Monday, October 2, 2023
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Praggnanandhaa: “I kind of overpushed!”

17-year-old Indian Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa talks to Tania Sachdev after narrowly losing to Wesley So in Round 4 of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals. Replay the games:

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Prague it was a tough day against Wesley Can you tell us about take us through The match I think the match was like the game Three was the key Um yeah I lost it and I think the game Four I didn't have much chances I tried To play some D6 and uh some try to get Some interesting position but I don't Think I got much And yeah game three I kind of over Pushed uh with little time also so it Was just didn't make sense Game three was indeed the turning point And that's what Wesley mentioned as well Was there any key moment uh that you Feel was really where things slipped out Of your hands I think the position where I went F3 itself is kind of dangerous For me like he took and God is going to C8 F5 and uh which is already quite Dangerous for me like in Rapid format at Least and I also went for this queen D6 Knight C6 uh and just left my king Behind so it's just a bad game for me You're always so Positive and whenever you come you talk About taking away the good from the Match regardless of how it goes result Wise what is the positive takeaway from Today's match against Wesley no I think The other games I played I think at Least the first two games I think I Played quite well

And um Yeah so that's that's the only take away From today Okay fair enough and I want to ask you Every time Here there's a puzzle on the board and You're able to solve it within seconds Uh you've been the fastest solver of our Positions here in the mix Zone do you Practice a lot of these solving at home No yesterday's meeting two was quite Easy and I must also say that before you Turn on the camera like I looked at it For five five seconds or something but It was not much uh But this also common theme that you put The pieces uh like Queen ahead and Almost like that and I usually sort of Made into for funds maybe I'm Experienced there uh compared to other Guys and study I it took me a couple of Minutes I think Wesley was giving a long Interview so I I took a lot of time All right well thank you so much Prague For joining us by gracious of you to Come after a tough day we really Appreciate it thank you


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