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HomeOctopus battle | Dariusz Swiercz vs Christopher Yoo | US Championships 2022

Octopus battle | Dariusz Swiercz vs Christopher Yoo | US Championships 2022

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Dariusz Swiercz vs Christopher Yoo from the US Championships 2022. Support on Patreon: 🔥
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Foreign On the final round of the US Championship 2022 Going to that phone around Fabiano Fabiano caruana led the field by Half Point Now he was playing White against Iranian And he took no chances Iranian not Having great tournament but a difficult Opponent and Carolina Played into a very well-known line in The gets the Berlin and that was the Final position there's not a lot going On there so a draw so that meant Carolina went into the clubhouse with a Point lead If Ray Robson could win his final game Then they would share first and they'd Go into a tie break Robson tried very hard to win against Jefferson but that was the final Position there's not a lot going on There Um White has a rook and two pawns against Bishoper Knight But white can make no progress In fact these these have been the last Few moves they repeated the position so What about stepping forward the king Let's just check this well in this case The Knight Can just come here And take on H3 and actually black is

Very safe there So a draw so that meant that Fabiano Caruana won the US Championship 2022 Um I'm very pleased I think the Chess World is a better place when Carolina is Doing well and he's had a bit of a dip In form recently so I'm pleased with him Right which game am I gonna focus on for This final round I'd like her to look at The game between Orig originally from Poland apologies if I butchered the pronunciation and Christopher you who is just 15 years old A product of the Berkeley chess School So let's take a look at this game I Thought this was very interesting Actually And it features a battle of the Octopuses Always good to see So this is a Spanish And You goes for This well I was I was going to say very Modern line with Bishop C5 of course It's an ancient variation but it's Received a lot of attention over the Past 20 years And leads to really sharp positions It's basically just risky putting the Bishop outside the pawn chain because You know potentially A white Bishop can pin here you know This is one of the problems and also

Black is going to lose time when that Bishop gets attacked by The Pawn on D4 So you know just for these first few Moves it feels like black is a little Bit on the edge and also A4 that's Rather disruptive Rook B8 D4 there you go attacks the bishop so White is gaining time Now One of the most popular continuations Here is to exchange And black gives up that pawn and then Bishop G4 and So there's pressure here there's Pressure here Um it's a really messy variation there's There are stacks of games played in that Line But Darius goes for a five instead Also pretty well known also very sharp If that's taken Then white Saxy exchange actually gets Tremendous compensation there again well Known so the bishop drops back to A7 so So why is black suffering like this you Know losing all this time well it's all About Putting this bishop on this Potentially Dangerous diagonal where there's Pressure on D4 potentially pressure on F2 and the key so it's just a more Active stance basically

H3 now that's important we've seen that This pin could be annoying Bishop B7 So both Bishops Potentially very actively placed here Rookie one Sports the center Bishop E3 so let's try and block out This bishop And this involves a pawn sacrifice Pawn takes Pawn takes Knight B4 so the Knight activates and opens up The Bishop's diagonal And here well white could Save the pawn by playing D5 And after this exchange then C5 comes And actually black has a reasonable uh Counter play there But instead Darius goes for Knight C3 And this involves a pawn sacrifice uh I I have a feeling the both players Knew this position quite well there have Been some past games in this line and This Pawn sack is computer approved Basically you know these guys playing at This high level They don't touch an opening unless They've checked it with computers Thoroughly But it's what happens after that Computer analysis ends then it all goes A bit funny let's let's see so first of All why can't

This Pawn be taken like this well here White play what do you do Bishop D2 And That Knight is in trouble Both these attacked That's going to be better for white Um there's there have been past games With C5 But that's also it's a bit unclear Suddenly that pin is a bit annoying But Christopher you obviously very well Prepared And he takes that pawn with the bishop Now this is quite scary This was taken exchanged off And this is a key position which I Suspect You had done his homework better than Switch Is is my impression So this has been seen before I've been If you look in the database you'll find Some games in this line And in fact Search Follows one of these games What would you do What would you do here with white I'll Have a little celebrity White to play How is white going to get compensation Well here if you wanted to play very Calmly and play Rook C1 well done So this puts a little bit of pressure on

C7 Takes away the C6 Square from the Knight It's a really tricky position because Both these Knights are loose And you know tactically that could be a Problem So for example if Rook C8 Bishop C2 attacks the Knight Well if that's exchanged off Knight is attacked here And then the queen swoops down to C6 and Yes this is an extra Pawn but it's going Nowhere and that pawn is vulnerable and This could be a lot of fun for white Black doesn't have to go down that line For example King h8 is possible so after Bishop C2 Attacking the Knight then F5 Guards the Knight But white certainly has decent play here Because you can see these pieces Particularly the bishopon E7 just cut Out a play And this is a tricky one now that Knight Does get back into play on D5 that's a Decent square but this is it's a very Unclear position actually So Rook C1 if you want to play Rook C1 Well done Bishop F4 has been played in This position Um Also possible although here that work Turned out better For

