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Next Generation of Super Players || Arjun vs Abdusattorov || Tata Steel India (2022)

Photos by Eric Rosen
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Abdusattorov, Nodirbek (2665) – Erigaisi Arjun (2745)
Tata Steel India | Blitz ( [1] 2022.12.03
C02 French, advance, Nimzovich system

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.Nf3 Nc6 5.Bd3 Bd7 6.O-O Nge7 7.Re1 c4 8.Bf1 Nf5 9.Nc3 h5 10.Ne2 Be7 11.Ng3 g5 12.Nxf5 exf5 13.h4 gxh4 14.Bf4 Be6 15.b3 Rg8 16.bxc4 dxc4 17.Rb1 Qd7 18.c3 Bd5 19.Rb5 Rg4 20.Bh2 O-O-O 21.Re3 f4 22.Re1 Rdg8 23.Kh1 a6 24.Rxd5 Qxd5 25.a4 Bd8 26.Qe2 Na5 27.Rb1 Bc7 28.Re1 Kb8 29.Rb1 Ka8 30.Re1 R8g6 31.Ng1 Rxg2 32.Nf3 R2g4 33.Qe4 Qxe4 34.Rxe4 Rb6 35.Re1 Rb2 36.Bg1 Rc2 37.d5 Rxc3 38.d6 Bd8 39.Nd4 Bb6 40.Nf5 h3 41.Be2 Rg5 42.Ne7 Rxe5 43.Rd1 Rxe2 44.Nd5 Rd3 45.Nxb6+ Kb8 46.Rc1 Rxd6 47.f3 Rc6 48.Rd1 Rce6 49.Rd8+ Kc7 50.Rd5 Rxb6

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The Tata Steel Chess India Rapid tournament is a 10-player round-robin taking place from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in the National Library of India in Kolkata.

Players receive 25 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice game that pretty much just finished Uh from the Tata steel India Blitz Section it is Arjun irrigation and here uh it would we Would have to say that neuterbeck is the Favorite to win this even though he has A lower rapid rating as he is the world Rapid Champion but this is an incredible Tournament with 10 incredibly strong Players five Indians five non-indians And anything can happen but this is Blitz in the rapid however uh notice Didn't do so so great out of the 10 Players he got seventh place uh the Tournament Was Won by nihal sarin with Six and a half points and the Arjun here Uh won second place with with six points Another back in in seventh with um well Basically shared third the seventh with Four four and a half points but this is Blitz so let's see how they how they did In this one it's a wild game and uh so Many lines could have gone differently But you just don't have time to analyze Them we have E4 by noderbeck and Arjun Goes for Pawn to E6 the French defense Is on the board and of course whenever We show the French you know that it's Going to be a good one we have D for D5 Uh Pawn to E5 going for the advanced Variation against the French and now C5 Striking against White Center Knight to F3 with Knight to C6 and now Bishop to

D3 the the so-called names of each System Bishop to D7 we have castles and Knight G to E7 now this is a new move uh Usually you your options here are Basically C captures and the four Knight Captures or you advance this Pawn to the C4 but Arjun thought let's try something Tricky against another back in this one He played Knight gt7 and it is now Already as of move 6 that we have a Completely new game so here Rook to E1 We have C for now forcing the bishop Back but luckily Um our Rook D1 was played to make the F1 Square available for the bishop we have Knight to F5 Knight to C3 and now you Don't want to allow whites to dislodge This knight from F5 at any point so Pawn To H5 and once you see this you can see Why it's so tricky to play uh the French And white so tricky to play against the French look at this beautiful Knight on F5 what opening do you play to have such A beautiful night uh already on move Nine I mean it it can it can't be Disliked from there it's just a Spectacular piece so here Knight the E2 And now Bishop to E7 we have knighted The G3 and now Arjun starts the attack Pawn to G5 and how do you how do you Counter this uh Knight captures on F5 This has to be played e captures and now Pawn to H4 this is a very good reply by Another but now if G4 not just Knight G5

And the Knight is a very well I defended There and it's an excellent piece so After H4 G cap is an H4 grabbing that One so it ruins um Urgent spawn structure a little bit but You got the semi-openg file for the Attack so it's all it's all good uh Bishop to F4 uh we have Bishop to E6 and Now Pawn to B3 now another week has to Figure out how to open up the center and He will do so by countering the the C4 Pawn with the B Pawn uh Rook to G8 we Have B captures and C for D captures and Now Rook to B1 going after the B7 Pawn So Queen to D7 and now Pawn to C3 now White has a very strong Center Uh but still it's a question how how to Actually do something about it black has A very very nice control over the D5 Square B7 is defended and it's uh well It's just hard to find a way through for White here Bishop to D5 this is now a Beautiful Bishop going after that the G2 Pawn you know the black and always Castle Queen side he he can double up on The G file the queen can enter the game Between E6 Queen G6 so white has to Figure out something here uh Rook the B5 A very nice Rook lift by white also Putting pressure on that Bishop you Constantly have to check if Rook will Capture Bishop uh as there might be some Tricks in the position we have rooked The G4 uh Arjun also finds a very nice

Rook lift and now Bishop back to H2 uh Here you could go for real characters on D5 it's uh because Black's position is So powerful that this uh might be the Way to go and now after okay your Bishop Is still attacked Bishop to C1 and now Once black castles to bring the Rook Into the attack you go Knight H2 attack The Rook ones the rule goes back you Play Queen capture Sun H5 and you might Find uh some some counter play here you Do have the semi-open B file you do have The very strong Center uh you've slowed The blacks attack a little bit now the The light Square Bishop no longer exists Uh it's still better for black but white Will be able to play this however in the Game after Rook G4 Bishop to H2 was Played and now Arjun castles Queen side And here Rook to E3 and Rook to E3 is Not the greatest of moves uh there are There are many ways you can go about This but there is one that just Completely gives black a winning Position so feel free to pause the video And try to figure this out while I give You a couple of seconds So uh for those of you who were able to Do it congratulations on finding the Winning idea and for those of you who Just won't enjoy the show it is Knight Captures on D4 it was not played in the Game but now that you see it of course It makes sense The Rook on B5 is

