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Praggnanandhaa: “I’m very happy to win a match finally!”

17-year-old Indian Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa talks to Tania Sachdev after beating Jan-Krzysztof Duda in Armageddon in Round 5 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Prague you won what a match this was Went down to the wire joy relief what Are you feeling now finally I'm happy That black survived in this game because Okay white was just winning uh all the Six games okay this game I was trying to flag me at the end but I I think I was all I was fast at least Okay I couldn't like move with the Pieces maybe you should try F6 and try To flag me but uh it would have been Uh time scrambled they're like uh like Like a bullet but Fortunately for me it was just a like You didn't try F6 and I just could wait Normally were you a bit nervous that he Might actually try to flag you in this Absolutely equal position Yeah I think he was trying uh at the Last position but I was happy to see That I got to like we were both around Like five seconds margin so I thought It's possible that I can flag him but I Knew he's also an online player so it Might have been uh uh fun for the Audience but not for us but okay for me Fortunately it was just a raw wow you Really kept your control over your Nerves in that one you mentioned that White was so decisive throughout the Match all the winds were with white Pieces Brock before you went into the Armageddon choosing the colors was that A thought in your mind that maybe I

Should pick White No I didn't think so like he was second In the two stunning so he has to pick Every time Um but actually I didn't rate my chances I in the in the in the iron because White was crashing all the games like God is getting much better position out Of opening and also I'm down by a minute And every time one of us was getting low On time so it didn't and also there's no Increment additionally so I didn't think That I would make it this game but okay I managed to somehow Exchange Trade Everything and get to this Rook anyway Do you feel like if you had to pick the Colors you might have chosen white Considering there were no draws in the Entire match yeah definitely yeah Right and uh beating Duda you've Definitely had uh some history there Lots of Fighting Chess how does it feel To finally emerge uh Victorious I'm also Very happy to win a match finally Um because yeah I just uh I'm just Having a tough tournament uh this one But I felt like my game quality wasn't Too bad uh but okay today I don't think I played uh well uh at all like I I was Playing decent Um but yeah he just gave me chances in The uh With the white pieces so I just took it In the rapid potion prog you had to play

Catch up the entire match I want to ask You when there's a little break going on And we know Ramesh is here give us a Little sneak peek into what happens how Do you keep control on your nerves for The game coming up I just try to see What to play for the next game and it's The main thing because to put pressure With the white is important And uh yeah And I was just like at some point I Think for the fourth game I had like 20 Minutes Gap but I was just not in the Mood to prepare too much so I just took It for five minutes and then started to Look at the other games And yeah just try to relax and that's That's the thing I think I don't think it's the ideal offering Tomorrow uh to have the basketball match Today but I think I'm going to watch the Match say Magnus tomorrow your thoughts Uh yeah it's going to be fun Um as always and hope to play some good Chess tomorrow I'm always excited about that match up Enjoy the evening


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