Black that's a game between Hanson and Pregnant under so you can see you know This position Has seen some attention from strong Players and You know if a few people know about it Then a lot of people know about it That's the way things work in the Chess World now You can be sure that if you've seen a Game Then you know a lot of other players Will be running this position through Computers checking out what's going on But it's clear that Christopher you Had to research this position better Because svirch played D5 and that is not An accurate move but it's been played Before but it's not the best move It allows this bishop into the game this Is a scary position because these Knights are very loose they're loose Octopuses basically But now an excellent move from Black Taking A kind of automatic move Would certainly give white some play Knight is attacked Let's say queen here Knight and Bishop exchanged this Knight Is loose black and save it like this But white has play here This Pawn is going to drop and white Pieces are more active

But instead of that instead of Exchanging Bishops here Bishop C5 played Very good move Now if Bishops are exchanged Now it's very difficult to tackle these Octopuses You know this this bishop is attacked For example it's really not easy So Spirits played Bishop D4 So this Knight is attacked Rook E8 defending the Knight Rook E3 Wants to put more pressure on the Knight Queen D7 now amazingly There's been a game played from exactly This position previously Um in fact kevlish Villi against firu's Jar from Reykjavik 2019 so I have a feeling Christopher you would Have known that And check this with his computer in fact The computer Is quite optimistic about Black's Chances here But svich had not done his homework so Well C1 And rookie seven one thing is coming to The end of a computer line another thing Is understanding it and knowing how to Play from there

So let's see Queen E2 Pressure here Rook E8 everything is holding together I Mean this actually looks very scary You know it can black get away with this White's major pieces tripled here at the Moment that Knight Is supported But it can't move because the Rook is Hanging So you just played King f8 So quite a cool move Just making sure that now one two three Pieces defending that Rook So shortly it will be possible to move That night Bishop F bit excuse me Bishop C2 Attacking the Knight which was supported By the pawn So now it's getting really sharp because You know that leaves The squares behind it whenever you Advance a pawn it creates weaknesses Behind the pawn But so it's quite quite a scary move to Play actually you have to really be Aware of what you're doing But actually this is fine for black Now if this is exchanged off And here Knight G5 Looks a little bit worrying You know maybe this queen could enter The game as well Knight D3

Is an excellent move Tacking The Rook And after C4 that is a beautiful octopus On D3 This Pawn is going to drop Black he's doing very well So I think one of the big themes in this Position is can that Knight on B4 Actually enter the game successfully or Is it just going to be stranded there Bishops exchanged and now Knight G5 So this one threatens to come in Rookie's threatened Rook takes Pawn takes But actually black has things under Control The Knight did reach E6 but this is only A temporary octopus Knight takes D5 and you see the support Is gone And the Knight has to go backwards so What's the score black is still a pawn Up And more than that these pieces look Very strong very powerful that pawn is Threatened Queen here Defends the Knight Takes Pawn now black is Two pawns up yep Check Yeah a little bit scary but no problem King is actually safe enough on f8

Rook takes And here's the point Queen takes Knight And that's a very nasty pin black is Just winning if King if King F2 Then F4 wins The Rook pin and win And queen A3 plays in the game B4 End of the game The queen will have to move and now next Turn black takes the Rook So a very convincing Victory from Christopher you excellent preparation You know it's quite scary the these Young kids you know they understand Technology extremely well and they also Understand how to use this computing Power you know we all have these strong Computers available to us to to work on Chess but you have to know how to use The machines very well and he's Obviously doing that and then after that Still a very tricky position But I think you Consolidated extremely Well and avoided lots of tricky tactics As well So that meant that Christopher you Finished with five and a half out of Thirteen Um 12th out of 14 players A decent debut I would say in the US Championship you know he's only 15 but Clearly he's making strides So we have at the top Carolina eight Eight and a half Robson eight then Liang And Dominguez on seven half and then

Xiong so Shanklin sevyan and Niemann on Seven She Hans Neiman played a very Interesting game in the last round uh But finally burnt out to a draw but uh That's uh worth looking at Thanks very much for watching uh my Coverage of the US Championship I hope You've enjoyed it if you have and you'd Like to support the channel then do Subscribe you can always also support us Via PayPal and Via patreon as well and Check out the rewards you get on patreon Too thank you for watching


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