best move here and Hans dots Rook to G6 now the point is once F7 is Played and there’s no other good way to Defend you can play Rook here and if you Play The Rook to F7 then you can no Longer play Pawn to F7 so Samuel does Push it but now Hans just puts the Rook Behind the pass Pawn as one always Should King the G5 now what do you play Well Rook capture percent F7 this is the Only way to do it and that’s why Hans Played it now if you capture The Rook The pawn Queens but if you don’t capture

The Rook the pawn Queens just as well so You might as well capture it so here Samuel could resign but he will force Hans the to prove that he can win this Upon the B1 Queen H4 now Samuel does Have a past H Pawn so he will start Pushing it with Queen the G1 check King H5 now King to B3 now you will have to Win this Pawn at some point Um uh to to to start pushing it that Will be the cleanest way to win so Ponte Is sex with King to C for now uh and Rook the G7 attacking the queen which is A nice trick if Hans actually grabs The Rook it’s a stalemate the white King has No squares so instead after Rook the G7 Queen the C5 with the check Rook the G5 And now Queen to E7 uh Rook to F5 we Have King to D4 and now King to G4 we Have Queen to E6 attacking The Rook now If you push the pawn then just king Attacks The Rook The Rook is pinned you Will lose that roxo or King the G5 King To E4 and now Rook to F6 with Queen D7 Again trying the same same idea King to G6 now King the E5 we have rooked F5 With the check King the E6 and now Rook To F4 and now we have Queen to E8 with Check King to G5 and queen to G8 with Check King to H5 now comes King to E5 Attacking The Rook Rook F1 and now Queen To D5 nicely centralizing and if you Check the black king then the black king Moves and checks the queen checks the

White King on H5 so Rook to f8 Queen to D1 with check King to G5 and now Queen To D2 check King H5 Quinta D7 and now we Have Rook Back The Rook back to F1 we Have Queen to B5 now going after the Pawn and now Rook to f8 there’s no good Way to uh to actually defend that pawn If you go you can play Um uh this move here but then many moves Are possible here like for example you Can play King to F5 and then the white King is completely boxed in and the the Queen covers the F1 Square so you cannot Deliver any checks and white will very Soon get checkmated so instead after Queen B5 Rook the f8 displayed keeping That King away from the white king but Not just Queen captures and A6 with King To G5 now comes Queen to E6 uh Rook to F1 and now Queen to G8 with check now if You go uh you can’t really go anywhere You have to go to the H file so here we Have King the H6 but now Queen to AJ With checking to G5 now Queen to d8 Check King to H5 and now Pawn to A5 and It was in this position on move 78 that Samuel Savion resigned to the game and Hans moken Iman gains his third victory In a row which would be spectacular if He didn’t have such a bad start to the Tournament but uh at least he improved Uh you know uh uh nearing the end of the Tournament so it’s a quite a wild game It was a really really nice exchange

Sacrifice by Savion but Hans played all The best moves and even though he he Sort of missed that um crazy winning Line that we’ve shown uh it’s good that He did because otherwise we would never Get to see this uh well actual Decapitation of the black king during a Chess game this is something I mean this Is something you would expect to see in A bar or maybe uh from from Wilson The Hustler but you know uh between two two Top Grand Masters playing the United States Championship I believe this is a First uh so yeah that’s the game hope You guys enjoyed that regarding the Standings uh if you guys are interested Uh not much has changed Fabiano Corona Still in first place with eight points Ray Robson following with seven and a Half and uh well it will be it will be Very interesting in the final round Fabiano faces levonne arunan and Ray Robson faces Jeffrey xiong so we’ll see And what they can do 8.7 and a half Points with seven we have Dominguez and One underlying and a whole lot of people With six and a half so those are the Ones that are are in contention for First place I would say but yeah Remarkable game remarkable Move by by Samuel just stealing the king Of the board I I love it I hope we see More of it I hope you guys enjoyed that As well I would like to wish a very

Happy birthday to Jimmy LeBlanc that was Yesterday so uh Happy Birthday again if You’ve missed the video and I would like To thank Anderson Vira torko stanquist Revision reptiles YouTube and Trevor Terrace for a contribution to my channel Thank you a lot I really appreciate it As usual you can check two of my Previous videos here thank you for Watching and I will see you soon Continuing the coverage of everything That’s happening in the Chess World and Uh you know whatever you guys deem Necessary to show use hashtag suggestion Uh thank you all I will see you soon and Have an excellent rest of your day


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