Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Praggnanandhaa: “I was the one who was pushing!”

17-year-old Indian Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa talks to Tania Sachdev after losing to Magnus Carlsen in Round 6 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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A tough day in the office today what Happened in the match take us too I think the first two games in the both Games I think I was the one who was Pushing and I think with little time I Was just playing terribly today because Um I would say not quick enough in a way Because I was just making a lot of mistakes in Uh in time travel did his opening Choices surprise you Yeah I knew it will come as a surprise Soon uh in that way there was no Surprise yeah I got a good position in First two games And yeah it's just bad that I I didn't Even make a draw in both the games All right but uh playing against Magnus Is never easy but you Could use with his opening choices you Did manage to create chances and have Good positions but then there was this Sudden collapse that would happen and Often around repetition uh what was Going on at that moment Yeah I don't know Um the first game I think I had like better ways to play Um but when I got to this position where I was performed on I like I sacrificed Upon in the queen side Yeah I was already I think playing for a Draw like I was hoping for some trick to

Work but yeah there was some trick with Knight F6 at some point which I missed And then I think it's just lost Uh yeah again it was I think Usually I would find it so it Um even with little time but just uh I Just missed it today so something went Wrong Well one more March coming up we hope You finish on a high all the best for Tomorrow Prague Thank you


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