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Praggnanandhaa: “I think everything went wrong!”

17-year-old Indian chess prodigy Praggnanandhaa talks to Tania Sachdev after playing Anish Giri on Day 2 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals in San Francisco. Replay the games:

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Prague it was a great start for you Today but it didn't go your way what Went wrong I think everything went wrong Um yeah the fourth game was crucial and I thought um I had a like a risk-free Position like Um I really thought that what could Possibly go wrong there I mean I had This outside passport maybe even before That I was winning but I thought like This position I can't lose any time Because okay this outside passport and Then okay just even without two those Two points on the queen side I think It's holdable but okay it's just uh yeah Just started to panic a little bit after This Rook of fun and night itch for Stuff Yeah there was just bad was it tough After that to go into this bit tie break Uh yeah it was tough Um because okay I I like I had to make a Draw in two games and okay lost booth And also in the first game has probably Lost in the opening but then I think I Got a very good chance after I won the Piece but then it's not uh easy when you Have less time like 30 seconds to find The precise moves so okay then in the Last game I think I had a chance after I Won the E4 Pawn like I could maybe put The bishop on B5 and then try to play With the G Pawn but I just missed that Rook G5 just makes her easy draw

You mentioned that the fourth game was So critical and we felt that you played So well up till a certain point but then It just seemed as it moved by move it Was getting passive do you think there Was this thing that you wanted to be too Solid in that game You mean the fourth game yes uh yeah I I Should have probably just forgot that I just had to make a draw like there Were probably so many ways that I could Just continue pushing for a win even and Yes it's bad that uh I lost I mean the Thing was that even like when I got this A pawn I could just Let me come back with the bishop or Or do something else like there are Probably 100 ways to make a draw there So it's just upsetting that I lost that Position two amazing wins and then tie Break anything can happen Prague it was A tough match at the end within half Year news congratulations on the Arjuna Award yeah thanks What does it mean for you yeah it means A lot it's Highest award for this sport in India so It's uh it definitely feels good and Um it will what do we not only me but Also other place and I I hope other Players also take up chess seriously Like other other young kids let's say Yeah big for the chess Community because Chess hasn't won an Arjuna award since

2013. yeah it's good that they're Recognizing chess back now and yeah it's It'll be nice if they give uh awards Every year and I I think it's gonna Happen so yeah it's good for the game What was your first reaction when you Found out that this year you'll be Conferred with the award Yeah I was surprised I wouldn't say I'm surprised because I don't know like I just felt happy but I was not sure what I what to feel We were not surprised that you Prague Absolutely deserved congratulations one More time and all the best for tomorrow Yeah thank you


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