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Praggnanandhaa: “It was a great experience & I think I learned a lot”

17-year-old Indian Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa talks to Tania Sachdev after ending the 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour season with a win over Arjun Erigaisi. Replay the games:

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Congratulations on fitting the final Match here at the tour finals it was a Really up and down day today Yeah Okay the third game I just played Uh uh very badly and but this game okay I fell for the strap with C5 or k6 which Is supposed to be very bad for black Like this extent Checkers Um but it's very good conversation and It's almost close to uh winning for White And then I think after I got this bishop For Bishop season I think it's just uh Totally lost for him there was no chance Arjun had a tough start in the Tournament but then really picked up the Points and momentum uh and in this game Three he was it looked like he just Absolutely crushed were you worried After game three Yeah no um I was just very upset with The game three because I kind of made some quick moves in the Opening and got into very big trouble And then yeah and then okay in the end Also I just Blended and met in I mean I just Blended a mate Um otherwise maybe I could have tried to Play play on a little bit but Uh but yeah it's just I just had to play My best in the game four and hope for The best team any you did that how are You feeling with your overall Performance here at the finals I don't

Think it was anything great but it's Always good to win the last match Because that's why you remember of a Tournament so yeah I'm happy that I won The last match yeah and is it a little Tricky when you're playing against well Arjun is a colleague of yours a close Friend of yours is that always a little Tricky no not really yeah it's There is always thing that you're Playing against uh like your It'll compatriate and you're like Um your category players there's always A thing but it doesn't matter nowadays Because yeah it's just it feels like Playing a strong opponent as well so Nothing makes difference Prague the tour Has come to an end and it's been a Phenomenal one for you even though yes It's a little Bittersweet at the end With this event uh we also congratulate You you have won the best performance Prize in uh exceeding your expectations Uh you started as an underdog you Finished the tour as a total star how do You feel about that yeah when coming Into the tour I didn't think I would uh Performed as well but okay considering The tournaments I played this one feels Like uh not so good uh but yeah it Happens and I think overall the tour was A great opportunity for me it was a Great experience and I think I learned a Lot and uh enjoyed the tournament as

Well we loved having you here and play What are your hopes for Champions chess Store 22 . hopefully I'll get a chance to play uh Play again and yeah it'll be uh it will Always be a fun tournament to play Well regardless of what you feel about Your performance Prague you have been Phenomenal this entire season Congratulations


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