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Nihal’s Bullet STUNS World Number-Two Ding! | SCC Quarterfinal Recap

Nihal Sarin defeated Anish Giri in the his first round match, but would face an even tougher opponent in the quarterfinals! Ding Liren is the world number-two in classical chess and a prestigious speed chess player. Who would advance to the final four of the 2022 Speed Chess Championship?

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In their Global championship Match Nihao Sauron defeated dingler in The number two player in the world with An amazing two and a half half score Despite that Ding has been incredible in The speed Chess Championship and many Have said that his match against Hikaru Nakamura that he took to overtime was The greatest speed chess championship Match of all time Dean began with a Surprise on move one opening with one E4 A surprise on move one dingley Wren Plays E4 and I think nihal is surprised As well though his opening move was Fresh his style seemed consistent as he Established a slight Edge and began Pressing nihal's weaknesses seeking Opportunities With his first ever win against nihal Sarin under his belt ding took up a Surprising Gauntlet from nihal as the Youngster sacrificed his Rook on H1 in The next game I've fallen for this Multiple times in Blitz Games and after Queen H1 let me show this on the Analysis board Black loses I think on the spot castles Bishop D7 and now just Bishop takes F6 And white gets a raging attack in return For the exchange I'm surprised it's not More than plus three Yeah where does the king Go I mean it's Just for Zions wow game review was much Impressed by nihal's Victory awarding

Three brilliant moves to his sacrificial Play Nihao also got another brilliant Annotation in the next game oh my God What a tactic and he missed it oh a Knee-hole's not gonna miss that oh no we Gotta move things started to give up all His pawns now he's losing yeah he's Losing unreal Oh nihal's coming back for more it's Over ding was pressing himself with the Black pieces in the next game but he had Only 10 seconds left on the clock in a Middle game surely someone was going to Forfeit on time he's gonna go to Netflix He's gonna go Knight F6 he's gotta move He had literally point three seconds Queen out of seconds The queen Oh my goodness as insane as Nihao Flagging with a winning move on the Board was game five may have literally Been the most insane time scramble in The history of the speed Chess Championship Where is the win Knight takes H6 check Maybe I think it's Knight takes H6 check Or not it apparently wasn't Is it because of Queen E1 and the King's Sidesteps the bishop Wait a second look at anyone's attack oh My God black could win this game black Could absolutely win this game This is insane King B3 this is insane Bishop C

Two White's still holding on what hurts White is the lack of checks In his position Bishop H7 Oh and he loses 200 is queen king B4 is Forced and then there's Bishop f8 Flag You've got to just make a move King B5 And whites Out of the Woods After Consecutive forfeits on time things Appeared to be returning to normalcy as Ding pressed a positionally winning Advantage on the king side he's got one Bar of connection No oh no and he declined a draw Keeps offering draws Oh no he's gonna flag dude no it's Happened again that's right three Consecutive forfeits on time and it Seemed ding's internet was at fault in That last one how would Nihao capitalize On The Good Fortune So yeah that is that is unfortunate I Meant stuff for sure Whoa And nihal gives the game back Oh my gosh What nihal has resigned in three months Oh my goodness that honestly Deserves nothing but praise a huge Gesture from the Indian Super talent in One of the biggest tournaments of his Life he simply gave back a critical Point need help continued on the attack

In the next game but Dean returned an Exchange and things remained really Complicated oh that is Bishop H4 though Whoa whoa Knight Queen takes seven Slip between 61 now wins Oh man what a crazy moment Queen takes G7 and white was already fine Three-time forfeits A Gifted return Point and a crazy Mouse slip this match Was insane and even the final game of The five plus one time control found its Way to a fun conclusion Is not gonna play for a flag he's gonna Try to but I she's oh look at this repetition Yeah this is hilarious this is nutty This is one of the craziest like ring Around the rosies I've ever seen and It's in a draw That it's amazing wow with the match Tied after five plus one the players Advanced two three plus one and began With a sound draw before a dramatic game Two where ding delivered classy and Powerful play Absolute chaos ensued in the next game As both players found their kings in Simultaneous and serious trouble Queen E5 oh no or that 58 58 no Queen E5 no There's no move he's gonna flag Oh my God What did we just see with a two-game Lead and no further internet issues in Sight things looked good for ding lyron

But Nihao struck back winning the fourth Three plus one game and the six after an Intervening draw the match was tied Again but the players continued to Exchange blows as ding pocketed an Exchange in the next game Queen H1 This also wins this also wins oh God No he's got a flag oh my God oh my God Flags Oh Queen G7 97 king h8 and the King Escapes the checks and black wins this Painful finish and full point swing Clearly got to the normally stoic Ding And Nihao showed his Killer Instinct as He pressed long and hard in a drawn Position in the final three plus one Game King H7 and he runs and goes G6 and six Oh my God Bishop H4 unreal That's done it again Unbelievable nihal sarin sacrifices his Queen for defensive purposes and wins The final game of the blitz this is just Spectacular Now it was Nihao with a Two-game lead and only bullet games Remaining Anish giri had been in a Similar but even worse spot three games Down against nihal and bullet and had Managed to come back could ding do the Same Things started off poorly for ding with A Nihao win but then he built up a huge Winning attack in the second bullet game

It just I'm getting those vibes and Let's see if think can keep time on his Clock Oh boy blunder Knight F4 Oh my how does this guy do it man H5 H5 That's the move ding Mist he's losing Holy smoke oh my God he just wins the House he wins the house He went to the house he gets more time Off the match clock again Yep this is ridiculous it's not over yet Though there was Bishop F3 in that Position Knight H3 mate oh my God This brilliant finish from nihal nearly Put him over the top as he extended his Lead to Four Points he drained a massive Amount of time off the clock in the next Game by shuffling indefinitely in an Opposite colored Bishop in game ding won The next game but it was not going to be Nearly enough as Nihao closed out the Match with a very impressive five Consecutive victories in the bullet time Control ending with a score of 17 to 9. The matingness mate Oh brutal absolutely brutal and niho Wins the last game to end the match up Eight points but obviously Levy it goes Without saying if you watched anything Other than the bullet you know that that Doesn't tell the whole story it was a Close match after this huge Victory Nihal advances to face the winner Between Hikaru Nakamura and Levon

Aronian on December 12th that's short to Be a thrilling must-watch match [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]


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