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Rapport: “I was looking forward to Gukesh putting me out of my misery!”

World Chess no. 11 Richard Rapport talks to Kaja Snare after beating Indian prodigy Gukesh to reach the semi-finals of the Aimchess Rapid. Replay the games:

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And we’re joined by Richard Ford Congratulations on being in the Semi-finals Oh hi thanks How are you now after that super long Match and game 167 moves Oh yeah I have this tendency on this Tournament to to have this uh games Which are lasting more than 100 moves Yeah and after this usually I force a Draw in in Berlin the the next game so Uh What will happen tomorrow Yeah rookie Bishop end game seems to now Be a specialty of yours how happy are You to to win this against ucash Yeah of course I’m very happy with the With the result especially because I Lost Um a second game Um but you know I feel like I was probably completely winning at Some point or at least it looked like And then I blundered that he’s coming With the King and he was on second and Then he defended the very continuously And um Uh yeah I couldn’t get more he tricked Me like multiple times and I couldn’t Get more than than this bishop against Tons originally uh which was a bit a bit Annoying but then um yeah I felt like I I got I will have some practical chances Once he he decided to prolong uh

Innovate his misery and kept the pawn on E5 uh I felt like this shows showed some Kind of a weakness or fear from him Because uh if I was a black I would have Just uh immediately enter and start Counting the the 50 moves rather than Trying to defend the pawn first one if I’ve done before I I don’t think I Missed some wins on the way but uh still I felt like I got practical chances Because of this yeah so did you ever Consider taking the joy in that game or Did you want to because he’s only 16 He’s not that experienced did you really Want to test him in this end game Uh you know I um yeah I was thinking After my game with uh with David Anton That I should not play out this Rook Against Bishop but Um because it started the that he was Prolonging uh the defense of the the E-pawn which which is eventually going To fall Um I felt like you know Um I might have some chances and um yeah Basically um he ended up with this uh Drum position when uh I think Kingdom’s History Um something it’s still a draw but then I when I move my king to E3 I’m already Winning so he has to be careful there And he has to break uh with Rook D2 the Stillmate idea I think which he didn’t Play

Um yeah so basically I felt like In in general what I felt like I I’m Because of the strangeness and the game Was very long that I I will have chances Yeah and you also of course made a Comeback yeah after losing game two you Won game three so your confidence must Be really high leading up to the Semi-finals now Oh no not at all I I’m playing uh you Know miserable chess honestly so Um I was really looking forward to Uhukish putting me out of my misery Tonight but um yeah so we will see I Don’t even know who I’m playing uh Tomorrow with or if there is an opponent But um yeah my tournament was far from Impressive let’s put it this way You sound like I’m like Richard negative on your own Behalf and you’re gonna play shakrian Mama diaro tomorrow the whole Chess World is looking forward to that uh Expecting some entertaining chess what Do you think that the match will look Like I would like to make it to 20 moves Yes that’s my main main goal and maybe Four games yes but um but okay that’s Too ambitious maybe so just 20 moves Each game have you signed it happily so No 167 Move games then Well if it goes that far I am very glad Yes maybe total if I make total 167 Moves in all four games I will be also

Very happy about this Congratulations on winning today’s Quarter finals Thanks see you again tomorrow


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