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Open for business | Anish Giri vs Wesley So | Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Final 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Anish Giri vs Wesley So. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign I'd like to show you an entertaining and Instructive game from the final round of The Melt water Champions chess tour Final and this is between Anish giri Playing white and Wesley so playing Black Wesley having a good tournament uh Well of course the tournament Was Won by Magnus Carlson Uh with a round spare and he was in Fantastic form but uh well there were Others that were shining as well so Wesley was one of them anyway final Round game here we go So Gary is white it's a Spanish and yes Your favorite variation my favorite Variation the Berlin and no end game but We have this very complex middle game That arises after D3 and then exchanging On C6 it's a Strategy is very very complex here Now in the old days Well I say in the old days kind of Around about 10 15 years ago Um whites would be playing with Knight C3 maybe Queen E2 Um and casting on the queen side And going for a king's singing Side Pawn Storm but Gary castles here and if you Recall I looked at the game between Magnus Carlson and Wesley soap from one Of the earlier rounds and Carlson played C3 and we had this really complex game Do check out that video If you haven't

Seen it very very difficult position Geary went Knight C3 and he has played Like this before And in fact there's a another Geary so Game from Stavanger 2022 which went to Castle's King side And well Fairly regular you could say But this time Wesley plays more Aggressively By playing Queen E7 He's clearly has in mind Castling Queen side here but he's Keeping his options open The queen on a useful Square anyway And now an interesting strategy from Geary the Knight simply pops back to E2 So this is the idea that the Knight Wants to head to G3 where we see that in The Spanish in so many variations and Then looking to come to The Outpost on F5 Now that's interesting because Very often we see this Knight taking Another route to get to F5 From B1 to D2 to F1 to G3 But of course With that route The Rook would have to Move But in this case you could argue that White Is saving a Tempo because the Rook Doesn't have to move it's interesting But Wesley isn't in a mood to mess

Around and He immediately Targets Uh potentially this night coming to G3 He just wants to attack it And yes along with Queen E7 this gives Every indication that he's looking to Castle on the queen side A3 from Geary okay he's reacting by Perhaps expanding here and Wesley Preempts that with Bishop D6 now this is Interesting because if Geary Just goes forward then in fact black can Still castle kingside and just break up Those pawns with A5 So instead of expanding Bishop E3 played B6 well the bishop might just come to B7 And then castles Queen side Knight D2 Good move So the Knight spinning C4 to put Pressure here but also freeing the F Pawn And when you have this particular Structure This strong Central Pawn chain Against this particular structure which You've seen so many different openings Spanish But also the Four Knights Then Strategic strategically it makes so much Sense to get in F4 a very famous game Kappa Blanca yanovsky

If you you might know that a rook and Pawn end game an absolute classic Where's the plows on we're a long way From a rook and Paul name game folks H4 So he wants to play H3 and that will Really weaken White's King side Without a light squared Bishop you know After H3 white would have to play G3 And those light squares would be really Weak So therefore giri plays H3 blocking that pawn G5 okay Wesley wants to open things up Knight C4 not possible at the moment That will just be taken but after Knight F8 Now there is a threat to play G4 I have to say here I think I would just Go F3 and just shut down that Possibility Now the Knight can bounce around here It's strategically it's a very Interesting position but It feels like well that's what I would Do anyway Knight takes D6 Again F3 looks normal to me And then you can try and expand on the Queen side Or possibly play in the middle But D4 okay this is the the classical Response Got rid of that Bishop so there's no Danger down this diagonal and you push

In the center But it does allow G4 And I have to say this would terrify me Because now there's going to be some Action on the G file F3 the bishop is Pushed back Queen D3 aha Geary has a little idea We'll see what that is in a second And if Rook G8 Then Rook F2 defends F6 Bolsters the e-pawn we'll see that's Important in a second and perhaps you Know allows the queen to switch over Well I would still be looking to play Rook F2 here you can perhaps tell I'm a Total chicken you know I respect what's Going on on the G file here and that Would terrify me I would want to play Rook F2 and perhaps the king could Wander through you into the middle if Necessary But Geary plays very aggressively with F4 Rook G8 And again I would look to play Rook F2 But here is Gary's idea he exchanges Everything on E5 And plays Queen C3 I think he had this In mind Right from when he played Queen D3 He Was looking at this idea it's a simple Double attack Queen takes C6 would in fact win The

Rook So Wesley deals with that and allows That pawn To be taken on E5 But he has a counter punch here Rook takes Pawn check Of course if that's taken then there's a Discovered check And queen takes Queen So that Rook can't be taken So King H1 Here is where I'd like you to have a Think You're playing Black What would you do here what should Wesley play in this position cheers Folks Black to play Wesley took the Knight Not best He had a brain freeze at this moment Rook takes Knight is not the best Knight G6 good move attacking the queen That's possible and then H3 to defend The rook and it's just a very unclear Position very unclear Uh Rook G6 also possible H3 also possible But not Rook takes D2 this is a big Mistake In fact there's more than one good Continuation for White Queen H5 is Possible Simple double attack

Check now it's not completely clear Because black takes here you've got to Get the right step with the King still Got to watch out for Bishop D5 it is Better for white But it's a bit messy But Geary found something even better He played are you ready Rook takes Knight and this is a killer An absolute killer Well first of all Queen takes Queen takes Bishop This is just the end if Queen E7 Check and you take the rook in the Corner and King T8 well this is just Mate with checks it's actually very Simple late next move So after Rook takes King takes Rook Plate And now Queen h8 check Well if the bishop goes in the way then Rook F1 check again It's all pretty easy it all happens with Checks Watch out for that one in the corner Here And Yeah well when the king comes here you Could Just go Rook D1 check for example and Mate Um so check happened King F7 Again The Rook comes over

And Wesley was a gentleman he allowed The Checkmate on H6 supported by the Bishop So what a finish what a crushing finish Um when it looked in this position as Though Geary was in trouble having a Loud Well at least in this position having a Loud Rook takes Pawn But I mean maybe maybe Wesley Um Well it's hard to say what he overlooked Here because root takes Knight is is Is incorrect for a couple of reasons but Yeah night very nice finish from Geary Well spotted with Rook takes Knight Excellent calculation it is a rapid play Game these things happen but anyway nice Finish and giri actually well won this Uh match on on tie break but he didn't Have a good tournament in fact Anishagiri finished right at the bottom Of the tournament table Um he was in eighth position Carlson Wanted convincingly he was in really Fantastic form Wesley was second and Yanks just off to the third Arjun erag Icy fourth There we go hope you enjoyed that more To come shortly on the power play chess Channel stay tuned if you're not a Subscriber do subscribe just click on The bell for instant notifications

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