Undefended and now there really isn't All that much to do if if white throws In a nice in between move you throw in a Nice in between move with the check as Well so basically the line is Knight Captures on D4 Rook captures on D4 the First before recapturing on B5 C Captures now Queen captures on B5 and There's just nothing for white to do Here black is just so much better Whatever you do let's say we attack the Queen queen C6 now the queen and Bishop Around this diagonal The Rook is coming To G8 uh the pawns pawns are Marching Forward there's just no way to stop a Black's attack here but okay Arjun finds The next best idea Ponte for he probably Was thinking about Pawn to F4 all the Time and then he just didn't spot that The The Rook here was undefended uh Rook Back the E1 as The Rook really had no Place being on E3 and now Rook D to G8 Uh over here Knight captures or even Bishop captures on F3 followed by Knight Captures on D4 Again The Rook is Undefended you can take advantage of This uh this way but Rook D the G8 Arjun Continues playing his game and King the H1 just nicely getting away from that g File A6 chases away The Rook even helps Uh White in in a way and now Rook Captures on D5 you don't really have a Good way if you go back Rook to B1 uh Just H3 and you can you can resign here

There's really nothing you can do if you Capture G captures on H3 uh then this Opens up the G file is now open there's Really nothing you don't even need to Rush it you can just go back and enjoy Your position I mean disgusting for White so after this A6 move Rook Captures on the five negative access Alright this is uh not even an exchange Sacrifice I mean that that Bishop was Much stronger than that Rook Queen Captures on D5 and now Pawn to A4 we Have Bishop to d8 Shifting the bishop Into the attack as well and Quinta E2 Now hoping to get a queen trade in with Queen to E4 Knight to A5 and now Rook to B1 uh we have Bishop to C7 and now Rogue Back to E1 another back repeating moves Not still ready to go for that Queen Trade and now King to B8 uh improving The position of the king Rook the B1 we Have kinked the A8 and now Rook back to E1 and Rook to G6 and now you really Have to go for Queen T for uh otherwise You know that Rook to G6 is coming and Then a nice Rook lift probably over uh To B3 going after that weakness C3 pawn And uh Queen E4 is well the only thing Left for white it was not played in the Game but uh just to give you an example Captures captures maybe Rook B6 going For for B3 for B2 uh black is much Better but maybe white can defend However in the game night the G1 was

Played nor the back offers the G2 Pawn For some counter play but it's a very Very hard to play this Rook captures on G2 was played now you can't recapture Because of Checkmate so you have to play Knight to F3 now okay The Rook is Hanging but just Rook back to G4 And black now just enjoys uh a fully Open G file as well Queen to E4 offering A queen trade but Arjun shows that Um he can trade this and still be better Captures captures we have Rook the B6 Not trying to go for the C Pawn Rook to E1 and now Rook the B2 first going after The F2 pawn bishop to G1 defending and Now Rook to C2 going after the pawn from Behind the stopping Rook to C1 and now D5 uh giving up some material to start Advancing those pawns Rook captures on C3 Pawn to D6 now Bishop to d8 and now Knight to D4 with Bishop to B6 putting Pressure on the Knight here and Knight To F5 we have H3 and now Bishop to E2 Attacking The Rook Rook the G5 attacks The Knight and Knight the E7 so Ken White Advance those pawns or is black Just Unstoppable in the game Rook Captures an E5 happened Rook to D1 Putting the Rook behind the pass Pawn But now just to Rook captures I need to Grabbing that free Bishop Knights the D5 Now with a double attack and the bishop And The Rook here Rook to D3 and Knight Captures and B6 with check King V8

Uh we have rooked the C1 uh and now Rook Captures on D6 we have Ponte f a pawn to F3 by white Rook to C6 uh and now you Could uh also capture the Knight here But I know you guys forgot about our Good friend the bishop on G1 so Rook to C6 and now Rook to D1 we have Rook seat The E6 doubling up on the E file and now Rooked d8 with check another back tries One last trick because if you go to A7 It's possible to forget about the bishop I mean it is possible then Rook day it Will be Checkmate however in the game King the C7 was played with Rook to D5 Now saying okay you capture my knight I'm gonna capture uh your your knight on A5 but uh Rook captures some B6 and he Was in this position unmove uh 50 that Nother back up to Saturn resigned in the Game as there is nothing more to be done Here the problem is if you capture the Knight and if you don't you're just down Too much material Rook to B1 and you're Getting checkmated nothing to do here Whatever white plays doesn't really Matter just Rook to G2 and the next move Will be checkmate uh so yeah after uh This wonderful rooked capture some B6 Move another back resigned and uh Arjun Takes the lead in the Tata uh well this Is a game from round one so yeah he won A very nice game and he did win second Place in the rapid section uh so now Starting with a win in the blitz

Definitely will go a long way so we'll See how it goes I will try to cover a Few more games from the blitz section if You have any favorites do hashtag Suggestion and I will go over them uh so Yeah that's the game hope you guys Enjoyed it very nicely done taking down The world rapid Champion like this uh I Would like to thank Stefan trifonovich Andres Zoltan sarkari and Eric Adams for a Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing the coverage of the Tata still India Blitz until it finishes Uh so thank you all I will see you soon And have an excellent rest of your day


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