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Most Brilliant Chess Puzzle

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Hello everyone and welcome to a very Nice puzzle I found while while browsing Twitter as I usually do was posted by uh Justify on Twitter and it's uh well it's Just a wonderful wonderful puzzle to Start your day and the week as today is A Monday uh so this is the position uh I Don't know who the who made the puzzle Or does the puzzle have any sort of a History or something uh so I decided to Have Mr hudigai have the white pieces Here and myself as the wielder of the Black pieces as white is the one that Wins this game but white has to be very Very precise this black is of material You can see that black is of the Exchange and also black is up to ponzo Uh White has to be uh very very precise In order to actually pull this off so This is the position it's a beautiful Beautiful one your friends at the bar in The library will will uh love you after You show this to them so uh you know Have at it have a few seconds or pause The video you know come back later or You know save it for later come back Tomorrow but you will you will really Enjoy once you crack this one so I have At it I I will give you a few seconds So uh for those of you who were able to Do it congratulations on finding this Beautiful queen plus Rook sacrifice Combo and for those of you who just want To enjoy the show we start with uh Queen

Uh sorry not with Queen yeah with Queen To A5 with check not something that you Would expect but before I show this I Just want to show you what happens if You let's say okay you want to prepare Checkmate Rook H7 you cut off the black King and now you're preparing Queen K1 Checkmate uh once Queen to d8 displayed The Checkmate is gone and now black is Just better once you play Queen A1 check Queen A5 defends the check and now there Is no more way for you to actually win The game you're just down material so The move you really had to find is this Beautiful queen to A5 with check we can Do it once again in slow motion uh if You go up the board King B7 then Queen To B6 is Checkmate so your only option Is to capture the queen queen captures Queen on A5 and now look at this another Slow motion move Rook to A4 check Now the black king has only one uh one Legal move and it's not even a move with The King you have to play B captures on A4 and now I'm sure you guys even if you Haven't seen the puzzle now you know What's coming B captures an A4 only move And now the only move that wins for White and it's a move that more often Than not when this game is for white and That is Pawn to B4 Pawn to B for his Checkmate here as the king covers the B6 Square and the bishop controls the light Squares so the black king has nowhere to

Go uh so truly a a spectacular puzzle I Haven't we've seen similar ones but not The one uh uh quite like this where you Can sacrifice a queen and the rook and Then deliver a mate with a pawn and not Just any pawn pawn to B4 which is very Very special we can show once again Queen A5 check King captures Rook day For checkpoint captures and now Pawn to B for checkmate uh that's it that's the Puzzle hope you guys enjoyed it I found A great joy once I saw it on on Twitter Yesterday so I thought you guys might Enjoy this as well you say I know a lot Of you guys aren't on Twitter For some reason uh I don't know why I I think it's a lovely Platform once you are able to uh you Know if you follow only only the things That you yourself are interested in and You don't uh uh succumb to you know ads Or spam or something like that you know You can really uh follow what what Interests you like I'm interested in in Chess and some other stuff and I only Followed that on Twitter so I don't know I I just think it's a it's a it's a Lovely platform to uh to enjoy and also You can find so much stuff about the Chess there like everyone posts stuff About Chess there now I don't know I Thought you guys might be interested in That uh but yeah that's the puzzle hope You guys enjoyed it and that you were

Able to solve it I know you saw that Before move even before the queen Sacrifice you probably wouldn't even Start the puzzle with B4 as did I uh but Unfortunately it only ends with B4 but What are you gonna do uh so yeah that's The puzzle hope you guys enjoyed it I Would like to thank Richard Schwartz uh Jonathan Bradley Christopher Norris Mocosoft and Mikhail arboy for a Contribution to my channel thank you a Lot I really appreciate it as usual you Can check two of my previous videos here Thank you for watching and I will see You soon continuing to check up on your Wonderful suggestions checking Twitter And whatever else happens in the Chess World today a big big tournament is Starting up so thank you all I will see You soon and have an excellent rest of Your day


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